Sunday, February 2, 2014

and on the 7th day --

  the dedicated went to work ... and at the crack of dawn ... actually there was a purpose ... I really like THIS TV SHOW on the Food Network and it comes on at 7:00am.   So, I took off for town at 6:36, got my breakfast at Mc D's, and made it in time to watch and organize my "work" thoughts. 

 word of the day is "progress" and I've been knocking out the projects.  my side table is no longer overflowing ..... Lori cleaned around me -- (smells wonderful) ... and I dashed out to the SCRAP SHACK to check in with the scrapbooking divas ...

 2 more projects and I'm out of here ... I feel the need to touch some fabric this evening ... time (and laundry) will tell. 

happy Super Bowl Sunday ...


1 comment:

Shay said...

You work too hard methinks. Is it that crazy time of the year again already where you do an insane amount of hours until April?