Friday, September 28, 2012

September ..... it was a

busy, busy month.

24 hours of continuing education.
3 funerals
1 wedding
8 farmers market days
1,000 miles on the truck
300 miles on the ATV

the usual office (how I earn my living stuff)
lots of County meetings/workshops/retreats
lots of cleaning.

no sewing
very little reading

got to change -- can't be not sewing.  nope, not
good, not good at all.

bring on October!!!!


ps.  done whining -- I'm packed and ready for morning market only 3 more after tomorrow -- working on scheduling a squash / pumpking / craft day .... can't seem to find time!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Beautiful Night on the Prairie

after evening livestock chores -- 4 cats 6 kittens ... 4 chickens I went up to the patch to pick out the rest of the mini pumpkins (they're under the not so mini's and the squash) .. beautiful evening on the prairie

pumpkin pickings from last sunday -- most of them are pie/mini/small-ish ... that's the chicken shack in the upper left of the pix .. the girls love their run ... (the coyotes do not)

my trailer load of squash .. sorting every night this week ...

gee ... look who I met on the way up to the patch .. mama and one of her twins the other was off to the left ... she doesn't look happy does she  --- as I got closer she got testy.  stopped the hooves and snorted at me .... I'm bigger -- she's a future sausage stick. 

The bed has arrived -- hummmm  we'll see how well I sleep.

Happy Friday it is a mere 3.5 hours away!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

hump day

yep, it's already Wednesday ...

So, after the weekend of go go go ....
This week has been much of the same.

I went to market yesterday -- should have skipped it -- time is money and I could have earned more somewhere else.

the BED is finally arriving and that led to other projects
such as
     clean the carpets ....
     so last night I muscled out the old bed ... moved the furniture
     and vac'd up the huge dust bunnies (no wonder the allergies are
     bad) ...

my desk is a disaster.
my sewing machine misses me.
one more week of chaos.
and it's Marie Time.


Monday, September 24, 2012

lots of pictures

sleepy red

the motherlode of bittersweet ... to bad one needs to be a mountain climber to get at it... it is never in an easy place to reach.

foxtail -- my next cash crop

Fred & Wilma and Barney & Betty -- the latest residents of the back deck -- they need to learn to live with the other cats in the cat house

hummmm  deer ....

attempting to be artsy fartsy ... not sure if it worked ...

Picking Crew ...

Jan, David, Me & Ron .....

The some of the tools have improved over the years.  ATV's, tillers and wagons but we still bushel baskets with nasty wire handles and Ron brought his wheel barrow out and it was handy.

Yes, we look good when we toss on dirty clothes, brush our teeth and head to the garden.  ummm love the goofy headband.  It was 26' when I got up there.

Happy Monday .... it promises to be a day of rest.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

My Life in 36 hours

6:30am Saturday --- Farmers Market -- where it was damn cold
    (many thanks to Mom for delivering warmer clothes)
    (and thanks to those lovely squash customers)

2:00pm Saturday --- Cousin Cyndi Lou's Fabulous Wedding
    (a bride who never stopped smiling ... it was a wonderful celebration)
    (in which I nailed my scripture readings !!!) 

9:00am Sunday  --- The squash picking crew arrived ...
    (Uncle Ron, Cousin David & Wife Jan, Sister Jean -- in 2 hours the squash and
      pumpkins were picked packed and loaded for the upcoming weeks)
    (many thanks to them == and the donuts & treats to get us going)

2:00pm Sunday --- we celebrated the life of a young cousin, Jacob ..

   It was a weekend of laughter, tears and a lot of family.  I am blessed and am most grateful for those blessings.

(and this diva didn't remember her camera for any of it --- (giant sigh)).

I'll be back at the office tomorrow -- where it promises to be most restful!


Friday, September 21, 2012

TGFO -- (Thank Goodness Friday is almost over)

  dang, I've crammed a lot into 5 days and yet if feels like nothing is completely finished.

  but 2 ATV loads of squash/pumpkins/etc have been picked,packed and loaded into Bessie today ... and 2 last night so I'm ready for morning market.

  I'll have just enough time after market to head home -- wave my magic wand and turn into a fairy princess for Miss Cyndi's wedding (and maybe sneak in a fast nap).  

  I've even got magic shoes to wear!  Pictures to follow ...

Happy Weekend


and damn it feels good to be home.

I should not complain -- traffic was tolerable (it helps to leave home at 5:15am to beat the rush) .... the hotel was fairly clean .... the airport jet noise was quiet .... the food was tasty and plentiful (to plentiful) ....

the seminar speakers and subject however was dismal.  enough said.

it's good to be home.
i even picked more squash last night!

Friday (today) -- is pack the truck day.
Saturday is market and Cyndi Lou's WEDDING
   (she's going to be a beautiful bride)
Sunday is picking and Jacob's Service

i hate that the only time families get together is tragic events -- we need to work on our "gatherings".


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Educating Diva

So, I'm sitting in a City hotel, wondering why I spent $400 on this worthless seminar.   The handmade hotel pizza was pretty darn good.

8 more hours tomorrow.  Good thing I downloaded good books to the iPad.


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

well ...

lots of goofy things happening in this Diva's world -- so good some not so good. 

it's Tuesday Market Day -- I'm not loaded or picked or packed --  I'll decide at lunch -- once I see just how much I have left to finish at the office --- because .... well

I'm on the road for 3 days -- seminars, board workshops, a court gig (as a witness) ... 2 funerals and Cyndi Lou's Wedding....(where at the wedding --- I'm one of the readers, therefore I have expensive clothes purchased and plan on looking like a DIVA )

It appears that we did not have frost at the farm -- it was dark in the patch and I couldn't tell .... but the truck said 36' ... it wouldn't matter at this point. 

Family members (you tell me you read this) here is the Link to the article about Jacob Weber in the New Ulm Journal ... I cannot begin to imagine their pain.   Their gift of life is inspiring.

We all need to daily give thanks for our many blessings in this crazy world we live.

Enough rambling for a Tuesday ...


Monday, September 17, 2012

it's monday ....

  It kind of was a productive weekend.

_X_  made it to market -- didn't sell enough
_X_  made it WalMart (ugh) got pic's printed and still managed
              to spend $170 (double ugh)
_X_  got gas in truck and filled cans (another $100)
_X_  dumped old dead flower pots
_X_  dug out the tubs, baskets, boxes for squash
_X_  loaded the mini trailer and took it to the patch
_X_  ferried a bunch a farm vehicles from field to field

_X_  finished book #1 and scarf #5

and most of it all happened after 3:00 yesterday -- never did work in that nap.

evidently there's a sewer/water/street issue this morning -- they're digging up the street and making a whole lotta noise.

lots happening this week -- stay tuned I'm sure it will be entertaining.


Sunday, September 16, 2012

Market Saturday ...

yep, I've turned into the squash diva for the remainder of the season -- unfortunately, peeps don't purchase squash when it's 80' outside!

Dad in the big green machine -- amazes me -- he screws up his cell phone and tv remote daily -- but he manages all the bells and whistles on this unit. ... ummmmm

Unloading on the fly -- time is money, why stop when you can do two things at the same time ... see above caption ---

the poor tired sad pooped out looking melon side of the patch -- the weeds (lambs quarters) have take over -- the damn things are 4' tall and still growing.  the only thing thriving without rain. 

Tami had pears at market today -- aren't they cool!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Picked, Packed, Loaded ....

Project Day ..

I need to finish up these piles on my desk ...

find a new home for 14 cases of copy paper .... up and down the stairs I go ... one case at a time

yes, the flower beds need to be de=tree'd again ... damn things keep growing even though I pained them with round up.

note the grass is still brown

then I'm driving home in Dad's truck (mine's 1/2 full of goodies) good grief it's like piloting a space ship -- bells, whistles, beeps go off the minute the key slides in the slot -- can't seem to move the steering wheel either -- it's hitting my chubby knees ......

to finish picking these and more squash ... and perhaps, just maybe -- a watermelon or two (doubtful -- but I'll look) .. mower man did not get the melon part of the patch mowed yet.
Happy Friday All !!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Hump Day!!!

Yes, I stole this from some one's facebook page (thanks Joan! and yes, someday I will tell her) -- no pictures on my new desktop computer yet -- I'll have to bring in the "backup" of the home pictures.
Anyway -- there's a whole lotta combine action happening.  Today's rain (which really isn't rain) is just settling the dust.  I count 6 combines on Monday night -- my trek to Nicollet, 6 this morning on the trek to New Ulm ... and corn was flowing.
What an odd year -- corn before beans.  Be careful out there -- it's dang dry ... 4 fire calls yesterday for our Fire Department -- SCARY. 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

alas, the Tuesday party is over

   no more Tuesday Farmer's Market for this Diva -- since the melon crop has fizzled out -- and the squash crop isn't in full readiness yet -- I'm on Tuesday Market vacation.  plus, I'm busy at my real job (s)!

   we had squash for supper Sunday night -- it was fabulous.  we had "sweet mama" buttercup and a carnival -- smooth, dry, tasty!  I worked in the patch most of Sunday morning -- spraying pumpkins and squash with deer repellent -- the buggers will eat anything and everything.  They are eating their way thru the remaining melons (most are rotting/over ripe/bird pecked).  buggers. 

   another 90+ day on the way ... good grief this is # 33 this year.  too many.  no wonder I'm crabby --


Sunday, September 9, 2012

a great market day!

sun on the pumpkins --

line up of squash -- I took a bushel of each variety ...

kinda lonely without the heaping piles of melons...

bacon chedder scone -- the breakfast of a diva... I went back and bought another for lunch

the end of the melons!

So, early riser that I am -- I went up and sprayed the pumpkins and squash for deer .... there are not as many large pumpkins as I had hoped -- but more than a few and less than lots.  lots of pie pumpkins and mini's ... squash are getting riper by the day ... and more are appearing.

Squash is in the oven -- meatloaf coming up.  Dishes washed.  Beds made.  Time to ... play?  work?  nap?  read?   (or all of the above).

Friday, September 7, 2012

picked, packed, parked -- ready for morning

I found more watermelons than I thought I would -- I stomped around with a knife and was cutting them open...not a pretty picture.

the ash tree's along the CRP ... are turning color ... and losing their leaves fast ... the newly mowed crp looks much better with the weeds mowed.

After the great melon hunt -- the squash and a couple of pumpkins got added.  plus the extra baskets and buckets and my always needed step stool. 

I finally left the office early -- happened twice so far ... went to the patch and went to work.

I think this is the end of the melons.  It's pretty sad looking up there ... the vines/leaves/weeds have dried up and well, the deer are eating, the split (too much heat to fast) melons are rotting so I think I'm going to have elder #1 mow it down on Sunday ... need to pull the scarecrows, row markers and other stuff first.  It was a great season of melons.  I planted a lot less and sold a lot more!  I cannot complain.  I wish Mother Nature had been more cooperative but I cannot complain! 

Bring on the squash & pumpkins.  I'll be picking and piling every night for a couple of weeks. 

It's a busy month -- RockBend, Entities Seminar, Cyndi Lou's Wedding !!  Lots to do!

Happy Friday!!!


finally friday.
didn't happen soon enough.

i'm not sure why i get excited about friday's ... saturday's are always busy too.  ditto sunday's and then monday reappears ... magically. 

ummmm  -- me thinks me needs a break.  ummmmm options.

so, it rained 11 drops last night.  not enough to assist the melon crop.  it's done.  the squash are drying up too.  pumpkins are turning orange.  deer are nibbling. 

the best news.  my beat up knee doesn't hurt anymore.  it's just ugly.

Diva M

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Just another Thursday ...

today would have been Grandma's 101st birthday -- this is her house .. now known as the "Scrap Shack" ... I'm know she'd enjoy the crafting, scrap booking, quilting and creativity that happens there!

Ana Kate goes to Kindergarten.  Yep, my favorite blond munchkin went to school this morning.  Hopped on the bus and rode away ... she was under two here in this pix and sharing her cookie with Nick.  (It appears Nick might not have been in the mood to share).

And last March -- she'd doubled in height!  Can't wait to hear how her first day went -- all kinds of new things to see and do!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

TMI ... Tuesday * 2

okay - this is too much info -- but I wiped out again and this time it really hurts --
crappie flopped on the cement floor of the machine shed and the same knee took the brunt of it
it hurts worse at 51 11/12 than it did at 11 !!!! I was unloading the truck -- after market ...

Evidently tripping (falling/crashing/crappie flopping) is my new hobby ..

Market went well ... even though it was 95 flipping degree's out there --- frankly I can't wait to wear long pants again (at least long pants will save my knees)


well, it's a new routine

back to work -- back to school -- summer is done.  now if the 90' weather would leave I'd be a much happier Diva.

'twas a weekend of work and play -- we ate and visited, we shopped ( see previous post) .. we shopped some more (nothing as dramatic). 

I sprayed for deer (damn things -- eating my squash) -- picked & piled some squash.  I did the final picking in the melon patch -- it's done.  the lack of rain has done it in.  if it rains before the weekend I might be able to pluck a few more out -- otherwise -- I'm going to have elder #1 mow it down ... it's a sad sad sight. 

on to the pumpkins & squash!  they are fabulous -- the vines are dying (again the lack of rain) quickly and the fruits are ripening --

I even made it to work yesterday -- 5 hours and a lot of stuff finished up!

market today -- stop in and check us out!


Sunday, September 2, 2012

what was I thinking ....

ummmm  .....  

during the scrapping diva's food fest and chat Friday night -- the big discussion was beds.  yes, beds. 

So, Mom, Jean and I had a shopping excursion last night -- and  I spent $3,600 on a bed  ... ya ... me, the thrifty one.  (Mom had an upgrade coupon) and well, I fell for the sales pitch -- needless to say the rest of the shopping trip was uneventful.

yep, a sleep number, and yep, it's got frame that for lack of a better description -- bends and reclines (like a hospital bed) ... no more 12,000 pillows propping up to watch TV or read ...

I'm still in shock this morning.  I'd better sleep better after this ..... 

Made it thru Market yesterday -- sold out, except for 5 watermelons and 4 pie pumpkins!  I was amazed it was a steady day and well, I wasn't expecting it to be that good.  So --

today's agenda includes a bit of cleaning, patch work (the deer have discovered a few tasty things so I'm going to spray) ... a nap, and a couple of hours at the office. 

Happy Sunday!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Saturday's at the Market

my corner of the trashy parking lot ... a melon had rolled off the tabele (ooops) and I convinced the girl watering the City flower pots to hose down my spot a bit (I was a good diva -- I gave her two melons ... the blue tub in the distance holds the smashed melon.  It was tasty.

unsmashed melons.

it all seems to fit in the truck ... will get fuller with squash & pumpkins

treats (and Crystal's legs/feet) ...

I'm picked packed and ready to roll ..
The scraping diva's and I had an event last night -- good food and conversation -- we never got around to actually scrapbooking .... uhm.  In fact it got kinda dark so bessie, the ATV, spent the night up there .... hopefully some paper crafting happens something over the weekend.  Ditto the sewing machine. 

Happy Holiday Weekend ...