Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Tuesday was a tough day in St. Peter.  I do not regret my ranting but the violence in our world needs to end.  I cannot possibly fathom the anger or rage one must possess to take the life of another human being.  It is incomprehensible. 
It rattled me and it should rattle all of us to the very fiber of our being. 
It was my day of meetings ... Board, Ditch and Historical Society with a tour of drainage ditches in between.  A lot of time on the road and a lot of time to think.  Again, I would never trade living in our small community for a larger metropolitan area -- but dang .. somedays are just tough.
peace and understanding
gotta love drainage ditches ...

i spent the day in this skirt -- i even took an ATV ride up to visit the patch ... in the skirt, it was hot and sticky and i didn't want to dirty another set of clothes, no the shoes do not match

technology has been good to the ATV industry a 1994 and a 2013 -- humm lots of positive changes ..
yep another ditch

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Shay said...

What a sad and awful situation. I just read your local paper news report on this senseless tragedy. I dont understand what makes some people snap like that and to take the life of another is unfathomable.