Friday, January 31, 2014

Word of the Day

maintain --

   maintain the chaos
   maintain the calmness

   maintain the sanity

hummmm -- I've been writing a "word of the day" on an index card everyday -- just the "maintain the sanity" ... it isn't working very well.

nice evening at the pool with the pool crew -- always good to work up a "sweat" and work out the kinks. 

happy Friday peeps.


and how long until spring ...


Thursday, January 30, 2014


love, love, love my Pandora bracelet.  santa and mrs. clause gave me the center beads for Christmas!
5" of snow -- oh joy .....

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

so, what happens when it warms up

it snows ... 3 -4 overnight and thru the morning....but first 20' .... ahhh, balmy 20' ...

So yesterday, I walked, yes walked, to the Courthouse (Government Center for the politically correct) for an afternoon meeting -- I just needed to move and it felt good to move!  At said meeting -- I got to listen in to the Emergency Mgmt conference call  regarding the propane issues and then  learned way to much about anthrax (way to much--after that presentation I'll be giving up the annual spring mushroom hunt) ...

The propane issue has arrived on Daisy Lane -- our current (note:current) supplier wanted 5.24 per gallon.  Needless to say a few of us got rather excited.  New tank and provider coming Monday -- need to run the old tank down to nothing (or next to nothing) .. and the price from new provider $ 2.95 ... so tell me --

     is it a shortage or is it a perceived shortage .... and then price gouging, new provider has been extremely helpful (#1 has been chatting with him all fall ... ) the rest of the neighborhood uses the new provider too ...  

     and the games continue ....


Tuesday, January 28, 2014

selfie on trash night (updated) ...

How cold is it you ask?  Well if they cancel garage pickup because it's too freeking cold -- it's really cold.   Tuesday morning is trash day on 3rd street ... I had Bessie (the Ford version) out and warming up -- so I got the trash accumulated and rolled to the curb.  Baaaaaaaaaa 
-25 for Tuesday morning with the nasty wind chills yet again.
School is only two hours late ...
And I drove home looking like this. 
freeking cold peeps ... just freeking cold.
okay found some jewels on facebook that I thought necessary to share!

Lucy, the woman with attitude.  I concur.

yep, a bad day in Traverse Township -- Oshawa Township's grader came to the rescue and per the photographer (Dawn W) ... my Dad was out there too ... this was the view from their living room ...

somehow this seemed appropriate.

Monday, January 27, 2014

monday moonscape ....

   it huffed and puffed and no, the house did not fall down.  It is however like living on the moon -- drifts of snow everywhere.

   not sure which roads are open or closed ... the MNDot plow just turned around in the parking lot next door ... my commute was good.  I don't have far to go. 

   -14 air temp.  -40 windchill.
   tomorrow will be worse.

Received a text late afternoon (yesterday) -- they've already cancelled water aerobics ...  MSU is closed -- only the 2nd time I remember them closing ... never closed when I was a student there in the '80's. 

Spring in 58 days?  Hope we make it 'til then.

   Stay warm and safe peeps.


Sunday, January 26, 2014

#6 ...

 it's ugly out there peeps ...
the hysterical Society's annual meeting was today at GAC -- we sped it up and bailed out early ... it was snowing when we arrived ... this is my voyage home ... not sure why but the pictures are a bit out of order  -- for most of them I was at a stop sign.  
-15 tomorrow morning with -40' wind chills for the next two days.  Mother Nature is doing a wonderful job of testing our cold weather hardiness.  when spring arrives, I will be dancing in the street!!!! 
Life goes on and we're just going to have to deal with it.   Gas man comes tomorrow too ... propane .. argh ... $5.00 per gallon

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Blizzard Warning #6

yep, another one, tonight thru Monday morning.  "ground blizzard" is the new jargon. 

I don't like the new jargon.  yes, brutally cold on Monday.  hummm school? meetings?  argh.

I went home at 6:00pm last night (early) ... and worked on the accumulation of projects -- laundry, make the bed, sort thru the assorted magazines, finish the crochet projects, eat ... drink.

so it rolls.
stay warm peeps -- it's here for the week.


Friday, January 24, 2014

Abby, the intern

Abby, the intern hard at work ... today she learned that Marie likes to move the furniture around ... and even had her and Robyn moving it for her!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

and again

  I've lost count -- was yesterday/today's BLIZZARD warning #5 for this year.  I packed up work and went home at 5:30 ... nasty.

  -17 and windchills of -35 ... they closed school at noon yesterday and last night made the announcement and closed 'em for today.  Ugh.

  Next week is not looking warm either.

  I'm officially striking resolution #10 and will attempt to whine less.

Cold Diva


Wednesday, January 22, 2014

the saga continues ...

  the home office computer saga ...

  elder #2 meets me at the door last night (mind you, she waited until I had my coat off) ... "we have a problem" ... this would be the 4th time in a week, we have lots of internet access issues and it's our provider ... working on an expensive replacement.

  she managed to create a gmail account and make it be the primary email address on my google account.  ---  and "all I was trying to do was log into my gmail account" .... hummmm, and while creating the new gmail account she spelled her name wrong -- caril -- not carol.  

  here on 3rd street we've went to using a google calendar to manage our lives ... after Abby left yesterday I noticed the email address on the calendar looked funny -- and the entries were purple -- not blue  ---

  so it took an hour of nasty slow internet to fix the problem.  

 on a better note -- I ordered the "12lb scrap bag" from the fat quarter shop last week -- it is freeking awesome -- the pile is at least a foot tall and yep, 25 yards of goodness!!!!!!  it even contains some flannels -- from the Vintage Modern line by Bonnie and Camille -- I've been hoarding my last bits of Vintage Modern!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

terrific tuesday

  yep, I'm going to embrace -15 and dance in the streets.  it reads like another cold weather week ... so I'm going to chain myself to my desk and accomplish oodles of projects.

  then I'm going to whine about the weather.

  might have to strike resolution #10



Monday, January 20, 2014

zero ...

as in I got zip done on my project list today.

as in the temperature.


Sunday, January 19, 2014

Scrap shack weekend --- warning (picture heavy)

4 of the 7 ... we were in and out all weekend long ... I was behind the camera.  Jan and Emmy were in Cleveland.  I posted this shot of facebook -- I may not live to see tomorrow!
The tiara's were a nice touch --

Jean, Jan & Emmy ...

Santa comes too!

my project ... cutting the scraps in my scrap bin into useable shapes -- strips and squares.  and my Pandora bracelet -- santa and mrs clause gave me the center beads for Christmas ...

the squares .. darks, brights, lights and a lot of dots.... 6" each

Sue cut blue jeans into squares ... lots of blue jeans.  The pile of cut out blocks is next to her coffee mug.....and it got larger on Sunday.


hard working Jane ... and Jan's tools ....

the lamp was misbehaving ... I attempted to fix it ... classy dots.
So, we ate, we worked and we laughed.  They just have to plan this gig in another month -- I worked until 3:30 on Saturday and went home to bed by 9:30 ... and only joined them for brunch on Sunday .. but I got multiple projects finished at the office ... that is good too!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

... and then it snowed

  wth.  more snow to shovel, plow, melt (Resolution #10) ... 

  So it's 7:50 am .... so far this morning

   I have ...
       # taken a shower
       # 2, yes, 2 loads of laundry
       # packed my scrap bins for tonight's crafting projects
       # made my bed
       # got gas in the truck (ouch, the price went up again)
       # paid for said expensive gas
       # shoveled sidewalks
       # perused facebook
       # and I'm at work and ready to crunch some numbers

   Work will probably be more relaxing.

they are deflating the metrodome today (this morning), lots of good (and bad memories) is this joint.
I still remember my grandparents getting tix to one of the very first Twins games in here -- one of them was pretty excited.
I remember my first Twins game ...
And the day I got a set of tickets at 3:00 and left immediately for a 5:00 game -- 1992 -- Mr Viola pitched a 2 hit shut out against Oakland and cousin Mark and I were sitting on the "porch" in right field --- it was fun.
The George Strait Music Festival -- 15 hours of music under one roof -- in May of '98 -- a month post tornado; when we really needed a break from life.  (and stood for an hour to use the rest room!)
Yep, heaps of memories ...

Friday, January 17, 2014

she huffed and she puffed

   and really didn't blow that much.  Mother Nature was pretty good to us yesterday -- or perhaps we over reacted to the potential of bad weather.  at times it was nasty. 

   I loaded up my tote bag and zip drives full of work and headed home at 5:30 ... there was still the glow of dusk.  I rarely -- and I mean rarely get home while it is still light out (between November and mid-April) ... there was a hot meal when I arrived.  And of course the internet was out -- so, I did what I did.

   I worked in my jammies for 3 hours and went to bed!


ps.  it's crafty girls weekend.  I can't seem to decide on projects and haven't packed a thing.  I'm in charge of supper tonight -- hello, pizza anyone?


Thursday, January 16, 2014

so, I start my day

   reading various newspapers .... the Free Press, the Herald and the NU Journal headlines via the Internet and then during /  at lunch I enjoy the paper edition of the Mpls StarTribune.

   in today's Herald was a letter to the editor regarding "light" pollution and then a link to a website ... here's the screen shot of St Peter ... well that did work .... but here's a LINK to the article and a LINK to the website.  Which hopefully takes you to Saint Peter, MN. (and it doesn't so type in your area and check it out -- it's interesting stuff).

  and here's today's weather forecast. what the hell.  Mother Nature is full of extremes in 2014 ... I mean, really, is this necessary.  Events are already getting cancelled -- some schools are even closed ...

A Blizzard Warning remains in effect until Midnight tonight for blowing snow.
Waking up this morning you could just tell that big changes would happen, it was very warm!  Temperatures reached 37 in Mankato for the official high of the day, but they will fall all day, especially in the afternoon hours when the cold air begins to filter in.  Light snow showers this morning had a little bit of freezing rain mixed in too.  They will stick around into the afternoon, not adding much in terms of accumulation.  As the temperatures drop, the winds will increase to near 50 MPH at times from the NW.  Blowing snow is the main concern and will cause visibilities to decrease and road conditions to deteriorate.  The 'high' on the 7-day of 6 is the temperature around 5:00 PM, so this just shows how quickly temperatures will fall today.  Light snow and blowing snow remain a concern overnight with a low of -3, but the winds from the NW will die down to around 20-25 MPH.
Tomorrow brings sunny skies and less blowing snow.  It will be cooler with a high of 10.  Winds NW 15-20 MPH.  An inch or two of snow will fall Saturday afternoon with a high of 21.  Sunday brings partly cloudy skies with a pleasant high of 33.
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day will be sunny, but cooler, with a high of 20.  Single digit highs Tuesday and Wednesday.
Average High: 22°     Average Low: 2°
Record High: 45° (1990)     Record Low: -25° (1994)
Month's Precipitation: 0.04"
Sunrise/Sunset: 7:47 AM / 5:05 PM

Sorry I keep forgetting about resolution #10 .....


Wednesday, January 15, 2014

it snows and it blows

so it snowed yesterday morning --- traffic in the "Cities" was gnarly .. travel in the Valley was okay -- but up on the plains .... humm, this is the UFCoop in Lafayette Minnesota ....
(borrowed from the NU Journal's webpage)
So on a lighter note I had water aerobics on Monday night at the high school .... and I
parallel parked my truck -- it's a one way street with parallel parking on both sides and yes, I did it on the left (drivers side) ... nailed it on the first attempt.  Sometimes the farm girl skills come in handy!
Roll on Wednesday!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

  the weather channel web page had the top 100 weather pictures for 2013 ... I thought this one was cool ... that's a lot of shoveling peeps!
and this one was on facebook -- Christ Chapel up at GAC ... it lights up the night skyline
I was remembering as I was typing the caption for the previous shot -- the post tornado pictures of CC  with the steeple blown over -- wackiness.
so we made it back to the pool last night -- a new crop of rookies to break in to the routine ... and it snowed and it's blowing  ..... life is good.
Happy Tuesday.

Monday, January 13, 2014

argh the life of a cpa...

 means ---- I have to work with idiots who design software.  sometimes it works well, to well and we get really comfortable with it  ---  and then the idiots tweek it and it doesn't work so well. 

 my angst at W2 and 1099 printing could be heard up and down 3rd street -- lets hope the electronic filing of said documents is less painful than the printing.

 so to soothe my troubled mind.  I bought more fabric.  Kona's on sale at JoAnn's and $.32 shipping....yep, Mrs. H sent me and email and I too got out my color card (and credit card) and let my fingers do the shopping.

 love that color card booklet.  it's the stuff of dreams!

 embrace Monday peeps -- it's here!


Sunday, January 12, 2014

Good Sunday Morning!

There is no better way to start the day -- a beautiful sunrise (and 34') ...
Good morning from Daisy Lane.
The second load of laundry is done, this Diva is dressed and ready to roll for the office -- the projects continue (they are endless this time of year) ...

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Guidelines to better living ...

   So I spied this one "20 Rules to Live By ..." in the morning paper ... I especially like # 2 and #10 ...

    Just something to think about on a warm Saturday morning!


Friday, January 10, 2014

TV Star

   yep, the new Commissioner Gig involves the occasional TV news appearance.  I tried my best to avoid it .. tap dancing and all .. but they sent the producer over to interview me (while I was sitting in front of the long arm!!!)  -- it must not have been all that exciting --  there is no video clip on their website ... and well, out in rural America I don't get that channel so I didn't get to see myself.  (phew) (cousin Ed saw it) 

   I will need that tiara and the matching sparkly shoes ... helps with the tap dancing avoidance techniques. 

   Heat wave in progress -- it is 46' warmer than Tuesday morning and it feels freeking wonderful!

   Happy Friday y'all.


Thursday, January 9, 2014


   yes, I change the spelling of words to meet my needs.  I'm old, so get used to it.  (Or I'm feeling old (older)) ..  must be the combination of cold and the mass confusion that invades my space.

   So, it's Thursday -- the first 3 days of the week have sped by in a 100 mph blur.  Contrary to popular belief  -- when I'm stuck indoors I seem (feel) to accomplish more during the day.  Although, I am getting more piles of "to finish later" on my office floor.  I'm going to blame it on the bank up the street.  Yesterday at 2:00 we got end of year bank statements -- really on the 8th .. really ..  it's holding up way to many projects.

  Tuesday was Board meeting -- organizational Board meeting -- you are reading the ramblings of the Board Chair .. oh ya, I've got a gavel -- might need a tiara and sparkling shoes before the year is done.  Yesterday was a liaison meeting and a R9 meeting.  R9 was in Mankato -- so I took my 20% off coupon for Office Max and bought Mrs. H a whole lotta heavy duty staples (we won't run out for a couple of years) and I bought cans of compressed air for the long arm ... need to blow out the batting fuzzies.  Then it was home for Season 4 of Downton Abbey.   I fell asleep 1/2 hour into it; so I'm giving up and will order the DVD version when it becomes available. 

  Woke up at 4:00 am ... came to the computer at 5:00 am and shortly will be headed to the office ... hence this rambling post ... the caffeine has yet to travel to the far reaches of my tired brain.

  Hello Thursday ... bring on the warm up.

  See resolution #10 ... I'm not whining --- rather celebrating the change!
  And the resolution regarding the facebook diet -- that one is going rather well.


Tuesday, January 7, 2014

heat wave

  get ready to dance in the streets ... it's above zero ... first time in days and the future is looking warmer by the minute.

  might be able to skip the long underwear by the weekend. 

  thank you, mother nature!


Monday, January 6, 2014

baby, it's cold.

 I covered the drafty windows in my office with rugs/quilts ... I was trying to avoid the "pile syndrome" ... not winning that war.
front window covered with quilt
door too.

yep, that's a -22' on the truck this morning.

covering the doors and windows might not have been the best idea ...
all frosted over this morning ... these are the only two that don't have a plastic insulation kit installed....

took these with my iPhone ... it's not light outside yet (although I slept in an hour) ... the flash and window combination are doing wacky things to the picture.
stay warm peeps.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

polar vortex ...

the weather geeks are having a field day with the weather again ... labeling our current event as a "polar vortex" ... and then proceed to tell us it's warmer at the North Pole and the South Pole.  Wonderful, freeking wonderful.  it's bad peeps, just bad.

Monday's forecasted low temperatures

I remember some cheesy movie about the "polar vortex" ... it had better not be on TV today. 
to quote elder #1 -- "it's just cold" ... as he sits in his chair and watches yet another football/basketball/hockey game.   arrrgghhh.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

just keep thinking

  warm thoughts ....

nope, not warm enough

ah, warmer
the deep freeeeezzzeee is moving in ..... the wind is howling (or maybe it is the furnace on overdrive).  I'm going with the mind over matter theory this time around. 
so, 1) showered; 2) laundry load #2 is ready to go; 3) bed made; 4) blog post almost finished; 5) web crawling done; 6) a spot of sewing done.  waiting for daylight to make the morning commute ... freezing rain overnight has made it a bit slick (per the TV weather geek)
topped off the gas in Bessie's tank and bought salt and ice melt it was a slippery trek over the hill this morning.  temperature has already dropped 20' from when I got up with laundry ... so, here we go!
stay warm and safe peeps!


Friday, January 3, 2014

pansies ...

  the human variety ...

  listen up east coasters -- quit whining about the weather ... see resolution #10 ....

  okay, our forecast calls for the deep freeze -- from midnight tonight thru Tuesday we won't be above ZERO ....

   freeking awful.

   the end

after all -- blooming flower beds are a mere six months away!
(this was in Temple Square - July - Salt Lake City)
holy cats -- this weather gig is getting worse !!!
 To protect Minnesota schoolchildren from forecasted dangerously cold weather, Gov. Mark Dayton announced today that all of the state’s K-12 public schools will be closed next Monday, Jan. 6. The National Weather Service predicts that most of the state will experience the coldest temperatures in a decade next Monday, with lows reaching -30 degrees and wind chills predicted to reach as low as -50 degrees. High temperatures from International Falls to Rochester are forecasted to be only -15 degrees.

“The safety of Minnesota’s schoolchildren must be our first priority,” said Governor Dayton. “I have made this decision to protect all our children from the dangerously cold temperatures now forecasted for next Monday. I encourage Minnesotans of all ages to exercise caution in these extreme weather conditions.”

Thursday, January 2, 2014

2013 Statistics

3,258 1/2 hours over 52 weeks or ...
62.67 hours per week...


(I did a better job of documenting hours this year, I'm not sure if that was wise or not so wise).

337 blog posts and well, I didn't track the hits ..
6,277 miles on the truck

noticing a trend ....

bone chilling cold.  see Resolution #10 .... and the upcoming forecast is not looking very balmy.   (mind over matter --- mind over matter).


Wednesday, January 1, 2014


So I lost something and was forced to clean my office desk looking for the missing ....
I found some treasures .... in a mini tin box.
wise words

so evidently I was at the ball game on June 29, 1991 -- and thought it important to keep the ticket stub -- and notice how inexpensive my ticket was ... $9 --- wouldn't buy a beverage today ...

this was a hoot -- my library card from 1983 -- note the metal plate with my "number" that they used to run thru a gizmo on the ticket .. ah, the good old days

and mid-afternoon I heard a buzz.  it snowed all day.  this guy rode up and parked at the neighbors walked across the street to the bank and used their cash machine.  several decades back ... pre 1998 (when I sold my snowmobile)  and I worked in the blue building in the background ... I occasionally rode my snowmobile to work and parked it out front ... those were the days.