Sunday, June 30, 2013

It's was tilling day at the patch !  So, he's using the 60 year old tractor not the week old tractor ... I think he didn't want to take the mower off new tractor ... and he left the tiller on the "M" after he finished.


My bug dusting project of Friday night mostly held up to the rain showers -- i touched 'em up a bit.
Did my 3rd Mankato trek of the week.  Finally got to the important stores of life.  JoAnn Fabrics (108" wide muslin was on sale) and Hancock had all of their quilting cottons at 50% off.  So I seriously shopped at Hancock -- all backs -- 4 different prints 6 or 7 yards each depending upon what was left on the bolt.  All of the prints are fairly large scale florals or dots!   I did well -- it was under $65 -- I'm thinking it is at least 6 quilt backs -- which are fabric hogs. 
The 108" muslin --- 10 yards ... it was on sale too!
And a color catcher!   No more running of the dyes!!!!
I even made it to my least favorite establishment -- MENARDS -- I bought all the available "bug" dust ... weed kill for the office yard (there will not be anything left if the weeds are gone) .. a couple of cheep hostas, new hosta bed happening at the farm.
After shopping, I went back to the office and finished quilting on the long arm # 3 is done ... need to finish it up on the Bernina -- (didn't have dark brown thread at the office) ... and it's the outer border.
Today is another work day -- office (the real stuff) and more weeds in the patch.
Happy Sunday!

Saturday, June 29, 2013

I dashed up to the patch after work on the ATV ... and got caught in a sudden squall.  I was sitting here under a tree at Lee & Jeans, when I realized the tree wasn't the place to be.  So I sped off to Ron and Nancy's where they met me at the door with a towel.  Hummm.  15 minutes later it was sunny.  Windy, but sunny.
Two of the brood hanging out on the deck. Harry Red must have been licking his chops when I snapped the picture.  Isn't Edgar handsome!

I went back to the patch after supper and found (gasp) bugs.  So I dusted all the squash and pumpkins.  I also planted a flat of watermelon transplants.  If it doesn't freeze for 3 months they might make it.  They were cheep.  It's worth a try.

 handsome looking with their white bug dust aren't they.  So as I type I hear more rain.  ugh.  Well, it will wash the dust down into the plant.  Could be worse -- and maybe it didn't rain up there.

Wrong again been raining on and off most of the night -- so off to the big town to purchase more chemicials today -- I was hoping to avoid a trip anywhere.
Edgar really doesn't like having his picture taken.  It's the "look."

Friday, June 28, 2013

  So post trash and  power plant tour;  I attempted to work.  Didn't work well, my focus was missing.  It's that dang long arm sewing machine in the front room calling me regularly -- "I'm here!"

  So after supper I came back to the office and quilted another twin size quilt ... again artful swirls and swoops.  Dang, I think I'm in love.  A spot of testy -- but once I changed the needle life got better.

  Another top and back are lined up and ready to load.  Now I really have to work and earn a living. 

  The long arm needs a name.  Bertha, Betty, Tank (it's large enough) -- anything but Bessie.  Too many Bessies in my world.



Thursday, June 27, 2013

  So, with my Commissioner gig, I get to do some pretty cool/ entertaining/ interesting/ unusual things.  Today was no exception.  Today, we toured recycling and solid waste processing facilities ... for a to z .... dumping the trash, sorting it, shredding it, burning it in the power plant, to disposing of the ashes from the power plant.  yep, from a to z.

  We all need to learn to leave a smaller footprint on this earth.  Starting with trash.  Holy cats it's a lot of trash. 

  And it smells.  Trust me it smells.  Bad, really bad.  Makes the hog barns seem downright pretty.


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Tuesday was a tough day in St. Peter.  I do not regret my ranting but the violence in our world needs to end.  I cannot possibly fathom the anger or rage one must possess to take the life of another human being.  It is incomprehensible. 
It rattled me and it should rattle all of us to the very fiber of our being. 
It was my day of meetings ... Board, Ditch and Historical Society with a tour of drainage ditches in between.  A lot of time on the road and a lot of time to think.  Again, I would never trade living in our small community for a larger metropolitan area -- but dang .. somedays are just tough.
peace and understanding
gotta love drainage ditches ...

i spent the day in this skirt -- i even took an ATV ride up to visit the patch ... in the skirt, it was hot and sticky and i didn't want to dirty another set of clothes, no the shoes do not match

technology has been good to the ATV industry a 1994 and a 2013 -- humm lots of positive changes ..
yep another ditch

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

  the violence must end.

  there are no words.

  a mother (daughter/sister) senselessly lost her life yesterday --

  sometimes growing up and living in a small community we're are not exposed to the atrocities of life in a larger world.  today it happened here.

  I cannot begin to imagine the pain of that family.  sometimes grief has no words -- senseless violence has no voice. 

  equally appalling is the use of social media to spread/share information -- all of the babbling was unnecessary -- discretion should be the norm.


Monday, June 24, 2013

rainy days and mondays

  always make me ....   (cry?) ... the Carpenters, the 1970's ....  yes, I'm that old.

  well my Monday was spent with 8 hours of continuing education.  yep, more school.  12.3 miles from home and it was a fabulous 18 minute drive.

  working on the piles tonight -- piles on my desk and hoping the lawn mower holds together long enough to finish mowing the office lawn.  it ain't looking good (the mower or the lawn).

  so it goes.

  ever notice how fast you can spend money at Sam's Club -- 1/2 hour and it was $300 ... wouzer!   (cheep dvd player, ink for printer, millions of aa batteries, parade candy, paper, highlighters, bottled water)  damn ink was really expensive -- hopefully it lasts a while.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

touring !

 cabbage/beans/kohlrabi at Hermanson's
rows and rows of potato's on the left and tomato's planted in rows of plastic ...the old cow yard with is rich with nutrients!  ... wet and mushy after the rain but growing well.  It was fun to see someone else's garden (and weeds) ... can't wait to go back and see it later!  Widmer's ... I'm headed your way someday too.

float construction project
Liz H -- painter extraordinaire!

my squash/pumpkins ... weeds are dying ... and the hand weeding / hoeing is happening between the rain showers.  Another 2 hours last night .... before the gnarly weather drove me out and into shelter.

the watermelon end.  The lush green weeds are where the melons didn't germinate ... I wasn't going to waste expensive chemicals on nothing.  Hopefully, the weeds will get tilled under this week. 
I planted a couple dozen peppers and some more watermelon transplants.  Might attempt to seed some green beans and beets in the empty spots ... might is the key phrase.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

this week in this Diva's life

Joyce's Iris bloomed -- always pretty

big red arrived.

the headlights have chrome trim around them that look like eyelashes.  on a tractor?  will try to get a better shot someday.

the grass/brush eating end of it. works well

the weeds are rolling up and dying

amid the thunder, lightening and hail last night -- I found time to get a quilt ready to quilt so this morning I loaded it on the long arm and went to work ... more practice and it went well. 
2.5 more inches of rain, and yes, hail.  I came to work to sew and work so I haven't been up there yet.  Need to go west for a market meeting, so I'll stop in and check it out.  Looked pretty good last night.  Weeds should pull well with the rain.

Friday, June 21, 2013

oh my

  so I thought I was a well dressed Diva yesterday ....

  linen walking shorts, animal (giraffe) print tee shirt, sandals -- it wasn't 'til I arrived home and changed into garden clothes that I realized -- the bright pink undergarments might not have been a wise choice. 

  thank you for not saying anything all day long.  although I only left the office to go to the bank (deposit) and Patrick's (take out lunch) ...

  dang --

Here is a LINK to an article on the farmers market ... and my pictures!  It's a bit fuzzy on some details but it'll get the shoppers down there.

Here is a LINK to an article I was interviewed regarding the possible/potential wheelage tax for Nicollet County.  Hard to believe but I think Commissioner Stenson and I might agree on this one.  Tough choices peeps --

  I'm going to cut into my stash of "flea market fancy" tonight.  I found a nine patch with sashing on my blog surfing that really did a nice job showcasing the fabric.  I'd post that picture but it might be copyright infringement and I'm not going to jail over a nine patch quilt.  But if you go HERE you can see it.  It's pretty fabulous.
Happy Friday Y'all!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

i've crossed over

   to the dark side.

   No longer do I purchase fabric/quilting supplies by the yard.  By the BOLT. 

   Batting by the bolt.  Delivered by Joann Fabrics. 

Weeds be dying.
Plants are growing (sort of)
Bring on the heat and humidity.


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

big red arrived

well, it arrived -- direct from just north of Rome (as in Italy) ... I thought it was France, but it was Italy. 
Little Red was ready to leave ...
Not sure if this bugger is small enough to till in the melon patch ... I'm thinking the tiller just might go on the "M" tractor instead ...
I did go up and check on my WILTING weeds.  Chemicals are my friends.  Dusted the squash and pumpkins for bugs ...
It's going to be a slim year peeps.  I'm thinking by the 4th of July I need to decide whether or not to "pull the plug" ... it just might be the year to plow it down.  yes, it looks that bad up there. 
On a happier note.  Jean made the comment in an email yesterday (or Monday) that she was going to spend an hour a day with her craft projects.  I thought that was a good plan.  I unpacked my sewing stuff from Friday and finished a binding, made another binding and got it attached to the first long arm project and hope to finish it tonight.  
Mind over Matter.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


  is walking over to a meeting

  that didn't exist. 

Monday, June 17, 2013

weekend warrior

  it actually felt restful to come to work this morning.

Friday night --

   Crafty project night at the shack.  Bound 1 baby quilt and 1 wall hanging and finished a crochet project.  Good food and company.

Saturday --

   Worked at the office and grocery shopped.  While watching it rain I cleaned the veggies and chopped up the salad ingredients.  3 loads of laundry ...

    Played in the rain.  Hand weeded watermelons ... 65 hills....

Sunday --

   Sprayed my magic fluid in the patch at 5:45 am.  Weeded in the home garden,  concocted the salad, grilled chicken/veggies on the new grill.  More laundry, finally caught up on newspaper reading (purging) .. downloaded new books to ipad. 

   Went to family party in Oshawa.  (with salad) ... home to the ipad, the book and a beverage. and more laundry (of course).

    Work has become restful.

Happy week!!!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

after the rain

  mixed up my chemical cocktail to attempt to tame the weeds in the patch ....and a few creepy crawly creatures (black/yellow beetles)
my 5:45 am commute to the patch this morning.  foggy and dewy and it looked like frost with the sunrise.   me and a couple of rabbits were the only creatures moving

 the weeds.  ugh ...
my other tools.  soon to be attacked by the garden house ...
after yesterday's deluge of rain, I went up and hand weeded the watermelon side of the patch -- too wet to "hoe" but the weeds pulled easily.  Came home and mixed up my chemicals and this morning at sunrise -- went up and sprayed out 5 gallons of "drugs".   2 hours later I was wet and muddy ... ditched my shoes and drove to McD's for breakfast -- gotta love a good drive thru!
As soon as the dew dries ... I'll dash up and dust the squash for bugs.  I did not see many thru the weeding/spraying excursions but with all the weeds, they are there!
I still haven't unpacked the truck from Friday night.....

Saturday, June 15, 2013

project night

 another crib quilt finished ... random strips, the bleeding heart bush is doing well, the verbena basket in the chair occasionally suffers from a lack of water ...
trying to be creative ...key word, trying .... the pansy basket is overflowing with goodness ... smells divine.

another attempt at creativity ... lap robe ... hung over the front fence with weeds in the foreground ..
the golden orb also know as the sun ...

we had an evening of craftyness last night.  I finished handsewing the binding on the crib quilt and attached the binding to a wall hanging (until I ran out of tread) and finish crochet a scarf.  It was a productive night for me.  Good food and conversation too!
the crib quilt and the lap robe are getting donated to the silent auction fundraiser for the Relay for Life next week. 
rained again another 2" ... drip, drip, drip ..... tough season for this watermelon diva.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Thursdays Adventures

 i got irritated at the light fixture under the counters and attempted to remove it -- failed, but i was able to mount my LED light bar.... tools will remove the old fixture.
quilting robyn's quilt on the long arm -- i gotta tell ya, peeps, this unit is pretty darn cool.  i love it to pieces --
up close and personal .... i'm learning to artfully swirl ... did the whole twin quilt in about 90 minutes ... the slower the smaller the stitches
i love this machine
spent another 3 hours weeding ... squash and pumpkins then I marked every hill of watermelon.  sad, sad looking watermelon end of the patch -- less than 25% of them germinated ... the only healthy ones are the transplants ... yes, I have many, many, many weeds.  chemicals coming out over the weekend. ...

one of dad's tomato gardens ... 8 large tubs of tomato's ... it works well, hard to argue with success .. and don't you love his "other" wheels. 

and in the little garden -- someone with with antlers ate off most of his cucumbers -- humm must have been tasty.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

weeding diva

   I spent 3 hours bending over pulling weeds and hoeing in the squash end of the patch last night.  There is only so much bending an aging overweight diva should attempt in one night. 

   Needless to say - almost 2/3rds of the squash/pumpkins are done.  The weeds are much healthier than anything else.  Dad tilled it for me yesterday and noticed the lack of germination.  Evidently the "selective hearing" hasn't heard my whining about the "lack of germination".... it's an elder issue.

  I even managed to mow part of the office lawn, again, in the rain.  Raining now and storms in the forecast.  Will make the weeds pull easier (remember my mantra "the glass is always 1/2 full") --

  After all, I had haircut and look and feel like a Diva should feel!  (thanks Lori!).  Enough rambling.  Numbers to crunch, peeps to pay!

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Score !!!

    So, I quilted the entire baby quilt on the long arm yesterday and just under 30 minutes.  Yes, it was a simple all over scroll and loopy play with the machine quilting.  But dang peeps, it made my day.   Took longer to rip out the "bad tension" stitching than it did to finally get 'er done! 

    Did a pit stop at the patch last night.  Holy holy the weeds are sprouted and I mean seriously thick green weeds.   Dad is going up to till this morning.  Hopefully I can get 'em under control.  Stuff I planted a month ago is starting to pop.  If the weeds don't send me over the edge and it doesn't freeze until November (ha) we'll have melons. 

   Need to mow the damn grass too. 


Sunday, June 9, 2013

2nd trip to the big city

these two have been plotting a trip to IKEA and the Mall of America for some time .... today was the day.  Cyndi was our tour guide.  Neither Jean or I had ever been to IKEA .... needless to say, we'll be going back!   The purchase of the day ... LED lights for under the kitchen counters -- wicker wastebaskets that don't fit where I had hoped they would fit.
Then we headed to the MOA .... I thought it would have been busier and more crowded than it was .. well, the stores were less busy than the hallways. 

We always seem to end up at Bubba Gumps for a meal .... hummm.

We split up and went our own direction after lunch.  A bit of shopping for our trip to Utah and well, must go to Archivers when at the Mall.  Paper and more paper for scrap booking.  Although Cyndi and I got kicked out of the chairs at Archivers.... "need to keep them open for customers" ... evidently it appeared we weren't "customers."
Before the trek north, I finally managed to get the tension set on the long arm.  3 hours last night and a lot of YouTube video watching on "how to set tension and load your long arm" ... yep, YouTube has it all.  Anyhow, I re-threaded it this morning and away it went! 

Saturday, June 8, 2013

This week in .....

the elders and their house on wheels went north yesterday ... they are returning home today -- next trip will include the boat and the rest of their stuff.
kind of looks like we live in a forest doesn't it... trees and brush have grown a bit over the years.
 I was cruising on Bessie and found a patch of wild phlox ... a large patch on the back hill -- amid the trees and junk farm equipment
 my first monarch butterfly of the season.  I was chasing it for a picture and discovered the phlox patch. 
 not enought of this happening.  I replanted 55 transplants I bought from Karen's and re-seeded at least 55 more hills.  time will tell.
So I spent last night re-seeding and a bit of weed control.  I came home and watched 2 hours of YouTube video on long arm quilting.  Can't wait to try something.  Now if I had something ready that would help eh.
Went back out and transplanted transplants this morning.  Supposed to rain for the next 2 days (what else) so they'll be ready for the rain.   It is clouding up.  I've done all I can do -- if it grows it grows if not, well, it won't.

Friday, June 7, 2013


   I could use a little wisdom today.

   Bogged down by crap.  Sometimes talking to government computers can be a pain in the ass.  Our generation has lost the ability to communicate with other humans via the voice.

   Enough whining for today.  Just gotta get out the "big girl" panties and deal with it. 

   I did spend an hour "re-planting" up in the patch.  More tonight.  Picked up some transplants from the plant shop across the street -- time will tell peeps -- time will tell. 


Wednesday, June 5, 2013

I will never be a big city girl

 parking lot #1  Cedar Ave Bridge .... yes I was at a dead stop.  Good views from up here when you're creeping across the bridge.
 Hwy 13 in Burnsville shortly before the monsoon hit.  and yes I was stopped again. 
Education day in Bloomington.  Fast morning commute -- until I got to the turn off to the hotel/conference center ---  and the damn road was closed.  I ended up jumping a curb and cutting across IKEA's parking lot.  Farm girls in big red pick up trucks are known to get where they need to go.  Education was awful.  Glad to be home for multiple reasons.
 grow baby grow
 this years crop of kittens ... might be one more red one, not sure

sparse watermelons.  not so sparse weeds.