Thursday, February 27, 2014


   good grief -- peeps, you actually read my ramblings.  I ramble whine mainly for myself.

   the giddiness earlier this week -- AmandaJean from the Crazy Mom blog (on my favorite reading list) is auctioning off some of her projects (works of art) as a fundraiser for a charity.  and I, cheap as I am, purchased a pillow top.  it's in the mail and headed south to me.  it has been a long cold dark snowy winter and this is just the treat I needed!

   some day I'm going to meet Mrs. Crazy Mom and take one of her classes, she's been teaching workshops within Minnesota so I have no excuse.  I'm hoping she autographed it ... yep, cheezy, but she does some cool stitching. 

   the elders picked up my sewing machine yesterday.  the newest one died Thanksgiving Day -- I took it on black Saturday to the fixit shop and well, didn't get the call or Verizon dropped the call (shock and awe -- dripping with sarcasm) that it was done in December and since I don't get to leave town until April  -- they picked 'er up!  and the surprise -- no charge for the repair .. blessings.  It's home.

    and if you thought I was excited about purchasing a CrazyMom pillow top -- elder #2 was equally excited to get to Mankato yesterday ... we're all suffering from nasty cabin fever.

  and the blizzard -- psssst, not bad down here in the Valley.

Happy Thursday!


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Shay said...

How exciting to have one of Amanda Jean's creations! Im green with envy.

Spring cant be too far away Diva....the weather Down Under has become decidedly Autumnal!