Wednesday, June 5, 2013

I will never be a big city girl

 parking lot #1  Cedar Ave Bridge .... yes I was at a dead stop.  Good views from up here when you're creeping across the bridge.
 Hwy 13 in Burnsville shortly before the monsoon hit.  and yes I was stopped again. 
Education day in Bloomington.  Fast morning commute -- until I got to the turn off to the hotel/conference center ---  and the damn road was closed.  I ended up jumping a curb and cutting across IKEA's parking lot.  Farm girls in big red pick up trucks are known to get where they need to go.  Education was awful.  Glad to be home for multiple reasons.
 grow baby grow
 this years crop of kittens ... might be one more red one, not sure

sparse watermelons.  not so sparse weeds.

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