Saturday, January 18, 2014

... and then it snowed

  wth.  more snow to shovel, plow, melt (Resolution #10) ... 

  So it's 7:50 am .... so far this morning

   I have ...
       # taken a shower
       # 2, yes, 2 loads of laundry
       # packed my scrap bins for tonight's crafting projects
       # made my bed
       # got gas in the truck (ouch, the price went up again)
       # paid for said expensive gas
       # shoveled sidewalks
       # perused facebook
       # and I'm at work and ready to crunch some numbers

   Work will probably be more relaxing.

they are deflating the metrodome today (this morning), lots of good (and bad memories) is this joint.
I still remember my grandparents getting tix to one of the very first Twins games in here -- one of them was pretty excited.
I remember my first Twins game ...
And the day I got a set of tickets at 3:00 and left immediately for a 5:00 game -- 1992 -- Mr Viola pitched a 2 hit shut out against Oakland and cousin Mark and I were sitting on the "porch" in right field --- it was fun.
The George Strait Music Festival -- 15 hours of music under one roof -- in May of '98 -- a month post tornado; when we really needed a break from life.  (and stood for an hour to use the rest room!)
Yep, heaps of memories ...

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