Friday, February 28, 2014

hello Wade (the mail man)

yeppers, Crazy Mom (as in Amanda Jean) does mighty fine work! 
love my pillow case
okay, so it's hanging in my office -- on top of a crib quilt, with potato chip clips and the last remaining toy of Nick's. 
everyone coming into the office asks "where's Nick?"  -- that dang cat was famous ...

Thursday, February 27, 2014


   good grief -- peeps, you actually read my ramblings.  I ramble whine mainly for myself.

   the giddiness earlier this week -- AmandaJean from the Crazy Mom blog (on my favorite reading list) is auctioning off some of her projects (works of art) as a fundraiser for a charity.  and I, cheap as I am, purchased a pillow top.  it's in the mail and headed south to me.  it has been a long cold dark snowy winter and this is just the treat I needed!

   some day I'm going to meet Mrs. Crazy Mom and take one of her classes, she's been teaching workshops within Minnesota so I have no excuse.  I'm hoping she autographed it ... yep, cheezy, but she does some cool stitching. 

   the elders picked up my sewing machine yesterday.  the newest one died Thanksgiving Day -- I took it on black Saturday to the fixit shop and well, didn't get the call or Verizon dropped the call (shock and awe -- dripping with sarcasm) that it was done in December and since I don't get to leave town until April  -- they picked 'er up!  and the surprise -- no charge for the repair .. blessings.  It's home.

    and if you thought I was excited about purchasing a CrazyMom pillow top -- elder #2 was equally excited to get to Mankato yesterday ... we're all suffering from nasty cabin fever.

  and the blizzard -- psssst, not bad down here in the Valley.

Happy Thursday!


Wednesday, February 26, 2014

another .....

   blizzard warning. 
   I've lost count.  I don't care anymore. 
   I'm ready to work all night if necessary. 


Tuesday, February 25, 2014 in ya hoooooo

  dang it's my lucky night!   stay tuned for details. 
  needless to say I'm a lucky diva tonight. 
  sometimes a little attitude adjustment goes a lonnnnggggg wayyyyy.

hop, skip and jumping ...
well spinning in my chair !

good night
sleep tight


Sunday, February 23, 2014

oh Snow !

sunrise on Daisy Lane -- the view on this mornings commute ... sorry the hood of my truck is in this shot ... I was "stopped" however!

pushed back and ready for the next blast -- or an interstate ..
deer in the neighbors pasture on the evening commute home ... yep, I went home before dark ... a rare occurrence this time of year

and when I got to the house ... #1 was doing the "push backs" on top of the hill.....

and then he went down by the apple trees .... I went inside before he got stuck and needed assistance, I'm better off not watching that operation in action!
Happy Sunday Peeps.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

it's coming back

round 3 of the polar vortex -- the weather geeks think it's a good thing -- it will slow down the melting and perhaps slow down the flooding ... oh joy! 
At this point in my world I'd prefer melting and flooding.

from Mn DOT's facebook page .. I'm thankful this isn't my morning commute ...

and thankful for big red tractors to move the white stuff around ... dang peeps, it is ugly around here. (again from MN DOT's facebook page) ...

Friday, February 21, 2014

blizzard Friday

  okay, I'm a spoiled diva.

  elder#1 plowed my office out at 5:30 this morning.  the morning commute wasn't too bad ... and I'm working away. 

  ever 5 projects I take a "shovel" break and go to work on the steps and sidewalks .... it'll get done!

  stay warm and safe peeps.


the bank neighbors took this one ... piles, piles, piles.


Thursday, February 20, 2014

just another blizzard of 2014

so, the week started out with this ... note my trash was strategically located so that it didn't get dumped over by the clean up crew and the trash dude could still get at it ...

this afternoon -- the beginnings of the big blizzard ... I received the CALL at 4:30 -- the road was plowed and ready for my commute ... it was nasty -- really tough to see the road --

our poor deck ... the snow/ice is blowing off the trees and landing on the deck and bouncing off of the house -- noisy ... 40 mph sustained winds and 55 mph gusts.. ugh.

it's ugly out there .. the wind is picking up and it's gonna be nasty tonight -- #1 just poked out and described it as "butt ugly" out there.
I brought home a box of homework - it's done and it's time for bed.  Seems the prudent thing to do -- won't be an early start tomorrow!
Stay warm and safe peeps!

white crap alert

the blessing of white crap continue -- nothing like 7 inches of new snow and 55mph winds.
double crap in one night.
already packing up the homework -- or maybe it's an "all nighter" at the office - I've never had that experience -- might be the first ....
hummm -- doubtful.
stay safe peeps.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

in my next life

  or as Cindy and I decided on Sunday, "when I grow up"  I will not ...

1.  shovel freeking snow -- ever
2.  print and get stressed over 1099's and W2's and software geeks
3.  not work as much

   3 or 4 inches of snow fell yesterday -- during the am commute -- it had just started when I left of the office and it was mostly finished by lunch time -- but it entailed several bouts of shoveling -- one trip by the pickup snow plow and at lunch dad and the tractor arrived to scrap the lot too. 

   In the middle of it -- I crabbed at the northern neighbors -- their snow removal dude was blowing it into my lot -- gee, thanks, I like paying to have your snow removed from my space.
   I do believe yesterday was our first actual day of melting in 2014 -- glorious melting snow. 

   The City started snow removal overnight -- there is a huge hard ridge in front of the office -- I'm guessing the big snow blower and a few trucks will be coming shortly.  This weekend mine will get loaded up and hauled out -- keeps the melting and running into the basement to a minimum. 

    Only on 3rd street.


Monday, February 17, 2014

so, after

    seeing the tour of 3rd street pictures, I tidied up a bit lot.  After all tonight is trash night and I'd hate to have a "less than full" trash can at the curb.

    the morning commute was nasty.  hope Mrs. H makes it in this morning.  not looking favorable for the morning hours.  it's a good thing I took home my box of homework.  the million 1099's are ready to scan ... and if I would have faster internet at home I could have been scanning and saving back to the server at the office.   hummmm

  back at it peeps.  59 days to go.


Sunday, February 16, 2014

a tour of 3rd street .. .

piles everywhere -- and overflowing garbage (took care of that after reviewing the pictures )  my goal was to have no piles... ha .. that lasted 12 minutes

more piles -- my projects for the day ...

my desk was kind of clean at the moment ... tv remote, back up tape and beverage --- doesn't get much better does it ...

stacks of work for the front of the building -- poor Cindy, I had her typing W3's, I'm sure she hates me by now.  damn software was not cooperating ... so we did them the old fashioned way.

a pile ready for copying .. I had a very projective Saturday evening.  Me, the Olympics on TV and the computer .... pocket doors are open so you can see thru to the "blue room" ...

Sunday is the day of cleaning -- all the accumulated laundry goes home

and a box of homework ... no rest for the wicked.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

i have a case of the ...

I really don't give a sh#(('s.
tired and cranky is not a good combination
thank you for the snow it was pretty and now it is messy -- the upcoming warm spell will be much appreciated when it arrives....
Donna sent an email with pictures of cool things.  This mosaic staircase caught my eye. pretty eh?
since it was on the internet it must be real .....

Friday, February 14, 2014

(so go out and make someone's day super special -- after all -- it's going to be a great day!)

so yesterday my wacky life was even wackier (it's been a week of wacky) ... started the day with a meet and greet at the Government Center -- welcoming CNC participants -- back to the office for some farm returns -- back to the Gov't Center for a panel discussion (Q & A) / session with the CNC participants and then back to the office until 9:15ish ...

unfortunately I missed the weather memo -- the one about the 30mph winds and white out conditions.  'twas a nasty day in the valley -- but next week, oh next week is looking freeking awesome -- every day above 32' -- let the dancing in the streets commence!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

16' (above zero)

  So, I needed gas this morning.  Gas - for the vehicle.  Pumping gas at 16' above felt like a heat wave ....

   Let us hope it stays warm for a while.  Hope. 

   Met my neighbor yesterday -- 11 years after they moved in.  That's bad -- shouldn't have waited 11 years.

    Some family friends gave me an Valentine treat -- 2 more beads for the bracelet .. love 'em. 



Tuesday, February 11, 2014

w of the d

Tuesday's word of the day ....


it's coming peeps, it's coming.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

aaahhh -- food, good food!

so, last night was the annual "Boy Scout Turkey Dinner" and no I didn't photograph my food -- google has everything.  Pretty darn close to the real thing -- dang tasty and it hit the spot!!! 
the troop always does a fine job -- the kids have fun, the leaders work hard and the guests eat well!

and this is how I feel today ...
gotta roll with it -- stuff to do.

Saturday, February 8, 2014


  I heard on the radio during the early am commute ... we've had 38 days in 2014 that were below zero. 
  That stinks.
  No wonder I'm cold all the time.


Friday, February 7, 2014

weekly synopsis

my evening (homework at the office) piles ... I thought I was keeping up.  I'm not ... the opening Olympic ceremony will help ...

yet another pile ... teetering pile.

and because it so freeking cold.  the windows are covered to keep the drafts at a minimum ... might need to find a nicer looking quilt for the center of the bay -- the rugs really don't have much appeal.
so, the question of the day --- when do I get my money. 
arrgghhhh, who gets a refund.
My felted wool mittens arrived from Squash Blossom Farm today -- forgot to take their picture -- awesome!!!!  Check out SQB -- the link is on my daily reading -- or facebook.
Happy Friday Y'all.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

yep, my favorite article of clothing

no, not a selfie, -- but my Lands' End thermalskin long underwear is the only thing keeping me going.  my 5 pairs are getting a work out this winter.
yep, I feel better now.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

well, I thought

 I had uploaded pictures from the iPad here.  hum, must be floating in cyberspace -- somehow whomever receives them might just wonder --- "why is someone sending me pictures of a sewing machine?" ....

 I finally got the long arm stashed away -- well, as stashed as a long arm can be ..

 Robyn tells me she answers 3 questions every day ...

1.  What is that -- "a long arm sewing machine"
2.  Where's Nick (the cat) -- "he died" (I think I've said it enough I stop tearing up) ...
3.  Sorry can't remember #3.  ahh.. #3 is the wine rack of empty bottles.  "who drank the wine" ... my theory -- bring more, we'll demonstrate.

So it rolls on 3rd street.


Monday, February 3, 2014

yes, I was the

  duffas (doo-fuss -- (dip shit -- idiot) not sure of the spelling) driving down the street this morning with the "dome" lights on in the red truck.  the dang things wouldn't go off on their own.  I just checked on 'em  1/2 hour later they finally went off  -- or the battery died. 

 ah, Monday -- let the games begin.  it's going to be a great week.

 Kevin comes back to work on Thursday -- first he needs to load out pigs and clean the hog barn -- he'll be happy to come here after that project ....

 Meredith is coming back on Tuesday -- Robyn will be thrilled to leave early every day ... I knew last week when she asked me if I'd called "1-800-Meredith"  --

  Cindy came on Saturday ... and Abby is back in college -- new faces/old faces/changing faces -- that's the story of life!

  I actually watched (well, listened) to the last 1/3 of the Super Bowl, I was reading the paper at the same time -- the Budweiser ad with the pup and the Clydesdale's was cute!


 hum -- spell check doesn't know the spelling of duffass either!


Sunday, February 2, 2014

and on the 7th day --

  the dedicated went to work ... and at the crack of dawn ... actually there was a purpose ... I really like THIS TV SHOW on the Food Network and it comes on at 7:00am.   So, I took off for town at 6:36, got my breakfast at Mc D's, and made it in time to watch and organize my "work" thoughts. 

 word of the day is "progress" and I've been knocking out the projects.  my side table is no longer overflowing ..... Lori cleaned around me -- (smells wonderful) ... and I dashed out to the SCRAP SHACK to check in with the scrapbooking divas ...

 2 more projects and I'm out of here ... I feel the need to touch some fabric this evening ... time (and laundry) will tell. 

happy Super Bowl Sunday ...


Saturday, February 1, 2014

Saturday Projects:

1.  tidy up the shoveling projects.
2.  get the dead vehicle in the parking lot moved
3.  straighten up the projects
4.  finish up the dead people projects
            (estate tax returns)
5.  finish up the straggling W2's & 1099's

It's a do-able project list peeps.  Stay tuned for the results.

Word of the Day:  Organization!