Saturday, December 31, 2011

no need to ring in the new year -- I've got a Bernina !!!

finished the border on this stacked coins baby quilt and machine quilted it with random zig zags ... and the binding is attached -- awaits hand-sewing

got the final border on this "figgy pudding" project -- it was "crazy mom's tutorial from 2 (maybe 3) years ago -- didn't want to mess with the small pieces in the inner border on the pattern, so I bought yardage ... I think I'm going to hand quilt trees on it ...

"fresh cotton" jumbo stacked coins from the moda bake shop shortly before christmas -- ready to press on last time/decide on backing  -- ready set quilt ....

all of the above have to be done before I can play with today's ebay arrival -- terrain .... it's so cool.  I'm seeing a modern / bright version of a log cabin ... must keep rolling on the others first!

Gotta love a "Winter Storm Warning" --- we shoveled our way into 2011 and now we'll be shoveling our way out of it ..... dang weather.

Since I sewed so much today -- I'm allowed to let the Bernina have a break .... the annual "first shopping trip" of the year begins at 8:00 am -- winter storm warning permitting -- this will be my last  --non work related leave town event for the next 4 1/2 months ... truly -- I don't leave Hooterville.

happy happy !!!

Happy New Year !!!!

(may all your dreams and wishes come true)

Friday, December 30, 2011

finally friday ...

yep, she's got a really messy messy desk (again) and too much stuff sitting around
I'm already working on that ....

my newest sewing masterpiece.  yep, two pieces of fabric a hunk of batting and voila .... a case for my cell phone -- the worst part of the new phone --- can't toss it around --- and the dang thing needs to be charged daily .. and yes I just zig zagged the edges together -- I was in a hurry!

Thursday, December 29, 2011


  yep, Thank God it's Thursday ....

I could use a bit more of this   and much less of

this -- I swear year-end is worse that April 15th ... it brings out the worst --  not the best in peeps.  I suggested to a client earlier in the week that they should be celebrating their financial rewards and the reply "not if I have to give it the the (you fill in the blanks) government" ...

by noon tomorrow all of the planning and plotting will be done and the real work begins !!!

New Years Eve will be spent at the sewing machine.  It's missing me this week!

4 seed catalogs arrived yesterday -- making me regret the garden retirement plans -- and elder traded in both of the pickup trucks on a (yet to arrrive) new truck so .... if I un-retire I need to find wheels too.  No he didn't ask my opinion.  It'll be awhile before the new one arrives --  2 1/2 months -- you would think it was being hand crafted.   

I might be able to borrow Red/White from it's new owner -- he hauls wood and hunts (locally) with it ... it still never leaves town....

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

So, I think

  this holiday thing is getting a bit out of control.  The Rose Parade is on MONDAY -- not New Years Day but MONDAY.  That's messing with a lot of tradition. 

  guess I'll be watching at the office.

  New Years Day is reserved for the final shopping trip before "the big rush" at the office.  I have a list -- we are going to try to go somewhere we've never been before .. that's the only rule.  Wal-Mart usually isn't busy NYDay morning (go figure) ... the picture kiosk and I will be bonding.  Office Max will get most of my $$$ that list is huge.

  I'm still kinda ticked about the Rose Parade --- Monday -- get serious!


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Tuesday ...

   Already Tuesday -- time escapes me on Holidays.  I did manage to return to work last night.  I should have parked my tush at the sewing machine.
   I did manage to clean out my desk drawers yesterday -- I swear on a stack of Bibles -- there had to be at least 1,000 ink pens, stubby pencils, worn out erasers 2 drawers.  Gone.  Today is the file cabinet behind my desk .... the County Cabinet!
  Tonight I will sew.  The Moda Bake Shoppe has had some pretty good projects lately.  I made a pile of things to complete on Xmas Eve -- and it's my rest of 2011 and January of 2012 homework.

My office neighbor had a baby last Tuesday -- since I didn't know they were pregnant until the "facebook" blast about the baby .... I zipped this quilt of my wall -- shook it out -- wrapped it up and new baby has quilt -- my stash of baby quilts has been depleted.  (I actually finished piecing this 2 years ago, had it quilted this summer, bound it and hung it on my newly painted walls!) ...
Happy Tuesday y'all!!!

Monday, December 26, 2011

post holiday bliss

so I was the only idiot working on my block.  so at 2:00 ... i went home for a nap.  felt good.  more bird.  back to work, maybe.

might just need another nap.

ho ho ho


Sunday, December 25, 2011

yep, I even got the ornaments on the tree .... the fuzzy shot kinda grew on me so ...

merry christmas

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas ...

Friday, December 23, 2011

'tis the season !!

Rockefeller Center - New York City (a long way from here in Hooterville)

Washington DC on the Capital Mall .... (ditto the distance)

I received the above pictures in an email of lit trees around the world and I especially like those two....

my office front porch == nothing glows like a candle in the dark ... and a votive candle in a pint (or quart) jar works extremely well.  I light them when I arrive in the morning and by 7:30 it's light enough to blow them out -- the mailman did it for me yesterday ...

still very "brown" around here and warm temperatures are in the holiday forecast !!  loving every moment of the warmth -- easy on the back (no shoveling) and easy on the checkbook (low heat bills)

ho ho ho 
just one more day
and the dude in the red suit

ho ho ho


Thursday, December 22, 2011

excitement in a small town

the bank at the south end of town got robbed this morning.  7:00am ... at gun point with an employee coming to work early ...

I tell ya -- people are nuts, just plain nuts.


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

ho ho ho

   the wrapping is done (it doesn't take long) ... the tree is up, the lights are on (and working I bought new ones) ... the office is kind of under control. 

   and THE DAYS ARE NOW GETTING LONGER.  Yes, yell it from the rooftops.  I really really hate our short winter days.  January is bearable -- they are getting longer not shorter. 

   i might even make time to sew tonight.  or scan thru the latest seed catalog that arrived -- I'm re-thinking the garden retirement -- although I think elder #1 traded off my truck (again). 

merry merry

ps.  I'm not dreaming of a white Christmas --- just a warm one!  

Monday, December 19, 2011

hello Monday!

  So I managed to avoid the office for 48 hours ... somehow it still looks the same (only cleaner -- thanks Lori) than when I left Friday night.

  The elf did not finish up my project piles.  dang I thought I had 'em trained better.

ho ho ho


Sunday, December 18, 2011

A picture tells 1,000 words

probably should be titled -- oh shit, she's gotta clean.

the sewing/creative room disaster .. actually the couch is now empty .... by sharing this jewel of a picture I have incentive to tidy up  ....  after the dusting, vacuuming and general upstairs cleaning I'm not sure I'm ready but.....

I managed to avoid the office yesterday -- that doesn't happen often and will be paying the price during the week....I did get the treats for today's party picked up from the cupcake lady -- needless to say my vehicle smells like Bailey's Irish Cream .... not all bad.

I managed to finish my Christmas, Other Stuff and Grocery shopping in Mankato last night.  It was BRUTAL at the mall.  I had a mission and I stayed the course.  Although, one of my favorite stores had 40% off .. I now have a new red tweed blazer and matching's really hard to pass up 40% off. 

I even bought Christmas cards and wrapping paper ... Hobby Lobby was actually tolerable -- Hancock Fabric's was even better -- alas no fabric only more yarn (which I don't need either).  I am having fun with the scarves for the mitten/scarf/hat tree ....

Party on peeps -- it's only just begun......


Saturday, December 17, 2011

Friday Night (and Saturday Morning) Sew In ....

first I had to clean ... why o why does stuff pile up (don't answer) and no that's not Marshmallow FLUFF on the shelf -- it's my scissors jar ... I'm a famous re-user/re-purposer ...

I pieced another 4 row section of this project .... and then I got bored -- happens a lot when my mind is thinking too much ..

then I attempted to find wide double fold bias tape in this drawer ... navy, white, pink but ... no black so I had to make some and that became this

40 years of sewing and I've been reduced to Christmas banners from pre cut fabrics ... but I can make my own bias tape!

and isn't it lovely -- and it'll be more lovely with the roping and the rest of the Christmas trimmings .. we're a bit behind ... normal

someone deemed it okay to snow last night -- messy stuff ... 50 in the forecast for tomorrow so it'll be gone ... I'm loving our "warmer than normal so far" winter!  The first banner went so well, I made another to use as a hostess gift for tomorrows brunch -- can't share it yet ... check back tomorrow!

So check out the rest of the products/productivity/talent/cool stuff .... FRIDAY NIGHT SEW IN.  Many thanks to Heidi and  Bobbi for hosting !!



Handmade by Heidi

Friday, December 16, 2011

T. G. I. F. (keep chanting) tgif, tgif, tgif

okay -- it's been a crazy week or it feels like a crazy week.  the good news -- I finally got a hair cut.  the bad news -- it's been a crazy week.

poor megan .. she must have been cold.   I'm kinda stingy with the thermostat and she's in the coldest office in the building ... I love the multi beverage thing happening ... one cold, one hot

Mrs. H diligently working away ... I snuck this one -- she's pretty good about dodging the camera ..

Kayla from the bank ..

Thursday, December 15, 2011


  yep, it rained -- 'twas a good thing.  brown Christmas? -- looking like it -- it's okay

  sailed thru the dental appointment yesterday -- not a lot of pain -- no need to return , soon

  then sat on my tush and listened to the rain

  need to
     put up the tree
     finish shopping
     start baking
     cut a haircut

ah the neverending lists have returned.....

Happy Thursday
Ho Ho Ho


Monday, December 12, 2011

another day shopping

  dang -- it's bad out there in retail-ville.  although Target at 8:00am was good ....

  yesterday's schedule
        at that hour it was empty ...
        and after my $300 there was very little left in the store ...
        they even sell gift cards for other stores!

     Old Country Buffet (once a decade is enough)

     Sam's Club
         200 lbs of cat litter (I'm good 'til April)
         (everytime the clerk asks "how many cats?"
           what the hell -- don't peeps stock up on cat litter?)
         20 pack of kleenex boxes
         48 pack of giant tea bags

      Herbergers ....
          where I managed to try on 7, yes 7 pairs of blue jeans ... when I got to the
             check out and the best pair was $14.99 -- I went and got another ... and
             didn't try them on ...  got home -- the flipping things don't fit.  evidently
             the size on the tag doesn't mean a thing.... the second pair w/coupon was
             $4.99 so .... I'll be returning them.

   home by noon ...

  Saturday was ...
      Gander Mountain
      Hancock Fabrics
      Joanne Fabrics....

the shopping for this spender has come to an end.  the people were rude, the clerks were tired ... the traffic was odd ....



Sunday, December 11, 2011

the beginning

remember this

it is fast becoming this

sliced up and "randomly" sewed back together.  I'm trying to be random I pull a "brick" out the box and attach it to the next -- the only time I reject it -- is if it is the exact same fabric

4 rows down 18 more to go ....

Happy Sewing!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Friday Night Sew In ....

...  well my fabric purchases arrived from ebay and the Missouri quilt shop yesterday and I spent a bit of time looking at them and feeling them ....

6 "red" fat quarters from the sweetwater hometown line -- a steal on ebay

cosmo crickets circa 1934 layer cake & charm pack ... and two basics charm packs by basic grey ...what to sew .... I drafted this block

to use with the the layer cake and started cutting ..... and then decided one layer cake wasn't going to be enough ... so will use the sweetwater fat quarters and really mix 'em up !

once my hand got tired ... I finished the binding on this little jewel..... after all babies do not wait for the quilter to finish quilting!

Check out the rest of the HARD WORKING FRIDAY NIGHT SEW IN PROJECTS here!  It's a great show -- many thanks to Heidi and Bobbi for hosting .... I'm not sure about the rest of the participants but I need a little prodding to get things done!  Go figure -- blogger is having brain farts too ... hopefully this posts ...

Handmade by Heidi

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Tired Kitty ....

okay -- still no camera -- but I found the cord to download from my spiffy phone....but one of the relatives sent an email full of "reasons to always carry a camera" .. this tired kitty was one of them ...

tired but cute and he (she) looks a little peeved about having the picture taken ..... look at the paws ... huge -- probably explains the ability to run as fast as they do ....

Mr Nick has a matching belly ... heaping rounded .... missing the sassy look however!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

hump day ..... is almost over

   I was so busy today - smoke was rising from the building.  Yep, lots got done.  More to go --- only one pile left on my floor.  Quit smirking Mrs. H, for real, one pile. 

   I can hear the Bernina calling.  Xmas in 17 days.  Still haven't shopped for a thing.  Gift cards really aren't that tacky.  No returns !!!

   Really missing the camera ( hint hint hint).


Monday, December 5, 2011


  is it Friday yet?
  dang the crazies are invading ...
  and it's cold.....realllllllyyyyyy coolllllllddddddd.

Saturday, December 3, 2011


   12 1/2 hours
      (9 of them in the vehicle)

   535 miles

   50 miles on ice and crap (the last 50 miles)

   1 funeral

   lots of family friends

   lots of bonding in the vehicle

yep, it's early ....

  I'm not sure why -- but on weekends I'm up and functioning way to early.  Tomorrow will be different.

  Road trip today -- 225 miles north -- funeral service and 225 miles home.  Gonna be a lot of car time.  The elders, Jean and I.  Family friend (and old neighbor) Jim lost his battle with cancer.  Kinda fast, really fast, too young.  And a storm is on the way ... although the weather gods have predicted it will be south and east of our travels -- weather gods really don't know -- do they? 

  Chaos reigned yesterday -- so after the worst of it I made choices.  Choices that were good for me.  Sometimes just need to be reminded to land with both feet on the ground.  Last night assisted with the fall cleaning of the SCRAP SHACK -- getting ready for the Sunday event. 

  Ooooweee --- she's got a lot of stamping & scraping stuff shoved in that Shack.  So next weekend I'm feeling the need to be crafty (craftier?) ... in fact -- I'm headed down to the shower -- then sewing machine .. 30 minutes of bonding might be good for me!

  Happy Saturday ....


Friday, December 2, 2011

Thursday, December 1, 2011

oh no ....

   it snowed.

   I missed the weather memo.
   I was too busy worrying about Sunday's weather ( a trek to the City is planned). 

   So I shoveled in high heeled boots this morning.  I really didn't look out until I hit the garage for the morning commute.  Finally found sneakers stashed at the office. 

   Full day of stuff planned.  Hopefully, I'm home by 10:00 tonight. 

   New "smartphone" is getting cooler by the minute.