Friday, June 28, 2013

  So post trash and  power plant tour;  I attempted to work.  Didn't work well, my focus was missing.  It's that dang long arm sewing machine in the front room calling me regularly -- "I'm here!"

  So after supper I came back to the office and quilted another twin size quilt ... again artful swirls and swoops.  Dang, I think I'm in love.  A spot of testy -- but once I changed the needle life got better.

  Another top and back are lined up and ready to load.  Now I really have to work and earn a living. 

  The long arm needs a name.  Bertha, Betty, Tank (it's large enough) -- anything but Bessie.  Too many Bessies in my world.




Mary said...

How about Irene, or Minnie, or Bertha, or Louise, or Sophie, or Martha, or Agnes, or Vicki. I think there were more, but I can't remember them right now. I am still jealous!

Marie said...

oh Mary you are too funny! You forgot Aunt Marie & Aunt Bernice and I think there was one more!

It could be a Martin or an Albert too!

We'll have to plan a quilting weekend at the scrap shack ... someday soon the long arm will be relocated to it's basement! I need that corner of my office back.