Monday, July 8, 2013

another long holiday weekend done!

actually I can't complain -- I kept busy!  (binding on another quilt last night and back made for another -- I've had a stash of tops done for a long time)

and it rained last night ... more like it poured!   2.1" at 9:30 when I walked out to check the gauge and it was still raining !!  thunder, lightening, high winds and a lotta lotta rain in an hour.

I drove around checking things out this morning.  branches in down in the yard -- tree and branches on our township road .... the patch looks better than I thought it would.  Lake Cell Phone Tower has new water and is back at it's high level (drowning out more wheat).   I thought more corn would be down .... but I didn't take the field road so I didn't see much of it. 

so tonight is dust for bugs and pull weeds ... they'll pull easy now!


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