Sunday, June 30, 2013

It's was tilling day at the patch !  So, he's using the 60 year old tractor not the week old tractor ... I think he didn't want to take the mower off new tractor ... and he left the tiller on the "M" after he finished.


My bug dusting project of Friday night mostly held up to the rain showers -- i touched 'em up a bit.
Did my 3rd Mankato trek of the week.  Finally got to the important stores of life.  JoAnn Fabrics (108" wide muslin was on sale) and Hancock had all of their quilting cottons at 50% off.  So I seriously shopped at Hancock -- all backs -- 4 different prints 6 or 7 yards each depending upon what was left on the bolt.  All of the prints are fairly large scale florals or dots!   I did well -- it was under $65 -- I'm thinking it is at least 6 quilt backs -- which are fabric hogs. 
The 108" muslin --- 10 yards ... it was on sale too!
And a color catcher!   No more running of the dyes!!!!
I even made it to my least favorite establishment -- MENARDS -- I bought all the available "bug" dust ... weed kill for the office yard (there will not be anything left if the weeds are gone) .. a couple of cheep hostas, new hosta bed happening at the farm.
After shopping, I went back to the office and finished quilting on the long arm # 3 is done ... need to finish it up on the Bernina -- (didn't have dark brown thread at the office) ... and it's the outer border.
Today is another work day -- office (the real stuff) and more weeds in the patch.
Happy Sunday!

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New things aren't always so much fun to use.....