Saturday, April 20, 2013

most photographed snowplower in Minnesota ...

my Dad is very fond of his little red tractor ...

made it over the hill and into town yesterday

and cleaned up my parking lot ...
enjoy the view ... he's traded it off for a tad bit bigger version of the same thing ... another red one .... here on Daisy Lane, we do not purchase green tractors.  when the renters come to plant and do field work with their green tractors -- we look the other way.  we used to have OLIVER green tractors not those green and yellow things.  

hoping for major controlled melting over the next week and warmer weather.  19' as I type, too cold for April.  I'm guessing it will be more than a month before I can plant.

So, I've spent a couple hours at the sewing machine.  Completed projects and pictures to follow.

Happy Saturday --- M


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