Saturday, December 14, 2013

Oz ...

I realized yesterday -- that I've been drinking out of the same coffee cup for 18 years and 9 months ... holy smokes.  I bought it at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas --
this mug and my favorite ruler were the only souvenirs I bought on that Tax Season Trip to Las Vegas ... yep, in March of 1995 I took a mid season trek to Las Vegas .... and I still have (and use) the ruler and the mug. 
Mom, Grandma, Cousin Cathy and I did Las Vegas on $50 a day -- we toured, slept, ate and a bit of gambling.  Must look for the pictures I took at the time --- it was well before digital cameras and cell phones!
Had breakfast with the bank "girls" this morning.  Always entertaining ... however, I am not liking the dusting of snow that arrived this morning. 
ahhh ... got to love life eh!

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Shay said...

That coffee mug is a family heirloom! I hope you've specifically named who gets it in your will....

and guess what my verification word is: oZ-urita!Spooky