Wednesday, May 8, 2013

no, I'm not getting another cat

things we DO NOT  miss about NICK
  1. It is safe to scan without having stuff attacked.
  2. Ditto faxing
  3. The ringer on the fax can be left to ring -- no silencing.
  4. Hair, no hair.
  5. Litter Box .....
  6. see #5
  7. see #5
  8. see #5
  9. see #5
  10. No more overpriced all natural ingredient kitty chow
  11. No hefting the bags of litter to the basement
  12. No unwanted aroma's
  13. No neck licking ... he liked to lick
  14. The toilet seat can be closed.
  15. No wet toilet seat from him falling in.
  16. Yogurt is now safe to eat in the building.
  17. It is okay to take trash to the garage -- he won't escape.
  18. The plastic window kits are safe from claws
  19. No sitting/walking/pouncing on the computer keyboards.
  20. No farting (yes, cats fart)
  21. No growling at the neighborhood rabbits
  22. No mouse (real rodent) bodies on my chair.
  23. No clawing of the furniture (hello, new leather chairs)
  24. No attacking the area rugs ...
  25. No nibbling on the plants
  26. No flipping dirt out of the plants
  27. No flipping water out of the toilet
  28. No kitty chows on the floor
  29. No more litter/food runs to Mankato
        and no more chatting about him ....


Shay said...

But despite all that you miss him all the same.

Marie said...

yep, someone tried to get to take another cat yesterday ... isn't going to happen -- tough to replace him!