Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Wednesday's Wonders

my Connecting Threads shopping extravaganza ... this fabric is slated to become
this ... my draft pattern.  I'm a great copier and generally follow instructions well, but drafting patterns and the follow thru is not my norm.  On the way home from Salt Lake City I had an idea for a quilt and we'll see if it comes about.  I took my "draft" to the local print shop and had it enlarged so, let the cutting and piecing begin. 

The planning and shopping has been fun.

a finish!   bound, washed and ready.  This was a pattern from the Moda Bake Shop -- and well, I should know the fabric line but I don't.  It was two charm packs with left overs and Kona solids -- snow and black.  I'm sold on those Kona solids ... just keep looking for them on sale.

and from afar ... don't ya love my "needs to be trimmed grass", needs to be washed door and seat less chair ... there's a flower pot for the chair - but while on vacation it took a beating from the heat so it's in the er for a spell.
 It was a productive night on Daisy Lane -- 2 more skunks, 1 chunky raccoon and Edgar (the cat) -- got live trapped and relocated -- (not Edgar, of course).

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Tuesday's Treasures

every year I try something new and unusual ... not sure what this is or when it's going to stop growing ... about 2' long and 6" in diameter.  pale orange.

ha ha ... I got 4  cantaloupes before the nasty deer.  they are "Minnesota midgets" ... personal size -- ate 1/2 of one.  Pretty darn tasty.  Might have several more by the weekend.

Mrs. H does this stack look familiar ... I'm thinking Christmas quilt for elder #1 ...

this was on sale with the "daily deal" of the Missouri Quilt Co ... pretty cabbage roses.  Quite a few babies coming up ... time to start cutting!

Monday, July 29, 2013

sunday night excitement

anyone remember the Antiques Roadshow episode where the appraiser described the painting ... as the "north end of a southbound horse" ... aka -- the ass-end. 
And in the case of baby skunks (or their mama's) ... it's not good to be on the north end.  What the hell.
5 of the little smellers were up on the deck dancing towards the cat food dish -- with their tails in the air ...

Mama was there too but alas, my camera is at home with the 65 pictures of 'em.
 I was calmly at the computer last night ordering my Coldwater Creek deals and I heard the catfood dish rattle on the deck -- when I went out to yell at Edgar (the cat) for being a was mama skunk.  Needless to say I was very careful to slide the patio door shut -- and then the babies arrived.
The babes are pretty small ... they'd probably fit in a hand -- then they headed to the cat shack and managed to run amok over there. 
The Cavalry arrived to relocate them.  Don't ask don't tell is my motto on the relocation method.  2 have been relocated.  3 are in residence under the flipping deck. 
Isn't life in rural America grand. 
(insert grin)

Sunday, July 28, 2013

cooking diva

grilled chicken, leftover sausage, zuchinni, alfredo sauce and free mozzarella  cheese

grilled corn added after the first 15 minutes of baking

fresh basil at the end.  the fresh cheese didn't melt as well as i thought it should .. the slices were a bit thick.  humm ... it could have used a bit more seasoning.  the final test is the leftovers for lunch this week. 

Saturday, July 27, 2013

life on the farm

   more wildlife issues (at 6:00am) ...

   I had planned a trip to market this morning.  I had a bushel of cukes and a bushel of zuchinni. 

Well, first up was a 1/2 hour of fast weed spraying.  It was still and cool (like 57' cool - ) so on my trek to the ATV, I veered to the cat shack and started chatting with the fuzzy black kitten.   Who really wasn't the fuzzy black kitten.  Another flipping SKUNK -- and there were TWO more of them. 

  So, got out my ATV, rode up and did my spraying -- came home and the damn things were still dancing around ....  argh.  Never did make it to market to sell the cukes and zuchinni.

  So the barn cats are now getting fed under the Tracker ... not going in the cat shack anytime soon.  My ATV is parked in my "house" garage stall and it's a wait and see game.

   I was productive --- took the Bernina over to Stelter's for a service call.  A fluff and buff ... she deserves a tune up every once in a while.  Made it to Joann's ... anyone else notice that fabric has become expensive.  Did a pit stop at Hobby Lobby (like under $5) and then on to Hancock -- I was on a mission and did not find what I was seeking. 

   So ... I'm headed to the basement to sew on my older Bernina .... like almost 20 year old Bernina .... glad I kept her.


Friday, July 26, 2013


  an Orange Sunshine squash ...

 The squash are always so organized.

Diva tracks ... my nightly path thru the patch.  This end has lighter soil and less weeds.
 Bessie parked in the middle.  This is the 7/4 planting.  I've spent the week hand pulling weeds and finally broke out the chemicals for the small stuff.  Should be turning color this afternoon.  Better living thru drugs.

More watermelons.

looking good - ignore the weeds.

hot dang ... a watermelon!  

Thursday, July 25, 2013

patch update

    So, I've spent a lot of time in the patch this week, the weather has been cooperative and the projects seem to multiply daily.   Monday was spent on bug control - as in squash vine borers.  No new damage as of last night.  Tuesday and Wednesday was working in the late planting of cantaloupe and watermelon.  See picture above.  It was hard to find the plants amid the large healthy weeds. 
   Weeds pulled (or sprayed) hills hoed.  Waiting for a bit of rain and they would take off.  I have managed to pick 10/12 zuchinni and a 1/2 bushel of cucumbers.  That seems like a lot of cukes for 6 hills.  might have enough for market on Saturday (or might not).  Tonight, I'm going to plant some additional hills of cukes for a late harvest.  I have room and I have seed. 

   It was an entertaining night on Daisy Ln.  At 10:30, the not - so - nice aroma of a skunk wafted thru the house.  And Pepe LePew (the skunk) was wandering around the yard -- of which I witnessed.  Argh.  Did not make for a restful night. 


Wednesday, July 24, 2013


   I really don't feel like working.  Must be the vacation hang-over.   Need a bit of attitude adjustment ...

  there's a short walk in my future and ....  taaa daaaaa (drum roll)   a   haircut!

  I spent Monday night spraying for the dreaded squash/vine borer .. last night was spent with the "roundup" ... and weed pulling in the 7/4 plantings.  A bit of rain would be nice.


a few garden shots before we left on the vacation .. the yucca's were in fully glory .... unfortunately the blooms don't last very long ... very dramatic ...

Monday, July 22, 2013

holy smokes it's some

  zucchini and cucumbers!

the zucchini haul .. wasn't prepared so the passenger seat of Bessie had to be the container.
the zucchini row .. they look better than the "phone" camera picture

and then I kept going and found a bunch of cucumbers ... and kept digging in Bessie's box and found a small 1/2 peck (1/4 peck) basket ... the time has come to haul baskets and tools (knippers, knives and gloves)
I was up spraying the squash and pumpkins for squash borer's -- the damn things already got 3 plants ... so, me and the liquid sevin were hard at work ... it was windy enough to flip the leaves up so I could spray underneath.
Since I sprayed every hill I found some nice looking squash too!  and more bugs.  ugh. 
I have no doubt that my Grandfather is looking down and shaking his head at me -- weeds, bugs, poor germination ... but eventually something will mature and if nothing else -- we'll eat well.
Tuesday night (wind permitting) is more weed control.  got some out of control quack grass and millet ... hybrid weeds ...
but first I'm going to peel a cucumber and have a snack!
and by the way spell check spelled zucchini for me ... I think it should be zuchinni ....

do you see what i see....

the cantaloupe are coming along nicely ...
the deer battle to start soon

don't laugh -- it's a watermelon ...
prayers needed for a late fall
the pumpkin / squash end is looking good
although found some squash borers had wiped out a few plants
spraying begins tonight.
the watermelon end is sad .. oh so sad
I swear they doubled in size while we were gone.

elder #1 and his 1962 International Truck ... his latest restoration project ... it runs (and smokes) ... the main test last night was the clutch/transmission ... next up is a major engine overhaul ...

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Home sweet home ...

  in a nutshell.  4 1/2 days of no work -- 2 plane rides (the return trip was much smoother) ... one security pat down at the airport. 

  3 tours of temple square -- it's a 40 acre site (or 8? square blocks) ... a 5K walk each time.  odd food all week.  although the hotel restaurant was good.

  a little shopping -- well 1 expensive item, Pandora is wonderful.

  96 pictures.

  home to 85 emails and only 4 answering machine messages!

  laundry is almost done.


ps.  and i sped up the internet connection at home ... my cure for any computer ailment.  shut it off and turn it back on ... works like a charm.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Saturday at Temple Square


efficient diva

   so it's my 3rd and last day of being a tourist in 105' weather.  I did my morning trek thru Temple Square ... dashed to the City Creek Mall McDonalds and bought a huge iced coffee took a break at the water sculpture/fountain.

   Temple Square has many water features/fountains and today I attempted to take pictures of them.  Temple Square is literally 1 block from the hotel.  Which I'm at the hotel data center typing away.

   just logged in and printed our boarding passes for tomorrow and the luggage too -- makes the check in at the airport go faster.  I.don'   that should be in all caps. ----- so mrs pyjama's, don't expect me to show up in Australia anytime soon.  I'd need to be drugged to get that far.

  stamping diva is at her last day of the conference.  I got to say the stamping divas get a bit more excited that the quilting divas -- holy cats they were jumping in the aisles at the awards banquet last night and carrying on (mind you there are 6,000 of them).  lots of treats and goodies for the participants ... we should not need an additional suitcase to get home. 

  next up today is the homework I brought along.  too hot to be outdoors.  and i need a couple of naps.  the hotel is very nice but the beds are way to soft for this diva.  I almost went to the floor last night to sleep!  ya, they are that soft.


ps.  I was able to add captions to Wednesday and Thursdays blog posts.  Will upload more pictures today!

Thursday, July 18, 2013


 street scene from the pedestrian walkway to the mall or between blocks of the mall. 
the stampin' up distribution -- packing/shipping/receiving warehouse.

I and Jean at the stampin' up facility --- its a pretty cool place, even with 6,000 visitors in a 6 hour time frame.  17 buses hauling back and forth ....
market stand on the street corner ... lots of watermelons!
I discovered the pandora store in the mall .... went a bit overboard but love it!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Day 1 of the Adventure

Blogging from the iPad stinks.  Nice flight, toured the "great salt lake" it was damn hot and we 're pink from the sun.  The airport shuttle driver was in a race and the tour dude was not much better.  We lived.

marina at the Great Salt Lake .. lots of really cool pictures here. 
the great salt lake -- north of Salt Lake City?
smelled horrendous ...
da plane boss, da plane
Sunrise on the drive to the airport -- a couple of miles from home!