Monday, May 27, 2013

another rainy day in the Valley

tomato's ready to be planted....too cold, too wet, humm

 lilac ... purple (old fashioned)
miniature Iris -- deep purple ... there are some at the office ... bring shovel and container if you want some ...

enough rhubarb to feed and entire county

house on wheels -- getting ready to head north -- waiting for European Massey Ferguson to arrive first (see Sunday's post)
"Whitey" ... wanting either to get in or get more food.  Deck cat #2,  Edgar, Whitey, Baby Red & Golden Eyes -- at various times during the day hang out on the back deck. 
Whitey will not be getting in.  Their chow dish is on the deck step ... they've never ever spent time in the cat house, instead live in the woods ... but return daily for food.  Black Harry seems to be fighting with them constantly ...
Drove up to the patch and walked around last night.  Nothing happening -- animal tracks and a few sprouting weeds.  Cool weather brings on a whole different weed species ... oh joy, more weeds.
Sorry, I'm bored so I played with the fonts and the layout ... my inner decorating/design diva comes out when I'm bored.

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Shay said...

I like the new font and the new title in your header. Looks great.

Im waiting for the weekend to finally plant those bulbs of mine!