Wednesday, November 2, 2011

so, so far I've spent my week

   wasting time at a seminar ....  I wasn't carpooling to the City-- this time; so I opted to spend the night.  Okay, just gotta love the jets from the airport going over every 5 flipping minutes.  A hotel without microwaves, fridges or room service.  Don't even ask about the bathroom.  I did the search for bedbugs and came up clean. 

I forgot my toothpaste -- this lovely little mini tube was $3 in the gift shop --- which I found on my way to the bar for a pizza -- which, for bar pizza was pretty good.

Between 7:30 am and 2:00 pm I crochet this scarf .... I'm getting faster -- yes, the speaker spoke and I did needlework -- 3 of us were working on projects.

yesterday I worked on the folded up pink scarf -- it too is almost done! 
How's the above for a still life -- toothbrush, comb, yarn, book, cat5 cable -- remote, cash -- does life get any more interesting. 

oh, it's good to be home !!! 



Shay said...

Well at least the seminar wasn't a total loss!

Lovely scarves. I can just imagine what would happen if I whipped out handicrafts at a seminar here ....

Pat said...

I understand that you may have had issues trying to find somewhere to eat or what ever..but that's why you have relatives in town..If your cousin doesn't want to go somewhere, I'm usually home..


Marie said...

Sorry Cousin Pat I guess I need your cell number and not your significant others!

Next time for sure -- which will be the first week in December -- although I'll be in much better digs -- the Hyatt (downtown!) ... hoping to take in the Holidazzle Parade (and hoping it goes by my window)!!!