Monday, January 13, 2014

argh the life of a cpa...

 means ---- I have to work with idiots who design software.  sometimes it works well, to well and we get really comfortable with it  ---  and then the idiots tweek it and it doesn't work so well. 

 my angst at W2 and 1099 printing could be heard up and down 3rd street -- lets hope the electronic filing of said documents is less painful than the printing.

 so to soothe my troubled mind.  I bought more fabric.  Kona's on sale at JoAnn's and $.32 shipping....yep, Mrs. H sent me and email and I too got out my color card (and credit card) and let my fingers do the shopping.

 love that color card booklet.  it's the stuff of dreams!

 embrace Monday peeps -- it's here!


1 comment:

Shay said...

I think buying fabric is the perfect stress antidote for dumb arse software issues. Dont forget to show us the goodies!