Thursday, May 31, 2012

aging ... (hopefully gracefully)

baby boy graduates tonight.  well, at 6'4" and a few pounds he's not so "baby" ... it was a fast 17 years and 11 months so far .....

it's a beautiful morning and I hope it holds so we can be outdoors (dear god -- a little warmth would be nice)   

I will be the youngest Aunty there !!! thanks to "nice and easy" ... no grey hair this week ... he he he ...


Sunday, May 27, 2012

Diva has a new camera ....

the peonies (peony's) took a frost hit too... we have 3 blooms on 8 bushes this pink one is pretty spectacular and the scent is PDW  (pretty darn wonderful)

this white one is almost done

and the third one -- pink too

the "Joyce Attenberger" memorial iris garden

after Joyce's trailer was emptied ... and smashed up and hauled away and Dad cleaned up the site -- these iris got drove on, stomped on, drove on, drug over, drove on ....
and still managed to come back and bloom some more ... we may just add more to them as time goes past -- they are nestled up against the edge of the woods and really don't get enough light ... but, they are Joyce's iris ....

Mom and I went to Sam's Club and HyVee this morning (and best buy) .. I gotta tell you -- people were out of control nuts.  OMG.  End of story -- not going back. 

So far the only thing accomplished on my list -- is read the library books.  I've managed two naps, 2 library books, working on an unstructrured quilt pattern (translation -- just cutting and sewing at whim), a small bit of laundry -- I did make supper salad and enjoyed the chinese-to-go.

will be at the office most of tomorrow -- deadlines, do not wait for holiday's -- peeps gotta get paid and IRS waits for no one.  So, it's me and Sir Nick, the wonder cat.


Saturday, May 26, 2012

ahhh haaaa moment ....

their upppppp   ..........................   it only took 2 days after the rain ..... aren't they cut ..... it made me smile.   At first when I posted this to facebook I thought it was watermelons, but I'm wrong ... they are squash ... (oops -- it still takes 90 days however!) 

two more .... these are watermelons ....

the house on wheels rolled north last Monday morning -- it was an uneventful trip north (and south), well except for road construction which is the 5th season here in Minnesota.   ...  this was fairly early morning (6:00 ish) and I was shooting from the front door .... hence the tree was in the way ... (nice tree eh?) ...

they returned home Tuesday -- it was cold & windy up there --- and the boat was here ... next trip the boat and ATV and they'll undoubtedly stay longer than 12 hours.  675 miles round trip and they stayed 12 hours ... I'm never quite sure what the rush is all about.  I know from experience elder #1 rarely stops once the wheels are moving ...  ugh.  I need frequent stops to stretch the legs, refill the coffee and "unfill" the body!!!! 

elder #1's birthday today 76 !!!!   must have thought he needed to rush home for treats!!!


Friday, May 25, 2012

God's Country ....

Dear Peeps !!
    It is the most beautiful morning here in the valley!  Sometimes all the crap of life gets in the way and I forget to slow down and enjoy the smaller things --
             water in the basement after the downpour --- it's just water,
             pile of work on my desk -- it gets done,
             weeds that are growing -- they get pulled/sprayed/irradicated somehow  get out and enjoy it, it's going to be a fabulous day!

   I had my coffee and newspaper on the back steps (no deck here at the office) ... it was great -- even the nasty pidgeon living on my roof managed to not irritate me this morning. 

   So onward ...

Happy Weekend All....

(I'll be mopping up water, working on the pile, pulling weeds and watching more sprout !!!!  )


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Tuesday Night Travels

the elders returned home early from the "deliver the camper to the lake trip" so it took a while, but I finally got to the library ... stocking up for the weekend -- contrary to popular belief, I don't (a) work all the time, (b) sew all the time or (c) garden all the time.  I plan on some quality book time on the deck with a beverage and my comfy deck chair.  The weather had better cooperate.

My phone just beeped a flash flood advisory -- I haven't watched the weather lately -- nice to know it is going to rain.  I trekked up to the patch last night -- nothing is up -- it needs to rain first ... the good news ... no deer tracks up there!!!

I do need a project list to keep on task for the weekend. -- Watch the sidebar and cross your fingers!

Happy Hump Day    .....


Sunday, May 20, 2012

garage (junk/treasures) sale

are a lotta work and I have leftovers. But they are bagged up and ready for the thrift shop!  Not sure how I'm going to spend my $53 ... oops $54.  I'm just happy the chairs sold.  The baby quilt is gone as are the table runners ... I'd never guessed well used table runners would sell. 

I had a list for today -- so far the 2 hour nap seems to be the only thing on the list that I can actually check off as done ...

next up ....

___ tidy up sewing room
___ bindings on #3
___ weeds, weeds,weeds
___ ironing for the week (yep, 'tis the season to iron)
___ walk
___ gas and wash the wheels



Friday, May 18, 2012


 Wind, who ordered the wind.  dang -- the dirt (sand) be blowing.  Hard on the allergies.  and the 90' weather... what the hell.   I rushed and planted the patch in advance of the forecasted rain.  I should not believe the weather dudes -- they have no clue, the 18 drops that fell aren't "showers"

  Stamping/Scraping Divas and I have garage sale tomorrow at Diva Becky's house.  Hauled much some of my wares and tables last night.  Used the new brown truck.  Nice, but I don't like it.  Too tall.  Comfy seats -- not heated (elder #1 will never listen about which amenties to order).  I figured out the a/c -- works.  Bells and dingers were going off the entire trek something was amiss.  It ran, I kept driving. 

  The GARAGE SALE promises to be good.  I will NOT bring anything home.  All of my leftovers will be going to the thrift store. 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wordless Wednesday ..... (sorta)

watermelons & pumpkins

watermelons & squash

they're back ....

Monday, May 14, 2012

Lucky Diva

256 hills of watermelon planted (insert smiley face) .....

Dang peeps I've been desk bound way to long.  It feels good to sweat (90') might have a lot to do with it ... bend, scratch with my hoe, plant and move on ......  zee patch is very long and skinny ..... very very long and skinny ... last year it was 9 hills wide ... this year 5 for part and 4 for part ....  'tis good.

(insert smiley face) ....


Saturday, May 12, 2012

ouch .....

   I had the best of intentions today ... lots to do and I wasted most of the day waiting on an old guy and his tractor.

   Evening rolled around and I rolled to Mankato ... since road construction season is upon us, I wanted to stock up at Sam's Club ... it'll be tough to get there .... so I got enough paper towel, toilet paper (yes, Mrs. H it is must softer than the current industrial stuff), bottled water and 150 pounds of kitty litter. 

   Well, something happened while hoisting the 150 lbs of kitty litter -- damn I must be getting old.  Pain thru my side -- up the back, in the shoulder, down the arm.  It's in the car -- with assistance from the guy in the truck next to me ... the tears and gasping for air -- caught his attention.  Slammed the painkillers stashed in the wheels and moved on to my next stop.  Still had pain -- got the coffee and the take out Chinese and came home.  More advil and I'm numb.

   Dang I hate the "getting old" feeling.  So resolution #1 -- gots to healthier. 

in pain,


hoping for a little more dirt action tomorrow -- I did walk the new location -- it's a whole lot smaller -- gonna be a tight fit squeezing it all in ....

Friday, May 11, 2012

T G I F .....

been a productive day here on 3rd Street

client meetings
grass mowed
4 more boxes of garage sale junk (for a total of 8) ... might need my own garage ...

mn pr's are almost done ....

whew .... nap time should be approaching.
well, after lunch anyway.

elder #1 should be disking up the patch today the planting will begin tomorrow, and Sunday and Monday .....

"get 'er done"


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

word of the day --- Wednesday ....

as in Middle of the Week Wednesday

 ... hump day ....

as in weekend is closer than Monday as in TGIW ...

 ....  as in holy crap I'd better get my projects done before Friday ....

yep, Wednesday .....


Sunday, May 6, 2012

road trip !!!!

a couple of the scrapping diva's and I road tripped it to the Mall of America to see the Diana exhibit.  it was pretty fabulous.  the WEDDING dress was on display (behind glass and a security system including the tiara) ... it was the story of her life from childhood to her death ... another gallery held selected garments.  as a sewer (seamstress) i was fascinated by the tailoring and details of the clothes -- they were pretty fantastic -- no camera's allowed ... except here at the end with the replicated wedding cake

it was lightly raining when we left and 15 miles up the road we ended up pulling over and waiting for the rain to subside .... water everywhere .... it's an hour trek to the MOA and it took 2 hours in the rain and ugly traffic.  it was good to be a passenger!

finish from a couple of weeks ago

#1 from the previous post

Dad was mushroom hunting --morels, and he found whoppers! 

corn is up!!!! 

one shouldn't be pix taking while driving ... ya never know what you'll get ... I'm sure pix taking is on that warning plaque somewhere.

more rain on the way -- 5 inches so far this week .. starting to feel like a duck.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

efficiency - word of the week

efficiency -- ( or to quote  mrs. P ... "quilting mojo" )    

Quilt #1 -- basted (by hand with a needle & thread) .. quilted, bound and currently in the washer - headed for the dryer .... that hand basting will not be happening again.

Quilt #2 -- basted (with that spray stuff) .. ready to quilt, I can't seem to decide how to quilt it .... I'm thinking that spray gunk just might gum up the works ... might just be a grid.

Quilt #3 -- top done (last year -- finished it up), back ready to piece then ready to ship off to Amy the quilter.

Quilt #4 -- top/back done ready to baste -- then quilt -- it's another window quilt for the office.  Been pieced for eons.

Quilt #5 -- Xmas quilt -- is being converted to a table cloth .... shouldn't take long to finish it up!

Quilt #6 -- Green/Yellow baby quilt --- binding is 1/2 stitched down ... although I might need to take it off and re-do it and machine stitch it down. 

yeppers -- getting the projects done so I can play with my new stuff ......  ideas are rolling around inside my brain ....

and yes, my bag is backed for this afternoon's adventure .... pictures to follow.

tired Diva!

#1 .. in the rough -- it's twice this size, it's pinned to another quilt for photo opportunities ....


#5 ..

#2 ... which is the same fabric line as #1 ...didn't realize it until I was basting ... must be a sign from above that I have too much fabric eh?

Thursday, May 3, 2012

ahhh more beautiful places to visit

the taj mahal

ayers rock (sorry Aussies, I think I misspelled ayers)

the sisten chapel (more spelling issues)

my front porch

yep, another email from one of the Aunties with more beautiful places to see and visit. frankly, since I already reside in southern Minnesota (also know as God's Country) I'm not sure anywhere else is any better.  today I'm headed to the Holy Land (St. George Mn) for a graduation ceremony and picnic .... see it's a pretty damn good place to be ...

rain, thunder, lightening, wind  (and hail) --- spring has arrived lots of rain, it's absolutely wonderful !!!

I was at the sewing machine quilting away .... when the tornado sirens when off.  Lots of stitching last night, more this morning and project #1 will be done.  go go go

happy thursday

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

prom ..

Nick, date and the new car ...

Nick tolerating having the picture taken ... by now we've lost our flowers .... Rachael cooperating
at least he didn't tell us to leave .. last year he did

grand march .

grad pix .. the party is in the planning stages.

it's good to be young ...