Friday, May 3, 2013

t g i f

   although I'm still in "backload" mode so Friday's don't have much meaning -- hoping to not be here on Sunday so a couple of busy days ahead.  the "catch-up" game can get me cranky/crabby/stressed out.

  3 treks to the pool this week - finally had the heaters turned on last night and my teeth weren't chattering from the cold for the entire hour.  it was pretty toasty (and nice) last night ... 3 nights -- 5 hours of missing work time ... see paragraph #1.

  next week promises to be equally crazy.  really looking forward to July and the vacation. 

 Diva ....

ps.  family members who read this, we lost Dick (Joanne's husband) yesterday .. no arrangements or details yet.  84.  kind of puts all the work etc (see paragraph #1) into perspective -- time for some quality family bonding!

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