Friday, November 4, 2011


   wow, it's Friday -- the fastest 7 days on the planet just flew past.   are the days flipping by faster or is it my imagination.

   another seminar this afternoon -- this one is via the internet and telephone -- Mrs. H and I will be huddled around my monitor and phone for 3 hours.  hope we learn something worthwhile.

   I was the good woman yesterday -- started winterizing the shack.  plastic window kits or in the windows in my office -- will slow down the drafts -- headed for the green room this morning -- front room tomorrow and then I'll be done.  the energy savings are huge -- cuts the bill by a 1/3 .... huge.

happy friday all....

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Shay said...

Happy Friday Ms. Diva (even if I am a day ahead of you and it's Saturday here already!)

Yes the week flew by! I cant believe Christmas is next month !