Saturday, April 28, 2012


So I was looking at yarn in Hobby Lobby and found the grey/lime/turquoise floral and the grey/lime/turquoise dotted fabrics and it kind of exploded from there. 

The big question ... what AM I going to make and what the HELL was I thinking ... 3 stores later I had a pile of goodness.  Actually the cream is Kona Snow and its more for my stash (it was on sale ) !!!

I'll be dreaming grey, lime and turquoise for a few weeks!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

ahhhh johnny jump ups!

the ipad and I took a walk down the street yesterday .... and had fun at Karen's Flowers.  I haven't mastered how to upload the pix directly from the ipad     but it takes dang good pictures.

crazy week here on 3rd street -- I finally got the whole lawn mowed -- need to rake most of it today. 

sweet corn is planted and I do believe the patch is worked up ... but it's way too cold to plant yet -- we need nighttime temps to consistantly be above 50' and that ain't happening.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

beware picture heavy!

the future location of the "patch" .... we were here 5 years ago.  I forgot how windy it is up here.  My cell phone should work well. 

Only a few apple blossoms made it thru the frost.  Time will tell.

The lilacs are pretty sparse and "brown" looking too.  The fragrance isn't as nice as last year.

The rhubarb however is loving every minute of the coolness.

Waiting for the green light for planting. 

Friday, April 20, 2012

Word of the Day


Hopefully sometime today I can actually pull it together and get something finished (or started) .... so FOCUS is my word of the day.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

the End

  the End of one busy season is the beginning of the next!  Mrs. H and I made it thru Tuesday ... MW left us last week for 5 weeks in Colorado with the grandchildren.  Kevin left us 5 weeks ago for his John Deere tractor....

  rough #'s . .... 1,419 1/2 hours worked by me
                        15 1/2 weeks  so .... that's 91 1/2 hours per week or I've worked
                        35 1/2 normal 40 hours.

 so the plan is to work less (or more efficiently) and leave at 1:00ish every day from May thru October.

   the big green tractor arrived yesterday ... sweet corn planting is Sunday.  I had to stake out the patch on my way to the office this morning.

this come in an email from one of the Aunties this morning.  Aspeland Norway ... the email contained the most beautiful places in the world to live.... frankly I think

life here on 3rd street is pretty darn good too !  (sorry old pix from a snowy day) ...

counting my blessings today -- I have many.


Sunday, April 15, 2012

well, I had written ...

 a lovely post about the end was near.  this morning on the ipad gizmo.  and it didn't post.  at any rate, the end is truly near and I'm pretty darn calm.

 there are no stacks, no piles no panicking idiots (yet) and it appears most of the season is done.  I spent most of today working on all the other stuff that piles up ....  and I mowed 1/2 the yard before the rain began.  the flipping lawn mower started with a bit of persuasion  ....  dang thing.  the hosta's in the office yard froze last week.  snow in tomorrow's forecast.  only in Minnesota.

  and hair cutting diva Lori trimmed my hair (and cleaned my office -- nothing better than the smell of pine-sol --- thanks Lori )  I managed to dash home and wash out the trimmings and actually see my yard in the light of day.

  oh and 5, yes 5 loads of laundry between the wee hours of the morning and tonight.  running out of clean undergarmets is not a good thing.  that job is now done.  during the evening wash ... I actually took my sewing machine out of the box....I haven't used it since January -- I think it missed me.  I played with my fabric purchases ... oohhh  so many pretty choices and

  I got a tub of stuff ready for the garage sale.  I rumor there was one in the future.   I'm ready.

so peeps -- let the party begin ...  but first I need a nap.


Since the camera pooped out in December I haven't even taking a picture -- other than playing with the phone and the ipad gizmo.   .... new camera is on my shopping list!!!!

Friday, April 13, 2012

4 days and a few hours

  I'm down to counting the hours/minutes/seconds.   I'm really looking forward to the end.  I have plans !!!!  What to do first, second and third is high on my list of priorities. 

  I do believe sleeping past 5:00am is #1 ... enjoying my coffee and morning newspaper just might be #2  and # 3 .... ummmmmm. 

  The oddities are crawling out of the woodwork today ... interesting makeup of peeps with issues.  I'm hoping most of them leave.

tick tock tick tock ....


Sunday, April 8, 2012

the winter fabric shopping stash ..

so, fat 8th's of Vintage Modern, fat 1/4's of California Girl ... some 1/2 yard cuts of batiks, and some cool jelly rolls

the stacks of layer cakes ...

remember I was not going to purchase any more fabric ....

I'm thinking it's going to be the summer of log cabins, flying geese and fence rail quilts ... can't wait to start cutting .... the sewing machine finally got carried back down to the basement.  It's been in my car since the January Crafty WeekEnd.  oops. 

Friday, April 6, 2012

when I grow up ....

I want to be the Easter Bunny ..... just sayin .... 

Happy Easter all ...


Sunday, April 1, 2012

The End is near

I'm not sure if I really like this iPad or not. Ordered keyboard this morning and wireless printer. It still won't let me upload pictures to the blog .. Not sure if it is the iPad or blogger. The end is a mere 16 days away and yep I am counting every moment. Only 2 more working weekends. Or working with others ... I kinda get a bit anti social after 5 months of constant peeps. Took an ATV ride after supper ..weeds are growing. The CRP loks like crap. Marie