Thursday, January 31, 2013

it is so cold

  they cancelled water aerobics.  quit laughing, we like water aerobics.  those of you who knew me in my youth, know I can't swim.  but it is fun and relaxing. 

  so, I'm at work, been here since 6:00am.  kind of sucks ... attitude adjustment is less than 24 hours away.  scrap shack -- here comes I !!!!  I have two projects to work on ...but alas, I'll be bringing work along too. 

  teeth chattering

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

i brake for

   rodents on the road in front of me.  yes, i am dumb.

   after sliding thru one intersection yesterday, i dang near slid off the road.  homeward bound this time.  rabbits dashed out of the neighbors hedge -- hit the brakes and barely missed their mailbox in the slide.  3 blocks up the road a mouse (eeek), yes a mouse .... was dashing up the road -- didn't know mice liked dashing on ice .... and well, i hit the brakes again.  hummm 

  the deep freeze has returned.  good to be us. 

  i was voter #12 and the last voter at my precinct in Traverse last night.  if i did my calculations correctly and the paper reported the actual number of voters ... this primary is costing $34.24 a vote.  not fiscally prudent.  one township in le sueur county had 8, yes 8 voters.  not good peeps, not good at all.

stay warm

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

paradise part II:

yep, another icy day in paradise ... these pictures were yesterday morning....

Nick managed to nap thru most of it ... unfortunately he found my stash of baby quilts.   Will be re-washing over the weekend ... nothing like a little cat hair with the gift....
Equally ugly out there this morning....I managed to slide thru the first intersection I arrived at....good thing there is little or no traffic at 5:45am.

Monday, January 28, 2013

and the Monday after the ice .....

  really isn't very slippery.  seems to me a lot of chemical went down on the roads in the last 18 hours or so.  no one in the ditch this morning.  although with the dense fog and the darkness -- I wouldn't have seen 'em anyway.
  the parking lot is plowed, the sidewalk shoveled and "rocked" -- no salt on my new sidewalk .. I'm ready to work and ... my first appointment has already emailed in and cancelled .... it happens.
  I took an entire file box and 31 tote bag of work home and well, didn't even unpack it.  me bad.  I finished my Jodi Piccolt book (which wasn't as good as some of hers), surfed the internet (shopped Amazon) and napped. 
 'tis good to be me.
my left hand, Kevin (the tall one) and his lovely wife have a new van ... will hold lots of kids, they'd better get busy -- 1 is not enough.  Kevin is not fond of splashing his picture on the internet ... but Lagers put this on their facebook page ... so it's up for grabs!  This was before Christmas and before that snow melted.....

Sunday, January 27, 2013

ice storm !!!

what a flipping mess -- it's kind of changed over to snow.  all snow would have been much better.  blogger let me upload pictures ... sorry for the blast of pictures.

since the weather dudes fore casted this crap, I backed a box of homework when I got to the office this morning.  so far it's still in the box but I'm having fun updating the home computer, surfing the internet and printing out copies of this blog. 

I'm kind of cheap so I purchased a pdf copy of the blog -- from the beginning thru 12/31/12 and have slowly been printing it to paper.  the pdf copy was reasonable.  after spending several years of earnings on ink ... a printed book would have been a good deal.   sometimes my cheapness is a hindrance.  anyway ... the printing is almost done ... I burned a couple of copies to cd's too ... imagine someone reading this babble 60 years from now.  yep, my eyes are rolling too.

stay safe - it is awful out there!


Saturday, January 26, 2013

intelligent rambling

  humm ... rambling -- intelligent, probably not the adjective to describe rambling. 

  anyhow ... life goes on  ....  the piles are getting re-arranged, actually they change daily.  TV is dull -- even with umpteen million dish channels (fortunate Diva's have TV at the office),
 it's still cold,
 the litter box needs to be changed,
 the floors need a fast vacuuming (cat hair, see above),
 humm the lists are endless.

 7 days until the fun begins --

happy weekend


Friday, January 25, 2013

finally friday

   i am a tired diva.  it really hasn't been a super busy week, but i'm tired (i think mrs. h would agree).  one more lengthy meeting today and then it's just back to work and the projects.

   the scrapping divas and i have our retreat weekend planning in the works.  next weekend ... lots of fabulous food, lots of laughter and a little crafting.  although the scrap shack proprietress stated that we must finish a minimum of two projects each.  time will tell.

   we will be headed out to the local winery for supper and tasting on Saturday night.  Chankaska Creek Winery .. here's a link to it ...  i've been told it's pretty fabulous ...  we'll actually have to take the lounge wear off ..



Thursday, January 24, 2013

i cheated

  well, sorta ... I tossed my coat on over the jammies and started the truck and then headed to the shower.  kinda cold wandering around the garage in the jammies.  got the job done.  truck warm and ready when I was dressed. 

  I never did change out of the kick-ass boots yesterday - I was surprised -- 14 hours later I could still walk ... feet are a bit tender this morning.  I looked fabulous out there shoveling -- good thing cousin Eddie came by with his ATV and finished the job.  Cousin Eddie's are kind of handy to have around!

  I keep telling myself -- 10 days of cold -- this too shall pass, gotta have it and it will go away ... after all winter is almost 1/2 over.... it is good to dream big.


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

just saying

   kick-ass boots are good for stomping on the varmits that sometimes invade my space.

   yes, i feel better now.

so, I've done a

  fine job of irritating people in the last 48 hours.  believe me some of them needed to be pushed off a "cliff."  and I'm probably not done yet.  sometimes -- it is good to be me.

  so, I thru caution to the wind this morning, skirt, kick-ass boots, jewelry .... and then I dashed out to start/warm up the truck and realized it snowed.  so, I'm headed out in 3" heels to shovel snow.  it's a Minnesota fashion statement -- shoveling in kick-ass boots or shoveling in shorts & fur hat. 

  the rest of the day promises to be equally entertaining.

  so, I'm watching morning TV (at the office -- it's my treat to myself) ... and Al Roker is whining about the cold in NYCity ... get over it Al, we've had it for a week ....


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

remember yesterday

  today ain't much better .....

someone had this posted on their facebook page ... whoever Mr. Johnson is ... it's a fabulous shot from the north shore of Lake Superior ....

truck is backed out of the garage and warming up.  it's one of those weeks were the gas mileage will be 3 -- because it sits and idles to warm up for an hour a day in the various locations. 

made it to the pool and home last night -- damn near froze.  pool was cold, locker room was cold and my remote truck starter gizmo didn't work .....  arrrghhhhhh

Monday, January 21, 2013

how do we dress today

  let me count the layers.....
  base layer -- silk long underwear from lands end ... total body coverage
  corduroy pants
  mock neck t shirt
  fleece sweatshirt
  heavy socks
  handmade crochet scarf
  fleece hat
  fleece gloves
  purple down jacket. (fleece lined of course)
  Nikes (only because my boots are already at the office)

  hummm  truck is out warming up.  it is a cold hunk of metal this morning (at least it started -- I'm guessing the oil change and extra anti-freeze additive last week helped)    -5 with a windchill of -36 --- peeps we've been this cold before and hey ... tomorrow it will be almost identical.  so I'm guess water aerobics is gonna be chilly tonight!  

  I just wish we had a bit more snow cover ... snow would insulate the perennials, shrubs and trees a bit and dang, we need the moisture.

  stay warm and toasty .....


Sunday, January 20, 2013


  some days I really hate computers.  technically speaking I really hate change and when things are working well, I really hate the need to upgrade. 

  Mr. Gates, you and your company are not as important as you think.  someday, you will not rule my life. 

  dang, the wind blew and blew, then the temperature started to fall --- it's not done yet.  I did manage to make it home while it was still light out last night (see paragraph one) ... me and the pizzas.  my new favorite establishment is papa murphy's ... chicken, bacon artichoke de-lite to be exact.   hummm leftovers are good!


Saturday, January 19, 2013


hang on to your undies/knickers/shorts -- it's gonna blow and blow bad!  wth -- this too shall pass (in several days) ....

i started covering office windows with quilts ... all i have are hung .... so let it blow .....

back to work .....


Friday, January 18, 2013


   unfortunately, perhaps fortunately, my days, nights and weekends tend to roll together for the first 105 days of any given year.  but once in a while  ---  hummmm.   I left the office at 5:00pm (in a bit of a panic) and it was still LIGHT out !!! 

   prior to my departure -- i had spent an hour attempting to contact elder #2 regarding supper (as in "should i pick up the pizza) and received constant busy signals, #1 answered his cell phone (he was fishing and not pleased to be bothered -- doesn't sound like any fish were swimming past him anyway) ... got home and found the phone was off the receiver -- so my mini moment of panic had no basis.   (basis is a tax word -- ugh).

  new words ... hummmm, ugh, peeps,  arrrgggghhhh.  diva-speak.
  i should never use basis, AMT, FMV or tax in this blog.  i will try not to in the future. 

  so since i'm home without work ... well, sort of home without work ... i'm going to (gasp) sew, crochet, watch TV and perhaps do laundry.   


Thursday, January 17, 2013


weather weirdness

  balmy morning, rain, snow, more rain, ice, then the clouds parted 3 minutes before sunset and now it's flipping cold. 

  odd ... i missed the forecast but evidently it was planned.  still a bit icy around the edges ... the deep freeze is on the way.  since i have oodles of projects at the office i'll be working away ..


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

89 days

 just saying
 there is 89 days until April 15th

 just saying


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

the new normal

   well, the new normal will not be a repeat of yesterday.  5 cups of coffee before 11:00am and 5 advil after 11:00am.  i must have been nuts.  the hot coffee was going down way to well --

   made it to water aerobics last night.  hummmm swimming when it's 9' outside -- it was (is) good for me.  unfortunately my wacky schedule may not allow it after January -- we'll have to see how it goes.

  i hear the rumble/throb/crashing sound of the garbage truck.  it's trash day here on 3rd street -- one of my favorite days of the week.  love the single sort recycling curbie -- toss it all in and it all gets recycled. 

  i think sunday is my other favorite day of the week.  even though i work most sundays (or at least 1/2 of them) ... it's a pretty laid back work day -- yes the flannel pants and sweatshirts rule the day -- sometimes i even work in a walk or other fun physical activity (like getting the trash bin loaded up) ....

  hummmm, must be tired, i'm rambling (again/yet/still)

  happy tuesday


Sunday, January 13, 2013

done !!

  first return of 2013 is done. 

  it's not what you think.  it's a dead guy's estate return.  so .... the number crashing begins. 

  all i can say -- it sucks to live here in paradise, don't die with significant assets -- because the state government here in paradise will make you pay taxes after you've left this earth.    translation:  die with less than a $1,000,000 in assets --- then you won't owe.   hummmm

  so, on to the next dead guy ( i have one more to finish up) i kind of like working on 'em.  they never go home to find more deductions !!! or whine about what the owe (or perhaps they do)

  yes, i'm tired and rambling.



Saturday, January 12, 2013


  yes, my new favorite word is hummmm,  hummmm Saturday at the office, the phone is ringing, peeps are walking in and it's cold.  

  i have detailed lists of things to do this weekend.  get 'em done is the motto.  get 'em done. 



ps.  blogger still won't let me upload pictures -- i click on the picture thing-a-ma-gig and nothing happens.  frankly, i haven't taken any pictures.  not sure why i'm stressing over it.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

The project


the electrician has arrived.

the mess is controllable

there will be light at the end of the tunnel.

pictures on ipad ... no wireless connection


Tuesday, January 8, 2013

this diva

  is overwhelmed with work ... no matter how hard I try to be organized ... sometimes it's a lot of crap at once.

  I made it to water aerobics last night.  Lived to blog about it.  Actually, it's not so bad. 

  And blogger will not let me add pictures ... if there is a solution, please share it's starting to irk me.

stressed out Diva ....


Sunday, January 6, 2013

the project

it all began when this didn't work

so the aftermath when mr electrician took it down ... no box, not even close to code ... humm
and between here and the switch below -- there seems to be a "disconnect" ... humm

this (the switch and accompanying socket -- didn't work either ...
do not ask what the electrician said about this

so he went to the next room and took down a fully function chandelier ... just to "check it out" ... better, but not perfect

and since it was down -- he highly encouraged getting it re-wired ... so my other favorite electrician will be doing that .... one handed since he just had rotator cuff surgery (he volunteered) ....

and this dude supervised it all .... most of it from the top of the ladder.  dang cat.

when it's all over I'm going to need more of this ....  the wine caddy works.

Saturday, January 5, 2013


  I need to add to the resolutions.

A.   be a better speller.  one should not rely on spell check.
B.   stop swearing.
C.   stop whining.

   Prior to the new year and the quasi "follow the resolutions" ... I shopped (go figure).  Packages have been arriving.  More fabric (insert grin).  The Lands End arrived also, the new winter jacket will be going back, the upper 1/2 of a swimsuit ... maybe.

   Scrapbooking divas have me going to water aerobics twice a week starting Monday night.  So, it'll be -25' and we'll be wandering 1/2 dressed on our dash home in wet clothes.  (see whining resolution above.) 

  The Pioneer Woman is making carrot cake on her TV show ... dang tasty looking.  TV ought to have smell. 


Friday, January 4, 2013

finally friday

  and the end of two weeks of holiday weirdness, scheduling madness and just plain crazy people. 

  My NYEve day shopping blitz (the last of the fabric) arrived yesterday ... cool stuff.  I'd love to upload a picture but Blogger isn't cooperating.  2 oversized kaffe fasset jelly rolls, 2 charm packs of kaffee fasset dots, a wild colored jelly roll and a layer cake  (and the ebay has yet to arrive).  Self restraint hadn't kicked in yet.

  So, Happy Friday!


Wednesday, January 2, 2013

day two and I've

  already broke a resolution.

  I shopped at Kohl's .... technically speaking, my returns were greater than my shopping .... so I might be splitting hairs on breaking that resolution.

  I was at the fabric store too ... but only bought yarn. 

  Office Maxx ... it was all 20% off .... yep, it's been a long year already.

   Electrician was here this morning.  He'll be back.  He'll be pulling down chunks of ceiling to get at the electrical issue.  WTH.   First all the computers need to be moved out of there and " I'd plastic and tape off the entrances and cover the floors" .... WTH. 

  I always wanted a tin ceiling in there.  It'll happen after he's done. 

finish #1 ... well, I finished the binding.  baby .. layer cake chopped in half and stitched back together.

I tried a raw edged binding.  fast.  used strips from a jelly roll .. it has been washed ... still undecided if I like it or not.

"Vintage Modern" scrap bag from ebay ... stitched together ... too pretty to chop up and I was in the get done quickly mode.  beautiful feel to the fabrics ...
Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Day - New Year ....

Marie’s 2013 New Year’s Resolutions 

1. Step out of my comfort zone.

2. One fun run a month – somewhere/somehow.

3. No fabric purchases for 6 months.  I already have too much and really shouldn’t need any more.

4. No new clothes (see #3) but there can be a couple of exceptions.

5. More flowers less vegetables.

6. Less eating out – or eat out smartly.

7. One fun trek/mini vacation event per month.

8. 12 Quilt finishes – one for each month.

I just know it's going to be a great year !!!!
Happy 2013!!!