Friday, March 30, 2012


I'm always jealous of peeps with so much time on their hands to be this creative.   An Easter Egg tree from somewhere in Germany (came in an email from stamping diva becky) ... I stole this image from the email (and tried to steal borrow more but they wouldn't save)

It's Friday -- what more can I say.  It came too fast and somehow too slow.


Thursday, March 29, 2012

the daffodils are blooming !!!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

so, I think

.....ipad fever has subsided a bit.  lots to learn other than the fun games.

.....angry birds is really addicting. 

.....freedom from the desk is a mere 22 days away. "California Girl" fabric bundle arrived -- it's almost as impressive as the ipad (well not really) but it is pretty fun to look at and dream

.....i bought 1/2 a pickup truck -- i get the side with the steering wheel.  this is gonna be fun. see below

.....good fun with the girls tonight -- Women Celebrating Women Banquet ....
            last year we were the noisy table in the back -- behind the pole.  can't wait to see where they place us this year.  pictures to follow! 

yep, the red truck is not leaving the fleet ... and elder #1 is no longer suffering from separation anxiety!

Friday, March 23, 2012


Trying to upload pics from IPAD. Need an owners manual
It's good to be a diva!!!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The toy has arrived

Omg the iPad is cool...not sure what I'm doing but it's fun!!!!W

Monday, March 19, 2012

twenty nine days twenty eight nights ...

  yep, I'm (we're) counting down the days to the end.  The nice weather has brought on a bad case of spring fever.  I have it bad.  (Gwynne -- that would be the big event in Mpls) ....

  Eddie rode my ATV home from the office yesterday.  He took off the plow and off he went -- cousins come in handy!  I only used it once all winter long. 

  I was a working Diva last night -- working from home via a remote connection and lost the internet mid stream .... pisses me off -- right in the middle of something important.  Back on this morning. 

  I received shipment notification for the IPAD ... wednesday!!!!  It's good to be me.


 this is the McCarthy's entry in the St Patrick's Day Parade -- it's green and it's large -- twice the size of the trailer load of people it was towing.... an estimated 10,000 peeps came to the parade.  we needed more crowd control.  there was an injury .... a little peep got their foot run over by a parade entry (not this big green machine) .... and well, crowd control is good ... or a "no candy throwing" parade.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Let the Games Begin

6:00pm Wednesday
Williams Arena

GO SAINTS !!!!!!

Isn't basketball fever great!  

Sunday, March 11, 2012

R I P Bandit

yes, I am cute

and photogenic

I was cuter as a young cat

no I don't like winter.

Bandit, as he was called at our house died last week.  He was known as Tiger Bandit at the neighbors where he spent more time once he discovered they had better women and less competition .... evidently in his travels last week -- he chose to battle with someone tougher than he and well ... I stole the top two pictures from neighbor Brianna's facebook page ... she's 12 and won't know ... they were from 2 weeks ago ... the bottom two were from late 2009 .. before he discovered the better looking women down the road.....
18 pounds of lean mean fighting machine... with the longest tail I've ever seen on a cat ... he did manage to share his gene pool with everyone in the area !!

Thursday, March 8, 2012


   there was a quote post on facebook yesterday -- something on the order of "don't ya just want to shake someone and ask what the ....."  some day's it is an hourly occurrence in my office.   I'm sure some peeps question my sanity everyday .. I know I do, but I know some peeps are just plain clueless.

  we've become a society of "who gives a crap" someone else will deal with it -- take care of me -- pick up the tab.  dang peeps ---  that's just got to change.

   so to start the change I'm not going to get frustrated by the idiots who cross my path.  life is to flipping short to sweat the small stuff.  I've tried before and well I'm going to get further this time and if I don't  -- so be it. 

  more seed has arrived.  if I had a camera you'd get a picture.  dang I miss that camera.  the camera on the phone is cool ... if I could get them to download.  more fabric arrived.  love love love ebay!

TGIF it's just around the corner.


I took this exactly a year ago, most thankful it's bare and brown today ... although I looked out this morning and fluffy flakes were falling -- briefly ... perhaps Northern Lights tonight. 

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


  yep, we collected $250,000 for the various government entities on Monday.  $250,000 a lotta $$$$$.   Please address the thank-you card to my office address.

  yep, $250,000 .... from 3 clients.  yep, $250,000 -- kinda staggering isn't it?


Monday, March 5, 2012

yeppers, it is Monday

407.50 hours in February ....  or 10 weeks in 4 ... no wonder I'm pooped.  I worked last night until the boat haulers arrived home from the Mall last night.  Move out night from the boat show ... normally I don't work Sunday Nights....

Sunday Night is laundry night ... didn't happen last night

-- but since I never changed out of my flannel pj pants on Friday ... yes all day friday ... teal blue with brown moose all over them with a coordinating fleece top and yesterday was the the red xmas ones .... Robyn told me it was okay ... as long as I didn't get up from my desk....


Saturday, March 3, 2012

in 47 days I'm going to ...

a.  sleep in
b.  not worry about a messy office
c.  go home and eat a meal at home
d.  not answer the phone

and it should be warmer than it is today.
the sun should be shining too.

enough whining ... back to work!
thanks for listening (reading)