Monday, October 29, 2012

oh ya, it's Monday again

  I just need to cut back on my weekend activities -- dang, I stuff a lot into two days.

Saturday --
    fun run
    beverages & lunch
    envelope stuffing for another candidate

 Sunday --
   painkillers (see Saturday) 
   Mkto shopping
     Target (why do I do this?)
     HyVee (see Target comment)
  Scrapbooking ( made more cards)

Monday --
  load up left over pumpkins
  gas/truck wash/coffee/cookie
  back to the daily grind.

  I need to spend at least 2 hour at the bernina -- my Amy Butler fabric arrived today I see lots of 16 patch blocks in my future.


ps.  6.5 days to election ... if you live in my district, please vote for me ..... thanks!


Sunday, October 28, 2012

yep, I did it

somewhere in that crush of people, was me!   a fun time was had by all.  it is always a treat to see the creative costumes etc.  and they run in 'em.   whereas, me, the old, the overweight, the out of shape, well we walk and enjoy the acccomplishment of just finishing without the assistance of the medical personnel.

actually -- my ankles are killing me this morning!

advil is my friend.


Friday, October 26, 2012

I had a crazy idea ....

Pinned Image

I thought I needed a set of these .. and since garden season is done, I'm attempted to grow out the nails.  But dang they're getting in the way.  Time will tell!!!!

post market season

all during market season I crochet scarves (it's the only thing I can crochet) .. so here's the first 12 completed.  Social Services does a mitten/hat/glove/scarf drive at Christmas ... I hope to have 20+ done by then.  I have 3 more awaiting fringe so the goal should be accomplished.
the leaves have left the trees

it's pretty darn bare
So, I spent the night at the sewing machine.  Borders on a wip -- binding for the brown quilt just back from the quilter, made the back for Larry's quilt and red piping for the black and white quilt from the previous post.  Then back upstairs to attach fringes on scarves.  It was a productive night.
Got to keep the progress rolling -- hopefully I'll be allowed to drive on the new driveway approach and actually get into my parking lot and get some yardwork done at the office.  First up is the window kits.  Cold has arrived.

Thursday, October 25, 2012


Need next border advice --- posted to Facebook.
So suggestions are welcome.
I finally downloaded the blogger "app" to the iPad ... this is actually being edited at my desktop.
most of the facebook suggestions -- were a lot of work !!!  Cousin Linda's idea was the most popular -- a narrow snow border followed by a wide black -- I might just toss in some orange / red / cranberry piping to add a spice of color ....
it' raining --- praise the Lord!  

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

question of the day ....

  it appears this may be the last day for short pants ...

  anyone else out there in shorts?

  yep, I'm losing it.


Monday, October 22, 2012

holy shit

  it's Monday already.  where does the time go?

Sunday, October 21, 2012

beautiful Sunday ...

the mother lode of bittersweet is nice again this year -- too bad I can't get at it ...

Wilma -- off on a hunting trip ... Mama Missy is teaching the babies independence.

I spent a few minutes doing clean up in the patch.  Mower man kinda chewed up a couple of pie tins and some caution tape.  Still a lonely looking patch.

Since I seem to have more time on my hands I actually sewed!!!  5 loads of laundry ... a trek to town.  an ATV ride around the neighborhood.  thought about taking a walk -- thinking about a late afternoon nap.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

the life cycle of this diva's garden (picture heavy!)

yep, today was the end.  7 months of work -- condensed into 13 pictures.
17 trips to the market (and a few sales in between)
300 miles on Bessie (the ATV) ... it was a long drive up there

I planted less and sold more ...
the good things -- damn tasty melons (thank you mother nature -- I had very little to do with it )
only rained on us once at market --- great customers and great vendors!
the bad things -- it never rained... less than an inch since 7/4 ... not good, not good at all

what's next?  -- I'm not sure ....
many thanks to all .... couldn't have done it without you!

Friday, October 19, 2012

the project

nick and the boxelder bug ... nick really wasn't sure what to thing -- normally he attacks 'em ... it crawled away and he yawned.
lazy cat.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Nights on 3rd Street

  are much quieter than days.  The sidewalk project is noisy.  All of the cement is down -- the curb and gutter replaced -- the barricades are up.  Just waiting for it to dry .... sometime next week -- the driveway apron into the parking lot will be dry enough to drive on.  Walking will be tomorrow afternoon.

  skidsteers, dump trucks, men shouting, cement trucks --- all are way to noisy for this Diva. 

  I left a treat in the sidewalk.  Pictures to follow.


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

construction ....

i heard noise

it got closer

and after a morning to mid afternoon jaunt it
was really close

and by late afternoon ....

and just for the cuteness factor
dang -- are they adorable or what

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

ah Tuesday

aren't the brussel sprouts handsome ... people either love 'em or hate 'em ... frankly I discovered them late in life and sauteed or roasted in olive oil they are pretty darn tasty.

 squash -- the "peanut" squash with the fancy french name -- puree with cream (the real stuff) chicken stock and sage for soup .... tasty!  and spaghetti squash ... which I can't seem to enjoy ...
 zesty dill pickles ... note the artistic presentation, compliments of Grandpa Kienlen ... "presentation is everything" .... they have 100 cases yet to sell...
fred ... the kittens are growing and now sharing their bed and food dish with a baby possum.  not good. 

Monday, October 15, 2012

back to the real world

  yep, Monday.  again.  comes around every 7 days.

  the squash extravaganza and scrap shack event was fun.  I'm down to 3 bushel of buttercup, 5 bushel of butternut and 5 +/- bushel of pie pumpkins.  all sorted, tub'd up and loaded on the small trailer.  it was $1 each at the extravaganza and the saturday at market it will also be $1 day! 

  the campaign flyers were stuffed, labeled and stamped Saturday night -- ready for this mornings outgoing mail.

  so after market next Saturday --- I'M GOING TO SIT ON MY TUSH AND DO NOTHING FOR AT LEAST 2 DAYS!!!  you read it here first!

  well, I won't be lugging tubs of produce around anyway.  I think my sewing machine needs me first.


Sunday, October 14, 2012

squash extravaganza ...

before I lost light Friday night -- and after I put air in 3 of the 4 tires ... the pumpkin wagon made the jaunt over the hill

squash ... tan ones, green ones, calico ones ...

grandma dranttel's wheel barrow .. with squash

orange ones !


well peeps, the end is near ... one more day of squash extravaganza ... and one more Saturday of market ... not sure if I can handle having Friday nights and Saturday mornings for myself.

Need to make the decision about next year ...


Friday, October 12, 2012

blast from the past

 my first Rhino .. I forgot it didn't have a top .. it was pretty plain compared to Red Bessie ...
market picture from September 2008 ... had melons, squash and pumpkins
we were on the sidewalk back then ... pre road construction days ..
and the red/white truck ... miss that thing.
I found a cd in my desk (at the office) of old pictures and these were on it... I should  back up the ones at home and bring them to town too.
the scary thing ... still using those tubs, bushel baskets, tables, rugs and the pick tote on the tailgate, and the red paint pail. 
humm -- my cheepness .. the pink tote's handle broke so I am going to toss it after this season ... the red pail is the perfect size to hold the weights for the tent ... all 40lbs.  the bushel baskets are timeless treasures!
the squash extravaganza is this weekend at the Scrap Shack Garage ... I took a trailer load of squash up last night and unloaded it ... so I'll be dry if it rains.   the campaign diva's will be assisting me Saturday night stuffing the envelopes etc....we'll be well fed, well hydrated and laughing.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

the end is near

tractor man (Dad) pulled up my scarecrows and row markers today and mowed down the weeds in the patch (and anything else in his way) -- looking south towards Jean & Lee's

he missed this patch of weeds -- although it appears to have a fox den dug in it .... looking north towards Bakkers ... I have many pix's of Bakkers horse barn this year!

I never did finish picking the striped acorns .. too late now.....

missy and her brood at the dish ... these critters need to learn to eat at the "cat house" not the back deck

they are cute aren't they ...
mama missy ..
fred & wilma
barney & betty

oh my

lions, tigers, bears ... their all on display
the Amur tiger cubs that the zoo has been raising are now on display
could they possibly get any cuter .....
the birthday bash was good ... raspberry jello cake w/fresh raspberries, brownies, and an apple cake and fancy cupcakes at the Board Meeting ..
Keith made the apple cake -- scrumptious .. took over an hour to bake ... a recipe of a "great aunt" ... candied walnuts and pecans ... warm carmel ... yep you should be drooling by now ....
it was a great day !!