Wednesday, January 1, 2014


So I lost something and was forced to clean my office desk looking for the missing ....
I found some treasures .... in a mini tin box.
wise words

so evidently I was at the ball game on June 29, 1991 -- and thought it important to keep the ticket stub -- and notice how inexpensive my ticket was ... $9 --- wouldn't buy a beverage today ...

this was a hoot -- my library card from 1983 -- note the metal plate with my "number" that they used to run thru a gizmo on the ticket .. ah, the good old days

and mid-afternoon I heard a buzz.  it snowed all day.  this guy rode up and parked at the neighbors walked across the street to the bank and used their cash machine.  several decades back ... pre 1998 (when I sold my snowmobile)  and I worked in the blue building in the background ... I occasionally rode my snowmobile to work and parked it out front ... those were the days.

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