Thursday, February 28, 2013


 too weird for words.

 I was going to vent, but I've seen the err of my ways .... remember I can sell ocean front real estate in the Yukon.


Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Nick & Kevin

holy shit

  I forgot Kevin on my list of helpers!   Good grief ... I see the kid (yes, he's a kid yet) every day 8 hours a day!!!!

he'd be the tall, skinny one in the middle (with the lovely wife) .... and you know - mini van = more children .... (insert grin)...
lesson of the week -- don't blog while tired.
I should have included Nick (the kid) ... he came when really really young and it was fun to come to the office .... and Nick (the cat) 'cause he's been here forever (10 years) ...
ps.  thanks to Mrs. H for the reminding me of the error of my ways ... she keeps me on track all the time!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

so, the really cool pix of the day

  is on the ipad and i'm still at the office (yea, i work nights too) and here at the office there is wireless. 

  mr wonderful --- found my pretty 31 bag, with the clean clothes in it and snuggled.  nap time.  oh yeah, more hair.

  visitor of the day today, Ms. Joy Heilman, in the's been waaaayyyy to long.  dang, twas good to see her.  i am so blessed to have good help over the years....

Gigi E .... who always refered to me as Doctor -- I still remember the
     day I said good bye .. and the day(s) we celebrated her life --  
Laura W ... who moved to Florida ....eons ago!
Cathy F ... who finished college, moved and got married.
Jean G  ... sisters come in handy
Nancy F ... Cathy's Mom, got me thru the tornado times.
Nancy S
Jackie SJ
Debby J
Katie S .... Ana Kate & Greta's Mom
Tressa B .... Mrs. B!
Jacob W .... who has a good job!
Will G  .... another one with a good job!
Joy H!  .... retired!!!!
Robyn H
Meredith W
Emily B ... who's about to have another baby #3!!!
Emily J ... who's started her new teaching gig!!!
Molly J ...
Skylar B ... basketball diva ....
Cindy P ... (almost forgot you!) ...

  19 years and 21 helpers, hummm ... it's fun to see the young ones move on the bigger and better things.  and the family members come in pretty darn handy too. 

Monday, February 25, 2013

sunday's in diva's world

  W.O.R.K.  yes, I work every Sunday.  the beauty of working on  Sunday -- I don't answer the phone, I don't talk to clients, it's flannel pants and number crunching. 

   Cindy (and starting next week, Emily) come on weekends.  Saturdays are copying, calling and getting stuff done, Sunday's are more copying and projects. 

    Generally a box of work goes home too.  Amazing how much I can get done at home.  Me, my box of work and my iTunes working away in the home office.

    Elder #1 brought his tractor to town yesterday and scrapped the ice and snow off the parking lot.  By 3:00 the remaining snizzle had melted away.  No more slipping and sliding.



Sunday, February 24, 2013

milestone #1

foggy morning in the valley ... can't believe we have fog at 0' .... weird weather continues. 

50 days and 48 nights to go .....

by then it will be warmer, greener and much much much more daylight.


Saturday, February 23, 2013

healthy eating?

   how's this for lunch .. iced coffee left over from breakfast, an apple, a coffee cup full of trail mix, and I'm moving on to a portion controlled bag of nacho cheese Dorito's. 

   heaven help me.


Thursday, February 21, 2013

Life on 3rd St in February

hum ... me thinks there's a lot of stuff on the wall ....

humm got worser -- note the mcd's iced coffee .... needed the caffine boost this morning.  and the green blob top center is my disco ball (xmas ornament) on the light switch chain

the semi-organized filing system -- if you believe it's semi organized, I have some beach front property in the Yukon for sale  ...

mr wonderfu. ... mid-yawn

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

shopping diva

okay, I am a shopper, I confess, I like looking, feeling and spending.
 I love iced coffee, specifically the iced coffee above.  add milk, add ice and drink away.  the biggest problem.  it is not available in the local grocery store or any of the specialty or discount stores.  it's a 15 mile drive to the nearest store -- there is no time in my world for a 15 mile drive for iced coffee mixed.  So, I let my fingers do the shopping, yep AMAZON has everything and the same price as the grocery store.
I've died and gone to heaven -- I ordered enough to last a decade (and the shipping got cheaper) !!!
after the crazyness of Monday, multiplied by the holiday .... "are you open" was the question of the day ... not sure how many times Kevin or Mrs. H answered that question, but it was way too many.
I'll be nicer I have my iced coffee mix.
Diva M

Monday, February 18, 2013

Is it or is it not?

   the big question of the week?

   how much snow will fall on Thursday, Friday and Saturday?  the weather hype is starting to drive me nuts. 

   i have pictures of Nick misbehaving yesterday -- became a box cat again.  spread more cat hair amid the paperwork. 

   lots got done around here from Friday thru yesterday.  i'm feeling less swamped, which i'm sure is just an illusion. 


Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sunday Wisdom

 in three little of the weekend news programs had a viewer submission of three little words ... if I were less tired I could be more creative... my three little words for this Sunday ...

Damn, I'm tired ...
  enough said.
found this in my internet browsing ... any guesses?

Saturday, February 16, 2013

word of the day

  hummm, what shall I choose for today .... kindness was a good choice yesterday ...

  I could choose something meaningful - whimsical - profound ... but I'm going for .....


  yep, it was snowing gently on the morning commute (is 5:30 am a morning commute) ... it was big fluffy intermittent flakes just drifting down gently.  sparkly flakes  ... not a lot of accumulation, just the pretty stuff.

  I really didn't notice it until I looked out and the kittens were chasing the flakes around the yard -- sometimes it's good to think young. 


Friday, February 15, 2013


 shout it from the roof ... it's FRIDAY .... hummmm  really doesn't matter here on 3rd street .... the entertainment end of the block is always busy ... and of course I'll be working all weekend.

 the pool divas thought it funny that I knew just how many days, hours and minutes I have to work before freedom arrives.  not sure if freedom is the proper adjective.  (adjective -- big words for an accounting/computer science major) ... i digress --- freedom/ease/calmness.  finally made it back to the pool -- ms. douglas was tough on us.  it was good.

 there is generally a guest column in the Herald by a local member of the clergy ... last week (maybe the week before) one of the Cleveland pasters wrote about "kindness" ... so KINDNESS will be my word of the weekend.

happy friday

ps.  I even got a surprise yesterday  .... a nice thank-you and some treats from a client ... unexpected and appreciated.... kindness!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

i miss

   the pool.  who would ever think i'd utter those words.  missed water aerobics on Monday night -- too many projects too little time, last night was the make-up night due to a weather cancellation and well, clients were late to get here and late to get out of here.

   look out Thursday, I'll be there.  and no, there will be no pictures of the "middle aged pool people" ...

   i was dressed rather nicely yesterday for pictures at the Gov't Center -- don't like having my picture taken, just don't.  the photographer was a no show ... but Maid Marian took charge.  she did a fine job. 

   Maid Marian -- grey leggings/turtleneck, black tunic sweater, chain belt and black tall boots .... which you need to be under 30 and shaped like a pixie to wear ....      and she claimed she'd never heard of Maid Marian or Robin Hood .... hummm, kids .....


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

small town advantages

   living in a small town has it's advantagesfree stuff.  yep, free stuff.  called up Public Works yesterday ... drove out with buckets and a shovel and took some salt/sand blend.  good bye ice.  (well, i made the call, kevin did the rest of the project)

  i will have an ice free sidewalk before it snows again.  next up is the parking lot.  tractor man coming in to scrape it down this afternoon. 

  yep, small towns are cool.


Monday, February 11, 2013

yep, it's icy

   i carefully floated over the icy hill in the big red truck this morning.  low gear .. and steer.  actually it was better than i expected it to be.  more snow overnight to land on the wet ice kinda like sandpaper out there now. 

  i've dubbed 2013 the year of the ice.  dang.  it.never.goes.away.  all we do is salt down the sidewalks and start chipping away. 

  all of the homework is unpacked and i'm ready to work. 


Sunday, February 10, 2013

it is not often that I

  don't go into the office between Thanksgiving and Mother's Day.  But hearing the forecasted weather wackiness, which frankly changed so many times in 24 hours that my head was spinning.

My box of homework .. packed up Saturday night as I left.  Last job before leaving -- fill the cat dish and empty the litter box, Nick is on his own today. -- he'll be owly tomorrow.  I thought this box (and plastic bag) would keep me busy for 12 hours.  I was right.  Started uploading W2's to Minnesota's website at 5:30 am and on and on it went.

it rained for 3 hours and then the big flakes arrived.

interfered with the tv viewing -- so out came the broom and the operator -- and then it started raining again.
it's a sloppy mess ... an icy sloppy mess at my house

woody at the feeder.

tomorrow is another day - let the melting begin.
the homework is done
7 loads of laundry
beds to make
floors to vac / sweep
and I think there is a sewing machine that could use my attention.

happy snow (ice) day!


Saturday, February 9, 2013

sleepy diva

  yep, I'm still home and it is almost 7:00 am.  a couple of productive late nights this week.  last night it was 9:30 which isn't late, unless you got up at 4:30.  I was awake at 4:30 but dosed off until 6:00 and the laundry pile was huge so I tossed in a load.  it'll be ready for the dryer shortly.

  getting ready for our weather event.  6" on the way?  any bets.  sent kevin shopping for "ice melt" yesterday just in case it rains.  neighbor john (from the bar) has been chipping away at our ice all week (ditto, mrs. h and kevin) so the front is looking good -- parking lot ... not so good.  maybe today.

  just gotta roll with it.


Thursday, February 7, 2013

The big yellow bus

Came to visit us on 3rd street. And tough man Baxter thought he need to bark at it. All in a days work, 'tis good to be me.

Kevin's other part time job, besides being my left hand -- is part-time bus driver or he's off plowing snow at the Mankato airport, or he's off farming.  Farming is his occupation!  Never thought I'd see a big yellow bus in the parking lot ... Mrs H (the right hand) and I were impressed ... he backed it in and parked in one swoop.  Grammy is my left foot and Cindy and Emmy are my right foot.  It takes a whole village to keep our ship up and floating.  Not sure why they put up with me .... someday's I'm pretty damn crabby. 

and this is bad boy Baxter, the pug who lives upstairs ......he's a honey.


   warmer weather

   less ice (kevin & robyn chipped ice yesterday) .. i almost have a clear sidewalk again.  i was wearing the boots (the high heeled kick ass boots) so i wasn't much help.  thanks to them it's much much better.

   a hair cut ... which always feels good ... short, controlled curls are always a good thing.  I've been looking forward for the trim for a week.  (insert grin).

   solved the girl saturday problem.  upstairs Cindy (the first one) ... note i didn't say to old one .... as opposed to Cyndi (the current one) and the young one.   glad i confused everyone with that one. 

 ah ... back to work.


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

so, I am a dweeb

   a couple of my favorite peeps.  the garbage dudes.  the regular route guy on tuesday mornings and the shredding guy who comes every six weeks ...big white truck -- 200 lbs later, $30 and my very important trash is shredded.

  yep, I'm a dweeb.


Monday, February 4, 2013

Weekend Project at the Scrap Shack

I learned the bessie, the bernina, will make this cool wavy stitch that I saw Crazy Mom's blog .... kinda cool eh?  I like it .. covers up a lot of spacing issues

So, since Nick seems to like sleeping on the window quilts ... I made him his personal quilt.

After strategically placing it on a chair ... he tried it out..... at least it'll keep the cat hair off the chair....

Sunday, February 3, 2013


  yesterday's inch of snow fell after supper and more is on the way.  frankly, between the annoyance of an "inch at a time" and the cold -- I'm getting even more crabby. 

  I spread 2 -- 5 gallon pails of rock .. on icy front sidewalk ... so when someone slips and falls -- they'll land on sharp rocks and get poked in the tush ... when will spring arrive....

  made it to the scrap shack -- with pizza's in hand.  the diva's were working away.  I made Nick, the cat, his personal quilt.  played with various stitches on the Bernina ... kinda fun. 

  back to the taxes, payroll taxes today ....


Saturday, February 2, 2013

still cold...and it snowed

  yep, still cold and the snow was lovely ... hope the wind doesn't pick up ... it will get ugly then.  the weather dude on early morning tv said it could snow an inch a day for the next week.  what the hell! 

  said goodbye to Santa last night -- I won't be able to attend his funeral today -- but it was nice to see old family friends.  all us kids have grown up and had families of our own .... age, is a wonderful gift.  Jody didn't recognize me with short curly grey hair -- it's been 15 years since I cut the hair (yes, Lori, you've been cutting my hair for 15 years)

 the super scrappers are out working on their projects -- i hope to be there by 2:00 pm ... the sewing machine and ironing board are set up and ready to roll.

happy weekend.

Friday, February 1, 2013


  it's still cold.  and dark. 
  i'm crabby, really crabby.

  on a lighter note -- it's the Scrapping, sewing, gabbing, bonding weekend with the girls at the Scrap Shack ... my truck is sort of packed.   just the basics ..
    sewing machine & supplies
    iron & ironing board
    rotary cutter/mat and stuff
    2 projects to sew
    crochet bag for when i'm not in the mood to sew
    comfy clothes ...
    edible treats (it's a surprise)

    and the other stuff hanging out in the back seat -- 3 bags for the thrift shop, winter survival kit, extra winter coat, tools, the list is endless.
   the others will be spending the night there ... I however have to work in the morning ... so I'm headed home .. normally they'd scrap 24/7 but there is a family friends funeral tomorrow ... so most of us will be headed to the service ... I'm sure if we showed up in our scrapping clothes, Larry would smile. 

   so off for a mini attitude adjustment break and back to work.