Saturday, June 15, 2013

project night

 another crib quilt finished ... random strips, the bleeding heart bush is doing well, the verbena basket in the chair occasionally suffers from a lack of water ...
trying to be creative ...key word, trying .... the pansy basket is overflowing with goodness ... smells divine.

another attempt at creativity ... lap robe ... hung over the front fence with weeds in the foreground ..
the golden orb also know as the sun ...

we had an evening of craftyness last night.  I finished handsewing the binding on the crib quilt and attached the binding to a wall hanging (until I ran out of tread) and finish crochet a scarf.  It was a productive night for me.  Good food and conversation too!
the crib quilt and the lap robe are getting donated to the silent auction fundraiser for the Relay for Life next week. 
rained again another 2" ... drip, drip, drip ..... tough season for this watermelon diva.

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