Saturday, June 1, 2013

random friday shots

 Mom's bike -- in the tear down of Fred's house -- a few treasures are appearing.  No wonder she needed a ride home from the DQ 45 years ago when we rode down for a treat.
only in downtown St. Peter on a Friday afternoon.  Note -- it was parked at the liquor store -- not sure if it was intentionally parked there or needed more Schells.
the current equipment line up ... skid loader -- "M" tractor -- Fergie (soon to leave) and lastly the lawn vac/chipper gizmo and a whole lotta junk.
oops camera went off on the ATV ... these are the "blue paisley" flannel pants.  frankly, I think they are pretty darn attractive.
I went up and toured the patch on foot last night.  Ground is hard as a rock -- a gentle rain might soften things up.  Germination is sporadic ... really sporadic, heat is needed and soon.   Finished planting the previously omitted butternut squash and a few hills of zucchini ... time will tell.  It is up to Mother Nature and out of my control.

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