Thursday, February 20, 2014

just another blizzard of 2014

so, the week started out with this ... note my trash was strategically located so that it didn't get dumped over by the clean up crew and the trash dude could still get at it ...

this afternoon -- the beginnings of the big blizzard ... I received the CALL at 4:30 -- the road was plowed and ready for my commute ... it was nasty -- really tough to see the road --

our poor deck ... the snow/ice is blowing off the trees and landing on the deck and bouncing off of the house -- noisy ... 40 mph sustained winds and 55 mph gusts.. ugh.

it's ugly out there .. the wind is picking up and it's gonna be nasty tonight -- #1 just poked out and described it as "butt ugly" out there.
I brought home a box of homework - it's done and it's time for bed.  Seems the prudent thing to do -- won't be an early start tomorrow!
Stay warm and safe peeps!

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gz said...

You Stay Safe too!

glad that most of the stuff the weather has been chucking at us hasn't been too solid!!