Monday, December 30, 2013

what the hell !!!

what the hell --- the radio/weather geek this morning described the next 3 days as .... awful.  Zero and snow .. like 5" over the next 3 days ... and you all know what that means ... if it's that cold and it snows -- it's gonna blow.

shit.  I have plans.

I worked all weekend long -- getting ready for the big "w2" push.  yep, it's started already.  cleaning up the projects (and the physical spaces) ...

still have the long arm at the office ... need to break it down and move it home or just leave it up (insert grin) ... no, it needs to move (and soon)

the plans -- New Years Day is my annual "last day of freedom shopping trip."  I'm already making lists ..... I generally purchase a whole years supply of certain things .... toilet paper, paper towels, napkins, trash bags and well .... I won't need to buy kitty litter this year ....

I have to admit peeps ... some day's I actually miss the cat ....

yep, it's gets pretty quiet at night with no yowling, mis-behaving, clawing the furniture, stinking up the building ---  cat ....
but I don't miss the litter box or schlepping the litter to the basement and it is rather nice not to have claw marks in the furniture and well, there is no more cat hair stuck to my clothes.
oops, I digressed -- back to shopping --- involves a meal at a nice restaurant too -- no fast food on New Year's Day ...  all I know is if I get stuck in Hooterville for the day I'm not cooking or cleaning.
Happy Monday!
ps.  quilt finish last night -- pictures to come if daylight ever arrives ... it is an awesome finish!!!!

the finish -- in the snow (and it is snowing too)
Jean's Christmas present

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Shay said...

Seriously? Are the shops open over there on New Years Day? Its a ghost town here with absolutely nothing open!