Saturday, June 29, 2013

I dashed up to the patch after work on the ATV ... and got caught in a sudden squall.  I was sitting here under a tree at Lee & Jeans, when I realized the tree wasn't the place to be.  So I sped off to Ron and Nancy's where they met me at the door with a towel.  Hummm.  15 minutes later it was sunny.  Windy, but sunny.
Two of the brood hanging out on the deck. Harry Red must have been licking his chops when I snapped the picture.  Isn't Edgar handsome!

I went back to the patch after supper and found (gasp) bugs.  So I dusted all the squash and pumpkins.  I also planted a flat of watermelon transplants.  If it doesn't freeze for 3 months they might make it.  They were cheep.  It's worth a try.

 handsome looking with their white bug dust aren't they.  So as I type I hear more rain.  ugh.  Well, it will wash the dust down into the plant.  Could be worse -- and maybe it didn't rain up there.

Wrong again been raining on and off most of the night -- so off to the big town to purchase more chemicials today -- I was hoping to avoid a trip anywhere.
Edgar really doesn't like having his picture taken.  It's the "look."

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