Sunday, February 16, 2014

a tour of 3rd street .. .

piles everywhere -- and overflowing garbage (took care of that after reviewing the pictures )  my goal was to have no piles... ha .. that lasted 12 minutes

more piles -- my projects for the day ...

my desk was kind of clean at the moment ... tv remote, back up tape and beverage --- doesn't get much better does it ...

stacks of work for the front of the building -- poor Cindy, I had her typing W3's, I'm sure she hates me by now.  damn software was not cooperating ... so we did them the old fashioned way.

a pile ready for copying .. I had a very projective Saturday evening.  Me, the Olympics on TV and the computer .... pocket doors are open so you can see thru to the "blue room" ...

Sunday is the day of cleaning -- all the accumulated laundry goes home

and a box of homework ... no rest for the wicked.

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