Friday, May 31, 2013

the split continues

   and yes, I mowed the lawn in the rain yesterday afternoon.   in my navy paisley flannel pants and a lavender tee shirt.  the office lawn, in downtown St. Peter at 3:00 ... it was a sight. 

 thank you for honking ...

1/2 got done before the lawn mower started to plug  up ... didn't like the wet grass.

  more time sitting today.  i'm less stressed.  it'll get done.  one way or another.  toured the melon patch on the way home last night (8:00pm) ... I could see seedlings ... it was "drive by" tour ... as in drive by and look out the open window.  yes.

 today .... a couple of projects and then my tush will be planted in the chair in front of the sewing machine.   it.will.happen.  

TGIF .....


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