Sunday, January 19, 2014

Scrap shack weekend --- warning (picture heavy)

4 of the 7 ... we were in and out all weekend long ... I was behind the camera.  Jan and Emmy were in Cleveland.  I posted this shot of facebook -- I may not live to see tomorrow!
The tiara's were a nice touch --

Jean, Jan & Emmy ...

Santa comes too!

my project ... cutting the scraps in my scrap bin into useable shapes -- strips and squares.  and my Pandora bracelet -- santa and mrs clause gave me the center beads for Christmas ...

the squares .. darks, brights, lights and a lot of dots.... 6" each

Sue cut blue jeans into squares ... lots of blue jeans.  The pile of cut out blocks is next to her coffee mug.....and it got larger on Sunday.


hard working Jane ... and Jan's tools ....

the lamp was misbehaving ... I attempted to fix it ... classy dots.
So, we ate, we worked and we laughed.  They just have to plan this gig in another month -- I worked until 3:30 on Saturday and went home to bed by 9:30 ... and only joined them for brunch on Sunday .. but I got multiple projects finished at the office ... that is good too!


Shay said...

Looks like a fun weekend with lots getting done. I like your lamp solution!

Shay said...
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