Thursday, June 27, 2013

  So, with my Commissioner gig, I get to do some pretty cool/ entertaining/ interesting/ unusual things.  Today was no exception.  Today, we toured recycling and solid waste processing facilities ... for a to z .... dumping the trash, sorting it, shredding it, burning it in the power plant, to disposing of the ashes from the power plant.  yep, from a to z.

  We all need to learn to leave a smaller footprint on this earth.  Starting with trash.  Holy cats it's a lot of trash. 

  And it smells.  Trust me it smells.  Bad, really bad.  Makes the hog barns seem downright pretty.


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Shay said...

We recycle here I feel Im doing my bit . But I have noticed that there is a lot of unnecessary packaging that comes with my groceries. Maybe we all need to start lobbying the manufacturers about that too!