Thursday, October 31, 2013

OMG it's Halloween

  dang it's the 31st already -- I know I'm not the only one out there in this Universe that thinks October sped past. 

   I've done a fabulous job of faking "in control" this week .. until 5:15 last night when I crashed -- I then had the
    "put on your big girl panties and deal with it speech" 

  with myself ... and went to work ( I was still at the office) .... and attempted to work on the projects that had accumulated on my desk ... some of them are done and gone -- some of them are not.

   the fog rolled in thick last night -- it was a spooky but spooky in a cool way drive home ... where I managed to eat, read the paper and go to bed ...

   today is a new day and will bring new challenges -- I have on my "big girl panties" so I can handle whatever happens ...

   Have a spook-tacular Halloween ....
           (and don't come here trick or treating -- I haven't bought any treats)



Wednesday, October 30, 2013

hump day!

once in a while I can actually look like an elected official and talk with my hands ... to bad I forgot to change into my spiffy looking blazer first ... and where are the glasses .... on my head of course ... who needs to actually see the audience and get nervous ....

trees in the office neighborhood ... gorgeous aren't they ? 
and yes I "borrowed" the pictures from the Chamber's Facebook page ... is it stealing if you are the subject matter?  hope not.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

ah SNOW .... or (no SNOW yet) ...

  yep, the weather geeks must have been wrong.  no SNOW yet.  it's a month early anyway. 

  I was back at doctor yesterday -- still alive.  Blood pressure still high -- the dash from GAC to the clinic in 7 minutes, stripping to nothing and freezing in the exam room might have had a lot to do with it.  Why when they have you stripped to naked do they put you in the coldest room in the facility?

  At any rate - take the drugs and let them do their work and they work slowly ... so it goes.

  So last night, instead of sewing and/or being productive on something, I just had to watch 2 hours of the Voice.  Dang it's good.



Monday, October 28, 2013

oh Happy Monday ...

       I'm attempting to embrace Monday's with a smile.  (Time will tell - I know I've said it before) ...

       Nothing and I mean nothing on yesterday's list got done.  It was the laziest of days and it felt damn good.  When I finally got dressed -- it was flannel pants and comfy shirt -- and not a lot of movement.

   Came to town for lunch (via the drive thru) ... picked up the Sunday newspaper at the office and the roof boys were finishing up the project (I thought they were already done)  ...

   Took an ATV ride to the scrap shack and had a chat with the girls ... they were busy stamping away -- I came for the fresh air.  It was a bit chilly on the ATV -- the boys were busy re-locating their deer stands -- evidently the "hunt" is going to be happening soon.  I do think 6 deer stands on 100 acres is 4 too many.  Appears to be a village out there.

   Went home for nap ... see the trend.  Used the new quilt.

   Someone woke me up and declared the scalped potato's would not be done in time for supper -- so I ordered pizza, picked it up and baked it.

   Read my book and went to bed. 

   It was a relaxing drama free day ....
   Let's hope it continues ...


oops .. forgot to post a link to Perry, the corpse flower at GAC it's about to bloom again ... HERE IS THE LINK to the web cams -- it's flipping cool!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

enough !

 with the pity (self induced) party!

 There is things to do and so many hours of daylight to get them done. 

Today's List:

1) Flower pots -- get 'em dumped.
2) Sweep Garages
3) Sweep Decks (damn leaves)
4) Stash the tubs etc
5) Dream up the next quilt project
6) Move the bedroom furniture
7) Find winter clothes ...
           (they aren't lost just stashed)
8) Shed the summer clothes

Time will tell peeps, it is an ambitious list ...

Sunday blessings ....


Saturday, October 26, 2013

so, the dr appointment on Thursday

  explained a lot.   Dr. B called with my TSH numbers yesterday -- she, herself called.  "I've never seen any that high before" ... "how long have you been out of meds" ... too long Dr. B, too long.  explains a few things eh.

     the weight gain
     the muscle aches
     the tingling fingers
     the dry skin
     the appetite change
     the crankiness
     general fuzziness
        so if I've posted this all before there is a medical reason
     I told a client on Friday "my I don't give a shit meter is on overdrive" .... oh Lord ...  so today, I've been a total slob.

     a) went to the fun run and picked up my t shirt (didn't run or walk -- just got the dang shirt)
     b) came home and watched quilting on TV and napped
     c) finally hit the sewing machine ...
     d) binding for the red kaffe fassett is ready to attach tonight
     e) finally got out and dumped all the nasty pumpkins and squash
     f) stacked the pallets for storage
     g) stacked the tubs and bushel baskets for storage

   Tomorrow is the flower pots and annuals that may need to be pulled up.  I don't bother with raking leaves -- they'll get sucked up by elder #1 and his fancy lawn mower.

   More sewing tonight and I should finish season 3 of Downton Abbey ... loved most of it!

Ta Ta


Friday, October 25, 2013

F150, the quilt rack!

it is bold (and red) 6" pre-cut Kaffe Fasset strips from either ebay or craftsy ... the shoppers mecca, quilted with orange thread ... I have enough of the the upper right fabric to use as binding ... will finish it tonight ...

dual duty pumpkins and truck!

best use of the F150 this morning.  I can almost guarantee when my Dad owned this truck .. it never got used as a quilt rack
the office neighborhood is quite pretty in the fall ....

72 x 72 -- orange thread to quilt -- the backing is a white dot on dark melon -- equally loud and bold ...
might just have to keep this one for my self ...
Happy Friday All  ...

STL - day four

   you can quilt at work and peeps get excited about the quilting -- and not so crabby about the work not getting done. 

   I can almost see the top of my desk and the checklist on the legal pad is decreasing daily.

   Drugs picked up and down the hatch -- let the healing (or balance) begin -- today is the "boob" press ... trust me it hurts -- I'll live. 

   On the long-arm today -- I quilted a baby quilt for the Holstein Diva of Lake Prairie Township .. cute little crib thing.  Loaded my 60 minute throw and started quilting -- it's rolling along pretty darn steadily -- had a small tension issue but seems to be under control.

   All the left over pumpkins are loaded and ready to deliver to the pre schoolers at the ECFE for their Halloween Party on Monday -- nothing like a bunch of munchkins and a bunch of pumpkins ... let the paint start flowing!


Thursday, October 24, 2013

stl (small town life) day three

  I moved up the doctor appointment to today -- now sleeping 12 hours at a time and thoroughly pooped ... something is wacky peeps ... I have my suspicions ...

  Picked up the iPad from the geeks -- after yet another call from the tech -- the new screen is also cracked in the corner -- they couldn't get all the dents hammered out so it's the best it is going to be.  he wanted to discount the price -- nice geeks ...


ps.  So I went to the doctor this morning.  Evidently, all that ails me can be solved by taking my thyroid medication regularly and not letting the prescription run out and going without for a while.  I didn't admit how long I was without .. And including the tingling in my fingers ... and if that doesn't go away in a month ... it's carpel tunnel.  really.  really ???  so I googled thyroid -- hummm handy little gland and hormone.  wth.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

STL (small town life) day two ...

  does the computer geek with the piercings and tattoo's (tat's/body art/painful looking stuff) called and apologized about the iPad ...

    geek --- " I opened it up and found a loose video cable -- I can maybe tape it down but I don't know how long it will last  -- this plastic hinge should have held it together and it's not there, it holds the video (E)GUJ)GEKGdjaj  together to the a;daojf[tj-q49889" ...

    me:  was it the fall, the sudden stop or the drop

    geek --- " well -- it might be a factory defect but apple will never admit it" ...

    me:  so, it's like a picture tube on a TV

    geek --- "picture tube on a TV ?   ... I suppose, what was a picture tube on a TV"

 so how much does anyone want to gamble he googled "picture tube" ... so, the iPad may not work after he puts her (it) back together ... time will tell .... I miss it -- it was my night time security blanket, I read books in bed, played cards in bed, surfed the web in bed and well actually used it for work now and then ...

 the good news of the day -- Lori cut my hair and made me gorgeous again!  the oil got changed in the truck and I managed to walk to my meeting and back ..

 small town life -- day two ...



Tuesday, October 22, 2013

STL (Small Town Life or Only in Rural America)

  can you schedule your ...

1.  oil change and the mechanic picks it up and brings it back to your garage for next to nothing.  will leave it in the office garage with keys and check -- it comes back serviced ... ahh ...

2.  schedule your mammogram ( and the tech says ... oh I remember you -- the computer broke down  the last two times and we had to do them over )  oh -- gee I remember it well.  presssssss

3.  schedule your annual doctor maintenance appointment and have to call long distance when the      clinic is 4 blocks from the patch .... (what the frac -- mother Mayo)  that's a new one -- kind of irked me.

4.  get the call and deliver vehicles to the neighboring county in the dark and leave the keys in 'em, drive around and get waves from every combine and grain truck on the road ... my arm hurts from waving back ... 'tis good -- beautiful night for a drive.

5.  still working on coordinating schedules with the hair cut lady ... it'll happen ....

#1, 2, 3 and 5 were over lunch ... 4 was on the homebound trek ...

  Again -- small town life is good ... blessings ...


I cleaned up a tad ... at least the rug is now square with the room -- the counters have been cleaned off and a pumpkin made an appearance .... and oh -- there is a fireplace behind that long-arm.  

Monday, October 21, 2013

Messy ..

another one done!  binding too.  a fat quarter pack of something chopped into 4 x 10 hunks and a chunk of kona snow to stagger the seams .. fairly dense quilting.  the back is my favorite pink, orange and lime zinnia print -- which I have a couple of yards left ... then withdrawal will begin.
laid out on the cement parking lot might not be the most attractive way to photograph -- but it was dry and the sun is making it's only appearance of the day ... .. I love the crinkly feel after it was washed and dried.
36 x 42 ish ... I really didn't measure  ..
 messy front room -- this is why the long arm needs to go home .. everything is crammed somewhere and it looks even worse in real life.
is there a fireplace in there somewhere?  hard to tell!
my late Saturday project -- the 60 minute throw ... the speediness might explain why it won't hang straight -- I can see an issue on the right side border already ... hummm... the back is hanging underneath it ... trying to decide on thread color ...
Happy Monday!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Work or Play ??

So, I posted Work or Play ? on Wastebook (facebook) yesterday morning ... amazing; no one and I mean no replied -- work ... so I played (sort of).

    Took the iPad to Mankato to have the shattered screen replaced -- didn't ask the cost, just did it.  Geek seemed up for the challenge.

    Hit up Firefly Quilts ... haven't been there in a long time -- pretty, pretty samples.  Bought some "orange" fabric and left with lots of ideas.]

    Hit up Joanne Fabrics and left EMPTY HANDED.   Truly, I had two pairs of idiot gloves $1 each in my cart and the checkout line was long ... I wasn't going to stand in line for 1/2 hour for 2 pairs of gloves.

    Headed home for a nap and my book (real book -- no iPad 'til Tuesday) and napped.  I must have needed the down time.

    Headed to the sewing pit -- where I whipped out the 60 minute quilt -- I had some 6" WOF pre-cut Kaffee Fassett strips and zipped 'em together with some 15" borders to make it wider -- presto .. a throw ... and since I was on a creative buzz ... made the back and pressed all -- ready to take to town and the long arm.  Today! 

two bundles of the Kaffee Fassett 6" strips .. 
The blues became the wedding gift throw -- I must have used some of the red somewhere .... can't remember -- I've really tried hard to use what I have ... he he he.  
Laundry's in the machine, body's ready for the shower and today will be a WORK day -- or at least part of the day -- deadline to meet tomorrow!
1.  Work on deadline projects for office.
2.  Load Kaffee throw on the long arm.
3.  Clean out the back of the truck .. (market stuff to storage)
4.  Clean out the back of the shed.
        Pumpkins for deer food.
        Squash for storage.
        Squash for food shelf.
        Tubs/bins/baskets stored away.
5.  Bind last remaining quilted crib quilt.
   And remember, the seventh day is a day of rest ....


Friday, October 18, 2013

Ahhhh Friday ....

 a finish ...

crib -- "peach/cream" when I was in my sewing blitz a couple of months ago (in between weeding the patch and picking the produce) .. I whipped up a lot of crib tops ... this one is from a pile of 1/2 yard cuts -- must have been a bundle I purchased on etsy or ebay .... It's varying strip widths -- the width of the fabric, trimmed down and squared up -- not a lot of imagination in the piecing -- but fast and durable. 

and the back is my favorite zinna yardage on top and a limey green rose print on the bottom -- using up the left-over hunks.  The binding is strips from the 1/2 yards. 

all of these crib quilts have been excellent practice on the long arm ... the long arm will be moving home shortly -- we need the space back at the office and I need it at home ....
happy Friday -- it's a cold, wet, dreary looking day -- and the s - word is forecasted (good thing the roof is done eh).

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Tired Thursday

  the only saving grace to tired Thursday will by finally Friday ... lately I cram a lot into 7 days a week ...

  I was a well dressed Diva yesterday -- summer office hours ended on Tuesday ... need to look good and work more (ha) from this point forward ... although my new flannel pants arrived via the USPO this morning.  I even wore my "big girl" shoes yesterday -- nothing like a pair of loafers to make one feel old (older).  coffee and loafers.  egads.

 the sun is shining -- the leaves are pretty -- night need a noon hour stroll about town.  healthy choices peeps, healthy choices. 


more treats from the show... below

machine quilting detail on one of the quilts ... stunning

same quilt -- more on the borders .. a lot of work.  the piece was heavily quilted.

yowzer -- an eye opener ... the blocks were about 8" square -- a great stash/scrap buster eh! 
someone else must have an addiction to strip quilts and turned it into a pattern -- which I felt the need to photograph -- with permission of course ...

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Well, it's sort of amusing.  Stole off of someone's WasteBook page.
Truly, facebook is the largest time killer out there.  I'm on the facebook diet, briefly, morning, noon and night.  Although last night I uploaded some classic and I mean classic family pictures .. they are a hoot.
It's cold, cloudy and dreary -- but no rain.  A taste of March in October ... we haven't had frost at the farm yet -- but it is forecasted for Saturday -- I think my tenure at this years market is done -- I have some pumpkins and some squash and I can certainly give them away ...
We'll see what the future holds - but I don't think there is a watermelon/squash patch in it.  I'm pooped, it might be okay to take some time off and worry about the other details in life.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Monday, October 14, 2013

More fabulous quilts

orange really isn't my favorite color but I loved the "big" block / square / rectangle on this quilt ... I'm the "get 'er done fast Diva"

all pieced and quilted by hand -- it was so pretty ... and perfect!

scrappy black and white -- log cabins/nine patch and fun patched board ... Mrs. Koble ... she was born with a needle and thread in her hands -- 6 kids and lots of grandkids later ...

the comment on the description -- "scrap buster" .. no doubt Mrs. K.  Lots of planning in this scrap buster. 
I never did make the sewing machine last night -- but laundry is done and put away -- clothes for the week are planned out and a bit of tidying.  Tonight is a night for the Bernina!
Happy Monday!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

post nap haze

  I've come to the realization I am not Wonder Woman .... I just can do it all -- so mid-afternoon after an eye opening event -- I came home (ya, I was at work, working again, yet -- still) ... I had a brief nap, got up and then had a longer nap and am truly thinking about jammies and the long sleep for the night....

Yesterday was a too much for one day for even Wonder Woman:

Farmer's Market where I attempted (and succeeded) to hustle one variety of squash and a few

Left early -- had shower and body rework.
   It was cold and windy and we didn't really have a lot of customers.

Loaded truck with new supplies.
Went to Stitch and Bitch.

Arrived and started food prep for supper.
         that would be clean green beans and brussels sprouts (add to roasting pan)

Spend an hour at Quilt Show by local quilt guild

Back to Stitch and Bitch

Bind crib quilt -- Cut out block of month Block 1 (I'm 5 months behind)

Eat, dishes, put away food.

Sew  some more.

Pack Up.
Local Drinking Establishment (Bar).
Home to bed by 10:15

All day long my back/neck/arms were killing me.

Up at 7:00
Carry stuff to basement from last night.
Work by 8:30
Late tax returns

ADVIL -- somehow seemed appropriate .. amazing stuff ... pain seems to disappear.

Noon: Back to Quilt Show with Aunty Joann (it was good the 2nd time too)
2:30  Back home for lunch and various naps.

 this was one of my favorites ... I think I need to purchase the twist and turn qizmo
the squares on this one were an inch, maybe an inch and a half -- very very pretty ... lots of pretty machine quilting with motif's

tree of life ... all done by hand

close up tree of life -- pretty

oh ya, the great white hunter is still hunting - one opossum in life trap on the right and a second one looking at the first.  chocolate chip cookies were the bait last night ... argh.  And two, yes two raccoons crossed the driveway on my trek home from the "local drinking establishment" -- I had tea peeps, not alcohol.
Tomorrow is a new day and the stuff will continue.  Tuesday is THE deadline day and I think I'm ready for it ... did a fine job of fretting over it.  A little needle work and TV to recharge my batteries tonight and maybe plan some attitude adjustment time.
More pictures tomorrow (I took lots -- go figure!)



Saturday, October 12, 2013

Thread Obsession

   Since I bought the long-arm I've learned to be fussy (compulsive/obsessive) about thread.  I really never thought much about thread -- I have learned fast -- quality is important.

I've discovered "connecting threads" thread -- and the multi pack/multicolored spools .. I think this was the "farmhouse blend"... sorry bad snapshot.

found this label inside one of my thread cases .... grandpa died in 1986? ... so this pre-dates 1986 and well, I have two of them

some of the spools in my thread boxes (and drawer) I've had for eons.  Some were from Grandma's stash -- when we cleaned out her house ... I'm really a beige/light khaki color for everything but the quilting and then the fun begins.  The crib quilt I did earlier in the week (10/09/13) I used orange.  Really, really outside my comfort zone!

the clear case from Joann's holds the bigger spools -- the "long arm" thread ... they (Connecting Threads) aren't paying me to say (type) this but I just got an email sale notification $1.97 a spool -- deal!  The spools are 1500 yard spools and last about 3 crib quilts with some regular sewing in between.  

and a little fabric  (ordered after the fabric ban) but 1/2 off from the fat quarter shop  -- 9 yards for $50 -- another deal.  Again, distorted camera colors -- but rose red, leaf green, powder blue & beige ... mainly yard cuts.

the great beige hunter -- Edgar -- he thinks he's tough .. his siblings returned after 3 months of living in the woods and he thinks he's King Tough ... he's about to learn a few lessons.  Bad behavior is not rewarded. 

who me... he's got to be a descendant of Bandit, the roaming neighborhood tom, ... the long tail gives away his parentage ...
Farmer's Market this morning (might be my last one), QUILT SHOW at the Jesus Church Auditorium and the Scraping Diva's and I are having and afternoon/evening at the Shack ... I'm taking them on a quilt show detour!   Should be a fun day.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Only in Paradise

from Cousin Molly's facebook status Thursday night ...

So on this gorgeous night canvassing in Rosemount I am standing at a door talking to an amazing woman about why higher education should be more affordable. As I get to the spec part of my rap, a big fucking moth flies from her outside light, directly into my mouth. Naturally I scream, run off of the woman's porch and vomit, right into her garden. The wonderful woman runs inside, grabs me a big ol' glass of water and her check book, and writes me a ten dollar check as I'm profusely apologizing to her. So dear MPIRG canvasser who gets the pleasure to talk to her next year, you are welcome for the amazing rapport I built with her.
       what can I say -- I thought I was having a bad day ....
here's how my night went.
my Mom calls about 6:00 pm last night -- in full panic mode:
mom:  "oh, you are at work"
me:  "yes"
mom:  "i heard a noise in the back machine shed and thought you were laying there hurt"
me:  "really"
mom: " yes, even Ma cat took off to check it out"
me:  "okay" ....
WTH -- it's easier to call the office -- than walk 250 feet to see if I'm not laying under the car trailer bleeding to death?  Evidently, Ma Cat thought it was important to check it out.  

I had told her (mom, not the damn cat) earlier in the day I was going to load the car trailer with all my squash and pumpkins for Saturday Market and park it in the front shed to
 (a) keep them dry and
(b) free up the back shed for the boat  because #1 is getting testy about his boat having to sit outside and have leaves land on it. 
 Priorities peeps, priorities.

 I'm not sure but I don't think anyone walked to the back shed to see exactly what was happening -- it's been so windy I'm guessing part of the ash tree landed somewhere or on something.  It was dark when I got home and when it gets dark the "critters" start to roam.
It get's better -- At noon, I'm really winding into a lecture with a tax client about waiting until the last possible moment to get things done and he says to me ....
client:  "it could be worse"
me:  "no, it cannot"
client:  " well that guy in the red car is getting handcuffed and the officer appears to be reading him his rights"
me: " huh"
client:  "red car, handcuffs, local pd -- here comes another squad and a highway patrol"
me:  "get me the rest of your info by 3:00"
and the drama continued -- they (the pd and the highway patrol) hauled away 3 occupants of a red car in handcuffs and towed the red car ...
I tell ya peeps the world is freeking nuts lately -- it has to be the full moon syndrome before the full moon.
I'll let you all know when the next comedy club auditions / open mic night is -- I'm clearly going to be earning a living with my wacky life.
Happy Weekend

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Just another day in Paradise

   Ah, wordless Wednesday certainly wasn't quiet here on 3rd street.  The roof crew felt the need to have 2, yes 2 radio's playing at the same time (one on each end of the project) and playing 2, yes 2 different radio stations.  We had a chat -- that changed.

   All that remains is the east end and south east corner -- frankly, I know they are tired of being roof monkeys -- and handling the sheathing in the wind -- and well, I'm tired of the chaos. 

   It was birthday day yesterday.  I'm a day older and wiser -- it was one of those wacky time consuming -- WTH days.  Mid afternoon I commented to Mom I was either going to go "postal" on someone or have a major meltdown.  Thankfully, neither happened. 

  Cake and cupcakes at the bar finished off the evening -- early.  Happens when you age! 

me and Bekka at the market ... she's 3 -- I'm not!
 Bekka, Grandma Patty and I -- self portrait with the iphone
sunrise ... sunset, swiftly go the days, one season following another ... Sound of Music ... it's the only ditty I remember from HS choir -- I ended dropping choir for Drivers Ed.  I'm sure all were appreciative that I was gone.

sad remaining pumpkins -- even the deer quit nibbling, might be the mold or the bugs, the bad bad bugs.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013