Saturday, June 8, 2013

This week in .....

the elders and their house on wheels went north yesterday ... they are returning home today -- next trip will include the boat and the rest of their stuff.
kind of looks like we live in a forest doesn't it... trees and brush have grown a bit over the years.
 I was cruising on Bessie and found a patch of wild phlox ... a large patch on the back hill -- amid the trees and junk farm equipment
 my first monarch butterfly of the season.  I was chasing it for a picture and discovered the phlox patch. 
 not enought of this happening.  I replanted 55 transplants I bought from Karen's and re-seeded at least 55 more hills.  time will tell.
So I spent last night re-seeding and a bit of weed control.  I came home and watched 2 hours of YouTube video on long arm quilting.  Can't wait to try something.  Now if I had something ready that would help eh.
Went back out and transplanted transplants this morning.  Supposed to rain for the next 2 days (what else) so they'll be ready for the rain.   It is clouding up.  I've done all I can do -- if it grows it grows if not, well, it won't.

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