Thursday, June 13, 2013

Thursdays Adventures

 i got irritated at the light fixture under the counters and attempted to remove it -- failed, but i was able to mount my LED light bar.... tools will remove the old fixture.
quilting robyn's quilt on the long arm -- i gotta tell ya, peeps, this unit is pretty darn cool.  i love it to pieces --
up close and personal .... i'm learning to artfully swirl ... did the whole twin quilt in about 90 minutes ... the slower the smaller the stitches
i love this machine
spent another 3 hours weeding ... squash and pumpkins then I marked every hill of watermelon.  sad, sad looking watermelon end of the patch -- less than 25% of them germinated ... the only healthy ones are the transplants ... yes, I have many, many, many weeds.  chemicals coming out over the weekend. ...

one of dad's tomato gardens ... 8 large tubs of tomato's ... it works well, hard to argue with success .. and don't you love his "other" wheels. 

and in the little garden -- someone with with antlers ate off most of his cucumbers -- humm must have been tasty.

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Shay said...

Fantastic quilting Diva. Oh how I wish I had one of those fabulous quilting machines.