Sunday, July 7, 2013


 a finish!  moda scrap bag from ebay with added charm's, coordinating yardage, binding from the scrap bin -- big throw small twin
I watched Nancy Zieman on TV yesterday morning -- she did a "hide and seek" machine binding -- so I tried it and it's pretty cool.  I'm not fond of sewing blind but it was quick -- not sure if I like the look on the back ... practice makes perfect.

a jelly roll sewed end to end and then back again .. brown kona borders and binding ...
and the back ... got to love the big prints to hide the quilting issues ...

together on the line ... left 'em out there to air out.  It's been beastly hot and sticky, so I spent the day indoors and kind of lazy.  Saturday morning TV is pretty good.  Love PBS on weekends.  The cooking, the sewing, the travel and then a bit of Pioneer Woman on the Food Channel. 
We'll see what today brings - already nasty.  I went to the office to work on the weeds and couldn't stand it ... off to dust for bugs and then the day will be mine.

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Shay said...

Eeek I love the chocolate and blue quilt- it's so pretty!

You've been sewing up a storm Diva !