Monday, July 30, 2012

it has officially began ....

   the campaign ... to re-elect me to my County Commissioner Seat.  Yep, 2 years and due to redistricting at the federal, Minnesota and City level, I have a short term and am re-running for another 4 year term.

   to be perfectly honest -- I like everything about the gig, except the campaigning -- I'm not an "I" person I'm more of a "we" person.  and the we's of the world don't really do a good job of selling themselves.  so ...

   due to the popularity of my district -- 2 other individuals seem to want the gig too -- so there needs to be a primary election, which is what it is.  expensive.  lots of  chit chat and what not ... I don't to yard signs -- they are ugly -- I've been referring to them as "sight pollution" -- not to mention expensive ....  getting elected is not about what you spend, rather -- who you are and what you can get accomplished.  I think over the last 1 1/2 years a lot has been done but there is a whole lot more to do!

   the scraping diva's assisted with the stuffing, stamping & prepping of 1,200 flyers on friday night.  It went fast & smooth -- diva's get the job done.  a little wine, a little snacking and a whole lot of chatting ... thanks ladies .....

     so, if you are in my district, I'd appreciate your vote!  I always try to do my best!   See now I can sound like a politician ... 


Sunday, July 29, 2012

aaahhhh the pitter patter

  of gentle raindrops.   Lovely sound in the middle of the night.

  There are fabulous pictures of the patch and the farmers market -- on the IPAD and my camera -- both of which are in my truck -- in the garage and I'm too lazy to walk out and get 'em. 

  Sometimes it's good to be lazy -- today is a day on the road.  A day of change at the office.  A day of fun.  A day of eating watermelon #2. 

  Hope your Olympic's watching is as enjoyable as mine. 

   Peaceful Sunday!


another method of animal control in the patch .... a $1 whirly gig ....
kinda happy looking when spinning away !

Friday, July 27, 2012

fabulous Friday ...

 because ....

    THIS DIVA PICKED HER FIRST WATERMELON OF THE SEASON .... yep -- yelling it from the rooftops ... and it's pretty DAMN TASTY !!!!!

    alas, not enough to pick and go to market (next week peeps !!!) .... 

    Candidate Diva will be stuffing envelopes with campaign flyers tonight -- the scrapping divas have volunteered to assist ... beverages, good and lots of envelopes to stuff

Diva !!!!

ps.  no pictures of the miracle melon -- the camera batteries are charging...

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

wednesday's progress

am I scary .....

evidently not, someone ate a melon next to this one .... the manure pile is a mere 20' away too ... it's kind of fragrant ...

birds -- were a little tough to see amid the weeds and corn stubble

stretch ... we're growing so much we're covering the rows.... a good thing  and yes, those trees are the enemy's hideout ...

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I've always wanted to .....

see the space shuttle take off or land .... and well, it's another thing on my bucket list that will never happen.   Cousin Gordon sent his weekly email of jokes & notables and he had 15 pictures of the space shuttle in them .... are they cool or what ....

I bet if you are over the age of 40 -- you know where you were and what you were doing when the Challenger went down (or didn't go up) .....

I was at Arlington Cemetery in Washington DC the day the astronauts were laid to rest .... the visitor center/guides didn't tell us at the time ... just that "dignitary's" were being interred and to "please allow them their privacy ....  horse drawn caissons delivered the caskets -- and the President (ya, Ronald Reagan) was there --- we didn't know it at the time -- a lot of men in black suits were wandering around.  

amazing, simply cool. 

Sunday, July 22, 2012

bird patrol

so, my favorite pink flannel pants ...  have been re-purposed -- note the color coordinated t shirt ... I gave him the clothes -- he had the hats ....

wooden "paper clips" hold up the pants

looks like a busy place eh!

and my version == cat food bag with a pie tin ...

Dad constructed scarecrows yesterday ... it was an interesting process .. so far they are doing their jobs....


Friday, July 20, 2012

damn birds

notice they leave the chunks next to the melon ... damn birds

human tracks ... mine ....

yep, war has been declared ... I WILL PREVAIL

angry diva

Thursday, July 19, 2012

liquid gold

1/2 inch of rain late yesterday afternoon.  it was wonderful.  the first rain in more than a month (at least at my house).

so Mom and I hopped on Bessie after supper and went to visit the patch.  that had been visited by flipping crows.   so home I went, picked up supplies -- up went 3 scarecrows ... then I sprayed for deer and varmits with the ugly smelling pepper spray ....

it's just so good to be me. 


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wordless Wednesday


(drip drip drip)

(yipee ya hoo )

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tuesday in Peterville

Yep, not much happening. 
Still needs to rain.

Corn is gone -- dang they made a mess.  It was a dried up mess to start with.  I can't believe they combined that crap.  It was brown in spots.  I suppose when you work in the dark you really can't see the brown.  They started at 3:00pm on Sunday and went all night.  Yep, noise all night long.  Nothing like a semi-truck grinding thru the yard (past the bedroom windows) at 1:00 am ... shifting, rumbling, squeeking -- you get the picture.

'Tis good to be us.
Still need rain.


Sunday, July 15, 2012

do you see what I see ...

fordhooks -- lots of fordhooks ... and yes, they haven't picked the sweet corn yet .... don't ask, it probably isn't a good subject

the most famous rock in my neighborhood ... so

my size 8 1/2's and a fordhook (it's got a yellow belly and an almost dry curl) ... won't be long now

rain, please, we need rain.......


Saturday, July 14, 2012

friday night travels

I've been stalking the two kittens -- this is buffy ....

and this is sunny .... and muffy their mother ... she finally brought them out of the woods to the "cat" house to eat .. they are fairly good sized ... but definately scared of peeps with cameras ...

3 corn pickers arrived yesterday ... doesn't bessie look small compared to them !!! it just looks like rain ... only 12 drops fell .... dang.

must be the first field for the year -- they are clean ....

Nick was out riding ... I tried to get the wheelie shot but he was back to all 4 wheels on the ground .... 

Friday, July 13, 2012

T G I Friday !!!

  It's finally Friday ... not sure why I'm excited I have much to do and not enough hours to get it all done.

  Tonight is the Friday Night Sew In --- not sure if I'll participate.  I just might have to plant my tush in a chair and finish my "overdue" libary book -- I'm late with the returns again.  Then again, I can hear the Bernina .... "where are you  ..... "  

  Did a fast walking tour of the garden last night.  Looking good, rain is needed and soon.  Sweet corn is burning up.... not sure why they haven't moved in to pick it ... but since it's not my sweet corn it isn't my problem!  

  I found watermelons, squash and baby pumpkins ... need to plant some zuchinni and late cukes this weekend -- if it rains -- they won't grow without rain.  The rabbits/deer/some damn varmit ate the irrigated cantelope -- need to try again or .... start shooting. 


Nick leads the casual life these days -- eat, sleep, flop over, nap some more, eat ... it's good to be an old cat.  (that would be an old pampered cat)

Cousin Gordon's weekly email jokes and pictures had this pix of a snowy owl?  ... kinda cool looking ..

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

when it's my time to leave this earth ....

    I want others to read my obituary  -- and smile, grin, laugh and cry like I did when I read this one ....

— Anne E. Walsh, age 48 of Mankato, died July 9, 2012 at her home.
Memorial service will be 3:00pm Saturday, July 14, 2012 at Centenary United Methodist Church in Mankato. Visitation will be held on Friday from 4:00 to 8:00 pm at Mankato Mortuary and continue one hour prior to service at the church. Burial will be in Fort Snelling National Cemetery at a later date. In lieu of flowers, memorials are preferred to Minnesota Ovarian Cancer Alliance, 4604 Chicago Ave., Minneapolis, MN 55407,, 612-822-0500.
Casual Attire is preferred at the visitation and service.
Following is the obituary that Anne wrote herself.
I have been called to Heaven. I fought the good fight until it was time to go. I did not lose my ovarian cancer journey, I lived through it. And even if that journey is over, my heavenly journey is only beginning.

I was born Jan. 29, 1964 and raised in the Twin Cities in a diverse environment and was much better for it. My parents, Nan and Mike Gjerdahl, raised good children. I always felt their love and will take that love with me. It is a powerful bond. I love you more.

I attended St. Paul Central High School. Believe it or not, I was voted the "Most Athletic Girl" in the school. I was an accomplished sprinter, setting city and state records. I graduated in 1982 and immediately went into the US Army as a Military Police Officer, serving in Germany. I enjoyed travelling throughout Europe. I also played on the All-Army Europe Volleyball Team, traveling all over. Tough duty! I was honorably discharged and began a 4-year term in the US Army Reserves. I retired as a Staff Sergeant after many insights and experiences.
Out of the Army, I completed a Law Enforcement Degree from AVTI in Alexandria, MN, minoring in fishing.

I was a Mankato Police Officer for 19 years. During my career, I held the positions of Patrol officer, Detective, Patrol Commander, Drug Task Force Coordinator, and retired as a Patrol Commander. The decision to retire was difficult, but the job changed me and I had to go. I still miss co-workers and always will. It's an honorable job and I hope I am remembered for being honorable doing it.

My soul mate Pam Soper and I have been in love for 19 years. We have loved, laughed, struggled, and cried together. We have lived as completely as we could. We even got "married"! (Please vote "No") Pam put joy in my life and was the reason I got up in the morning...Ok afternoon. She is compassionate and took care of me better than anyone could. I didn't want to leave, Pam, but please know that I am with you always-except when you're in the bathroom. I love you.
To our family of friends, we are blessed to have so many of you that love us even with all of our flaws-whew! You love us as we love you and will always love you.

It's so hard to leave my family. I will miss you all. I expect the Bush Bashes and Corn Hole Tournaments to continue. It's important to stay in touch as a family. I will miss my Mom and Dad, my siblings, Bill, Kaff, Lisa, Jon, Sandy, Eva, Mickey, Mike Jr., Dutch, Steve, and Paul. I will also miss Pam's Mom and Dad, Barb and Darrell Soper. I leave behind so many in-laws, nieces, nephews, and greats who I love dearly.
I look forward to those waiting at the gate: my father Julian; my grandparents; brother Steve; sister Beth; and I get to meet my Grandma Wandrey for the first time. Willie and Quincy will come running with the dreaded tennis ball. I cant wait to see who else shows up. And I get to meet Jesus again.

Thanks for the ride folks. I love you all.

   I never met Anne -- but dang, she should be an inspiration to all of us.  Wow !!!  So, QUIT SWEATING THE SMALL STUFF, IT'S JUST SHIT !!!!


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

happy diva

ahhh it's happening, shhhhh don't tell the deer

missed the melon, but it's there

some of the squash leaves are more than a foot wide -- and just wild looking

behind that pile of brush is Jean and her ATV ... Nick is attempting to keep the load on the ATV

ahh another one ....

Sunday, July 8, 2012

So, guess what I found

A watermelon. On the morning cruise to check out the patch and the drip system. I spied a watermelon along the road. No camera with me. But it's there. so time for scarecrows, fencing and spraying that nasty smelling animal repellant. The rabbits have already anihilated the cantelope on the drip system. Buggers. Elder #1 picked some sweet corn. Having it for lunch! Worked on office weeds yesterday. Ugh. #1 is now shooting bunnies off the deck. He's become a redneck.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

grow baby grow ...

squash --


the tan color swaths just below the treeline .. burned up sweet corn ... yeppers got way too hot this week

stretch .............

look at those pumpkins vine ... 'wolf' is the only variety I planted -- really thick stems and really long vines --

simply amazing how well the patch fared in the heat -- it was 100' when I took these pix last night at 5:30 pm -- day #3 of 100'   it's rumbling and grumpling and trying to rain as I type PTL ....

Friday, July 6, 2012

blame it on the heat

I'm blaming everything on the heat this week -- this appeared on facebook and I found it funny -- I'm not  sure if it's real -- but it got lots of attention.

okay this is real -- cousin stacy posted on her facebook page -- evidently "kim kitty" -- their cat found the patrol car a "cool" place to roost.  I think they could write a book about the adventures of "kim kitty" ... she has personality (multiple personalities) ..

what more can I add -- I've been saving this one for the perfect day (which would be the day I have nothing of great importance or wise wisdom to share with the rest of the world.) 

It's still hot and the "extreme heat warning" is still in effect.  11 more hours of it to be exact --- it will be 8 days of 90' or more and 3 in a row of 98' or more -- so ya, I'm flipping grumpy. 

I am pleasantly surprised how well the patch is holding up.  I did a drive by on the ATV last night.  It didn't have much of a wilt and the melon vines were stretching.  Hopefully I can turn vines over the weekend -- and start spraying for varmints !!!!  Everything is blooming and blooming lots!!!!

Stay Cool Peeps --

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

keep diva cool

   Are you ready?  Unfortunately, I think the weather geek is correct -- 99' for two more days.  Maybe this will be it for the summer eh? 

   So before 7:00am this morning ...
       I fed the the livestock (fresh water for all) ...
       Roasted the chicken (purchased chix not MY chicken) for salad.
       Washed clothes (and hung them on the line to dry).
             Hoping they'll dry out there.
       Dropped all the blinds and shades.
       Checked on the patch and got the paper.
       Ran the vacuum cleaner.
       Opened up all the shed/garage doors and windows -- gotta get the air moving.

    I'm ready for my shower and then  ...  Bessie the Bernina awaits me ..............  the sewing, crafting, scrapbooking marathon is to begin shortly.

    At some point I need to go to work -- the payroll emails arrived overnight.  And then again ...


Sunday, July 1, 2012

Bucket List for the Week ....

   yep, I'm still making lists, lots of lists.

1) spray the last row of the patch for weeds.  I must have missed the last row of pumpkins.
2) plant a couple hills of zuchini (maybe a mini row of cukes and green beans)
3) weed (de-forest) three office flower beds (no excuses)
4) sew a bit
5) get 1/2 of my quarterly payroll reports done
       (sometimes I have to actually work at the real gig)
6) paint office deck
7) clean out home garage a bit more
        (red truck doesn't fit as well as the previous occupants)
8) new library books -- got the last set read !!!
9) sell the featherweight on ebay?
10) get the carpet cleaner lined up
11) develope/construct a recycling station in the home garage
12) and have a great 4th of July !!!!  

  see I'm working on the list ... it's really to hot for the outdoor stuff -- with the "extreme heat advisory"  --- I should be getting more housework done.   wrong.

my newest "dumb"  ----   but working well idea ... I had a couple of flats of canteloupe from the greenhouse and it has not rained for two weeks and it's really really too dry to plant without a lot of watering ---  so ... I asked Dad if he could put a small garden spigot on the water tank ... well, it is a reducer with a spigot but it works the same ... then he

planted the canteloupe for me and buried the soaker hose along the row.  I thought he was going to use my black ooozing soaker hose but he had this stashed somewhere ... he has everything stashed somewhere, he never tosses a thing (ummm)

and planted 150 feet of them and it's working.  it oozes about 200 gallons a day (and in this particular location it's like sand box sand so .....)

the pumpkins -- marching along

part of the squash from afar ... the rows really are not that straight up close

more pumpkins -- I swear they are doubling in size every day .... the variety is "wolf" they'll have giant stems and 30' vines ... kinda fun to watch.

have a busy holiday week!

ps.  sorry peeps, sometimes I double up on pic's here and facebook but ... some have facebook, some don't