Wednesday, January 22, 2014

the saga continues ...

  the home office computer saga ...

  elder #2 meets me at the door last night (mind you, she waited until I had my coat off) ... "we have a problem" ... this would be the 4th time in a week, we have lots of internet access issues and it's our provider ... working on an expensive replacement.

  she managed to create a gmail account and make it be the primary email address on my google account.  ---  and "all I was trying to do was log into my gmail account" .... hummmm, and while creating the new gmail account she spelled her name wrong -- caril -- not carol.  

  here on 3rd street we've went to using a google calendar to manage our lives ... after Abby left yesterday I noticed the email address on the calendar looked funny -- and the entries were purple -- not blue  ---

  so it took an hour of nasty slow internet to fix the problem.  

 on a better note -- I ordered the "12lb scrap bag" from the fat quarter shop last week -- it is freeking awesome -- the pile is at least a foot tall and yep, 25 yards of goodness!!!!!!  it even contains some flannels -- from the Vintage Modern line by Bonnie and Camille -- I've been hoarding my last bits of Vintage Modern!

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