Saturday, January 4, 2014

just keep thinking

  warm thoughts ....

nope, not warm enough

ah, warmer
the deep freeeeezzzeee is moving in ..... the wind is howling (or maybe it is the furnace on overdrive).  I'm going with the mind over matter theory this time around. 
so, 1) showered; 2) laundry load #2 is ready to go; 3) bed made; 4) blog post almost finished; 5) web crawling done; 6) a spot of sewing done.  waiting for daylight to make the morning commute ... freezing rain overnight has made it a bit slick (per the TV weather geek)
topped off the gas in Bessie's tank and bought salt and ice melt it was a slippery trek over the hill this morning.  temperature has already dropped 20' from when I got up with laundry ... so, here we go!
stay warm and safe peeps!


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Shay said...

Your weather has been so impressive its made the news over here ...