Friday, June 21, 2013

oh my

  so I thought I was a well dressed Diva yesterday ....

  linen walking shorts, animal (giraffe) print tee shirt, sandals -- it wasn't 'til I arrived home and changed into garden clothes that I realized -- the bright pink undergarments might not have been a wise choice. 

  thank you for not saying anything all day long.  although I only left the office to go to the bank (deposit) and Patrick's (take out lunch) ...

  dang --

Here is a LINK to an article on the farmers market ... and my pictures!  It's a bit fuzzy on some details but it'll get the shoppers down there.

Here is a LINK to an article I was interviewed regarding the possible/potential wheelage tax for Nicollet County.  Hard to believe but I think Commissioner Stenson and I might agree on this one.  Tough choices peeps --

  I'm going to cut into my stash of "flea market fancy" tonight.  I found a nine patch with sashing on my blog surfing that really did a nice job showcasing the fabric.  I'd post that picture but it might be copyright infringement and I'm not going to jail over a nine patch quilt.  But if you go HERE you can see it.  It's pretty fabulous.
Happy Friday Y'all!

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