Tuesday, February 18, 2014

in my next life

  or as Cindy and I decided on Sunday, "when I grow up"  I will not ...

1.  shovel freeking snow -- ever
2.  print and get stressed over 1099's and W2's and software geeks
3.  not work as much

   3 or 4 inches of snow fell yesterday -- during the am commute -- it had just started when I left of the office and it was mostly finished by lunch time -- but it entailed several bouts of shoveling -- one trip by the pickup snow plow and at lunch dad and the tractor arrived to scrap the lot too. 

   In the middle of it -- I crabbed at the northern neighbors -- their snow removal dude was blowing it into my lot -- gee, thanks, I like paying to have your snow removed from my space.
   I do believe yesterday was our first actual day of melting in 2014 -- glorious melting snow. 

   The City started snow removal overnight -- there is a huge hard ridge in front of the office -- I'm guessing the big snow blower and a few trucks will be coming shortly.  This weekend mine will get loaded up and hauled out -- keeps the melting and running into the basement to a minimum. 

    Only on 3rd street.


1 comment:

Shay said...

Cant comment on the snow - never having shovelled any in my life but I can imagine it would be a tedious job.

You do work too hard - I used to be like that and then I realised that I needed some work /life balance and started to put some measures in place to ensure my life wasnt all work, work, work. Best thing I ever did !