Sunday, April 21, 2013

Quilt Show ... warning picture heavy ...

baltimore album style of flowers, leaves and vines

quilt made from Minnesota Twins Tee Shirts ... the sashing and borders were baseball themed prints also

hand quilted double wedding ring ... the stitching was fabulous

odd sized strips and rectangles .. the maker said it was a kit ... loved the colors

more applique .. coneflowers

lone star .. gorgeous

loved the teal, red, cream and grey color combo on this one ..

Deep Valley Quilters had their annual show in Mankato over the weekend.  I forgot about it and did a "Mankato" run this morning and dashed over to the show -- hoping they were open and well, they were.  Took the pictures on the phone.  Loving that phone. 

I started out at Shopko, hit up the show, Office Maxx wasn't open yet so hit up Gordman's for shoes and a lamp and finally got to Office Maxx .. who frankly gets way to much of my money.  $500 after the 20% coupon.  Robyn will be proud of me bought enough office supplies to last 'til December --- toner, colored paper, envelopes, packing tape, ruled pads, software, keyboard and mouse for Kevin's desk.  It was an expensive stop.

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Shay said...

I’m cutting up T-shirts and putting them aside for a T-shirt quilt. Love the one with the sashing. Thats cute.

And Ive been thinking about doing a double wedding ring too . That one is gorgeous.

Glad you managed to luck in a look! (and then share it with us !)