Tuesday, November 26, 2013

speeding red Ford truck

  was probably me.

   I left St. Paul's Church in Nicollet at 7:05 last night and arrived at St. Peter High School and was in the pool by 7:20 ... 12 miles in 15 minutes -- there wasn't a whole lot of traffic so it was "pedal to the metal" and well, I didn't miss to much of water aerobics.

   I had "pre-dressed" .. had the top 1/2 of the suit under my t-shirt and sweatshirt so I was ripping clothes on and off when I hit the locker room door ...

   The pool was wonderful -- warm and well, good for the mind and body. 

   Supper was a frappachino, a bag of baked potato chips and two advil ... I did snag a pizza at the bar afterwards -- which makes pizza for supper for the last 3 nights --  and of course there is lots of leftovers.



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Shay said...

Sounds like my kind of dinner !