Monday, May 13, 2013

spring cleaning

    Mother's Day and spring cleaning ... an odd combination.   Spring closet cleaning.   3 garbage bags of trash, 1 bag for the thrift shop and 3 large tubs for the garage sale (all marked and ready).  I was tired by the end of the project. 

     I am a clothes hoarder.  I have too much.  I need no more.  Shoes too.   And you all thought I had a fabric obsession.  

    And Saturday night, I bought more -- clothes, not fabric.   Then the pattern/picture in the quilt magazine was so cool I had to buy more fabric yesterday.  Yep, an obsession.

   Gotta work on those obsessions.

   I found a pool for us swimming divas ... only $300 ... should create quite the ripple when we're doing our 20 minute workout ... no kick boarding or floating allowed (way to small for that) ....  he he he .... just kidding.

    Happy Monday

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Shay said...

I have a pretty extensive wardrobe too (apparently or so Im told ) and I just keep buying new things to replace the stuff I ditch so it never gets any smaller. What can I say? Im a mood dresser!